Raspberry Ranch Water

Make a big batch of raspberry syrup and enjoy this refreshing and fruity taste on the classic Ranch Water cocktail any time you want.

The best Texas ranch water with raspberries in a glass with a straw.
Nick Evans

Ranch Water is one of those simple cocktails that shouldn’t really be futzed with too much. This light and refreshing drink can easily be overpowered if you add a lot of intense flavors to the cocktail, which is why I’m keeping it simple by adding just a little homemade raspberry syrup. 

A classic Texas Ranch Water Cocktail consists of just three ingredients: Tequila, lime juice, and Topo Chico mineral water. But truth be told I couldn’t help but try and make a variation on a drink I loved, and it turns out that a little splash of homemade raspberry syrup makes this cocktail taste like summer in a glass.

It’s also worth noting to use fresh lime juice when you’re making a batch. It’s just not the same with pre-bottled lime juice.

You can easily turn this drink into a mocktail too! Just mix the syrup with a little fresh lime and Topo Chico for an equally refreshing sipper!

How to Make Fresh Raspberry Syrup

Add the fresh berries, water, sugar, and lemon juice to a medium pot and bring it to a simmer over medium-low heat. The sugar will dissolve quickly and then as it cooks, use a spoon to mash the berries. They will break down and give the syrup an incredible, red color.

If you can’t find good fresh raspberries, you can use frozen fruit for this syrup. It might have slightly less flavor and less of a red color but will definitely work in a syrup like this.

Make sure to strain the raspberries out of the syrup using a fine mesh sieve to get rid of the seeds and you’ll be left with a beautiful, smooth syrup.

Store this syrup in the fridge for up to two weeks or you can divide it into ice cube trays and freeze for later use.

Quick Cooling Hack: If you made this and want to use the syrup immediately, pour the hot syrup into a metal mixing bowl and stick that mixing bowl on top of a larger bowl filled with ice water. The ice water in the surrounding bowl will rapidly cool the syrup and you can use it immediately.

Raspberry Ranch water in two glasses and garnished with raspberries.

Nick Evans

Is Topo Chico Required for Ranch Water?

Are you asking if the city of Austin will ban you permanently if you use some other sparkling brand? Probably not.

Topo Chico is the standard because it is highly carbonated and will give your cocktail more fizz than other sparkling water brands. While it’s not essential, you should at least try it with the original mixer before switching it up.

Making Big Batches of Ranch Water

I originally wanted to make this cocktail as a pitcher drink, but it doesn’t really work because the Topo Chico loses its fizz if it sits in a pitcher for too long.

If you wanted to make larger batches of this cocktail, you can batch the syrup and tequila together in jars per the ratio in the recipe and then just pour it over ice and add Topo Chico when the time comes!

Overhead view of Texas raspberry ranch water made with tequila.
Nick Evans

Substitutions and Variations

If you’re looking to make a variation on the syrup you can use any berry or even watermelon. Adding other liquors is fine, but not necessary in my opinion. I think simple is best with this one.

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Raspberry Ranch Water

Prep Time 2 mins
Total Time 2 mins
Servings 2 cocktails

For this cocktail, you can use a 12-ounce highball glass which will end up being a lighter cocktail with more mineral water mixed in or use an 8-ounce tumbler glass for a stronger drink.

One, 12 ounce, Topo Chico will make 2 drinks.


For the raspberry simple syrup

  • 6 ounces fresh raspberries

  • 1 cup water

  • 1 cup sugar

  • 1/2 lemon, juiced

For the cocktail

  • 3 ounces blanco tequila

  • 2 tablespoons raspberry syrup

  • 1 lime, quartered

  • 1 (12-ounce) bottle Topo Chico mineral water

For garnish

  • Lime wheels

  • Raspberries


  1. Make the raspberry simple syrup:

    In a medium pot over medium-low heat combine the raspberries, water, sugar, and lemon juice. Bring the mixture to a simmer, with some bubbles coming to the surface.

    Reduce the heat to low to keep the syrup at a low simmer. As the syrup simmers, mash berries with a spoon until they are broken apart. Continue to cook for 2-3 minutes.

    Set a fine mesh sieve over a bowl or reusable glass container. Pour the raspberry mixture through strainer. Press the berries using a spoon to extract as much syrup as possible. Discard the solids. Cool syrup before using.

    A pot with fresh raspberries and sugar to make raspberry syrup for Texas raspberry ranch water.
    Nick Evans
    he pot with the syrup to make Texas raspberry ranch water inside.
    Nick Evans
    Straining the raspberry solids to make raspberry ranch water cocktail
    Nick Evans
  2. Divide the tequila and syrup between two glasses:

    Fill two glasses with ice. Add 1 1/2 ounces of tequila and 1 tablespoon of raspberry syrup to each cocktail glass.

    Adding raspberry syrup to an ice filled glass to make Raspberry Ranch Water
    Nick Evans
  3. Slice the lime:

    Squeeze one lime segment into each glass. You will have half a lime leftover, save it for your second round, use it as garnish or if you prefer more lime, add more!

  4. Top with mineral water and serve:

    Top the glasses off with Topo Chico mineral water. Add a few lime wedges or wheels and raspberries to each drink. Serve immediately.

    The best summer cocktail (Texas raspberry ranch water) in two glasses.
    Nick Evans
Nutrition Facts (per serving)
243 Calories
1g Fat
46g Carbs
2g Protein
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Nutrition Facts
Servings: 2
Amount per serving
Calories 243
% Daily Value*
Total Fat 1g 1%
Saturated Fat 0g 0%
Cholesterol 0mg 0%
Sodium 7mg 0%
Total Carbohydrate 46g 17%
Dietary Fiber 9g 31%
Total Sugars 19g
Protein 2g
Vitamin C 101mg 504%
Calcium 98mg 8%
Iron 2mg 10%
Potassium 340mg 7%
*The % Daily Value (DV) tells you how much a nutrient in a food serving contributes to a daily diet. 2,000 calories a day is used for general nutrition advice.
Nutrition information is calculated using an ingredient database and should be considered an estimate. In cases where multiple ingredient alternatives are given, the first listed is calculated for nutrition. Garnishes and optional ingredients are not included.