Our most popular recipes of November

Simply Recipes / Mihaela Kozaric Sebrek

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Our 10 Most Popular Recipes of November

The recipes that kept you warm and sane.

If you want to know what real life looks like in my household, take a peek into our fridge. At the moment it's stocked with two gallons of whole milk, a dozen cheese sticks—I have three growing boys—practically every salad kit sold at Trader Joe's, plus their frozen chicken samosas, Mandarin Orange Chicken, gyoza potstickers, and my latest find: Roasted Garlic & Pesto Pizza with Deep Fried Crust. (Yup, the pizza crust is deep fried and as delicious as anything deep fried is.) Basically, I'm not "cooking" much these days. I'm relying on store-bought favorites to get my family through the year-end frenzy.

But we're not here to talk about the contents of my icebox. I'm motivated by you and the amazing recipes you turned to this month to stay warm and sane. Clearly I should have been cooking warm soups, cheesy baked casseroles, and fall vegetables, and you inspire me to! 2022 is almost over—we got this! Here are the 10 most popular recipes you cooked in November.

Bowl of Roasted Root Vegetable Panzanella Surrounded by a Slices of Bread, Vase of Flowers, Utensils, and a Kitchen Linen

Simply Recipes / Ciara Kehoe

1. Roasted Root Vegetable Panzanella

Why are we talking about panzanella, a summer salad typically made with tomatoes, cucumbers, and stale bread, for fall? Because contributor Sheela Prakash is brilliant! She tosses the bread with roasted fall root vegetables and a brown butter, apple cider vinegar, and maple syrup dressing—it's a panzanella that suits the season!

Bowls of Mercimek Corbasi (Turkish Lentil Soup) Topped with Greek Yogurt, Croutons, Pul Bibir Butter, and Parsley, and Next to It, a Small Bowl of Parsley and Lemon Wedges

Simply Recipes / Mihaela Kozaric Sebrek

2. Mercimek Çorbası (Turkish Lentil Soup)

If creamy, silky soups make you reach for a large spoon, this mercimek çorbasi will blanket you with comfort. Psst! One of these immersion blenders will be helpful.

Bowl of Easy Spinach Dip Surrounded by Veggie Strips and Pita Triangles

Simply Recipes / Sally Vargas

3. Easy Spinach Dip

A retro party favorite gets a fresh Mediterranean update with feta, Greek yogurt, lots of lemon, and just 15 minutes of your time.

Brussel Sprout Cole Slaw in a Bowl Next to a Bowl of Dressing and Bowl of Pecans

Simply Recipes / Micah Siva

4. Brussels Sprout Slaw

Brussels sprouts, like cabbage, do well when shredded and tossed with a bright and sweet maple dressing to tame their bitterness. You could use a mandoline to create thin ribbons, or store-bought shredded Brussels are even easier.

Bowl of Chipotle Chicken Chowder with a Wooden Board with Baguette Pieces in the Background

Simply Recipes / Ross Yoder

5. Chipotle Chicken Chowder

A creamy chicken chowder is cold-weather comfort. Add chipotles in adobo and now we've upped the warmth and heat a few degrees. Some of you may find four chipotle peppers too spicy—bring it down to one or two peppers.

Two Halves of a Chopped Cheese Sandwich on a Plate

Simply Recipes / Nick Evans

6. Chopped Cheese

I lived in New York City for nearly 15 years and my go-to to-go at any bodega was a "bacontwoeggsandnocheeseonahero"—the faster you say it, the faster you'll be on your way. I regret I've never ordered chopped cheese, another bodega classic. I'll try this recipe at home and report back. You should too!

Casserole Dish of Trinidadian Macaroni Pie Cut into Individual Servings with One Piece Lifted Using a Spatula

Simply Recipes / Alica Ramkirpal-Senhouse

7. Trinidadian Macaroni Pie

Contributor Alicia Ramkirpal-Senhouse says, "Once it’s done baking, it should hold its shape when cut, even right out of the oven. This firmness is a big part of what distinguishes macaroni pie from macaroni and cheese found outside of the Caribbean."

Spaghetti Squash Soup with Italian Sausage Next to a Kitchen Towel

Simply Recipes / Mike Lang

8. Spaghetti Squash Soup with Italian Sausage

Not the biggest fan of spaghetti squash? Try it in this soup—its sweetness balances the spicy Italian sausages.

Pot of Easy Beef Stew with a Wooden Spatula, a Small Bowl of Parsley, a Sprig of Thyme, and a Kitchen Towel

Simply Recipes / Mike Lang

9. Easy Beef Stew

Contributor, Laura Manzano, makes a case for not browning the beef: "While browned meat might look a lot more appetizing than that pale gray meat color (Benjamin Moore, that name is all yours), the truth is that in the end, all of the liquid and fat from the meat stays in the same pot, and all of the meat beautifully breaks down after two hours of cooking." You heard it here first, folks!

Slice of Egg Custard Pie on Plate with Cream

Mark Beahm / Simply Recipes

10. Egg Custard Pie

Rich vanilla custard inside a buttery pie crust equals the dessert you must drop everything and make right now.