No ImageOur Favorite Jarred Tomato Sauce

  1. Tony

    It’s truly unfortunate that you have only tested all of the common tomato sauces that all basically taste similar to ketchup and or tomato soup
    Do yourself a huge favor and get your hands on a jar of Antonio Carlo Gourmet Marinara Sauce and be transcended back to Old World Italt and your Nanas Kitchen. Unlike anything else…it actually tastes the way it should taste.

  2. Amanda

    Raos I just dont get it… Its nothing special and WAY overpriced…Classico tastes better at a much better price

  3. Carol Palermo

    The best jar sauce was Mario Batali’s, unfortunately no longer available. I totally disagree with your third choice, Classico is too acidity.

  4. Mark

    Hell! it’s Me again! Regarding sauce adhesion to pasta. There’s one NO-NO, never do, & one remedy procedure. Never add any oil to pasta boiling water. Salt is OK, but no oil. it coats and seals the starch into the pasta. If your boiling bath water goes milky-white it’s excessive starch leaching out of the pasta. Consider transferring to a fresh pot of boiling water, just prior to the al dente state. When done, sieve dry pasta for a few minutes until sticky. Then add the sauce. . . . Dynamite won’t separate those two. Manja-manja! ~Mark

  5. Janice

    I just an across this and up until about a year ago I wouldn’t would ave agreed with the winner, but then I discovered Hoboken Farms Marinara Sauce I told my hubby that I never need to make homemade sauce again(I was kidding but it’s a great last minute substitution.

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