No ImageAgua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Tea)

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  1. Bill.

    My wife has been making this drink since we have been married, 20 years now. Her recipe is a little different and much more simple. Only three ingredients are used; water, Flor de Jamaica and suger. That is the traditional way of making it.

  2. Nancy

    Absolutely delicious. I made mine with a dash of cinnamon and a twist of lime. You can bet this will be a staple in our home!


  3. Zenzi

    Auga de Jamaica literal translation is water of Jamaica it amazes me how people don’t realize it and always attribute it to taquerias, but we call this traditional drink sorrel

  4. Linda chong

    Good for body

  5. Michael

    It is the calyx (sepals) of the flower.
    I made an infusion, from a Caribbean recipe, using alternate layers of Jamaica and sugar, in a large water bottle then cover with cheap rum. Every two or three days I would turn it over. After about 3 weeks I strained and bottled it. A refreshing drink on ice! I gave a bottle to a friend who returned it to me 2 years later, and it tasted like sherry.
    Fresh Jamaica chopped up can pass as cranberries.

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