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  1. Margrett

    How do I make a homemade pumpkin purée that isn’t watery ?

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  2. Shannon Savant

    I bought pumpkins of the world at Walmart this year. Which ones can you use for recipes? I have a pretty green one , light orange and a green and white striped one.

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  3. Kanu

    Hi there! Do you have any advice about making pumpkin puree, how long to store it, and how to store it (freezer or fridge)? I hope you can help.

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  4. shirley

    How long after you buy a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch is it still good to bake with?

    Great question. Winter squash (pumpkins are just a variety of winter squash) are very hardy. They can easily last a month, and some even two, after picking, if kept in a cool, dry place. Once you cut into them, then they will start to degrade quite quickly. ~Elise

  5. Anonymous

    If you haven’t done it yet, try the pumpkin hummus. Oh my gosh! So good… thanks for this posting… what a find!

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