No Image7 Layer Bean Dip

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  1. Amy

    Made this weekend for football viewing. Yuuuuuuum. I did homemade refried beans linked in this recipe- dried pinto beans in the Instant Pot- very easy! My team won, so I think I’ll have to continue to make this through to playoffs to ensure they keep winning ;)


  2. Angelica Rodgers

    Adding sliced green onions was a really great idea with my chicken fajitas! Thanks for the idea.

  3. Moira

    Instead of bacon, I like to start with Mexican chorizo. But I agree, having the warm beans is much better than just spreading out canned cold ones. I have been known to use leftover pink beans with hamhocks to make the refried beans.

  4. AnneBB

    I love this recipe and we keep it warm by layering everything in an electric skillet.

  5. Sven

    Usually I don’t comment on websites, but for this I have to make an exception. Found this recipe about two years ago, and it has become an integral part of my life. I eat this about once a week and it’s always delicious!

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