No ImageAlmond Pound Cake with Orange Glaze

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  1. A. FIsh

    I am really disappointed. I made the cake exactly as instructed and it’s in the oven now but the tin is TOO SMALL and the batter is spilling over onto my newly cleaned oven! The 5X9X3 tin is not big enough… Maybe you should retest your recipe. I whipped everything as you said and had a lot of batter …. I thought it would be great but now it’s a disaster in the oven!

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  2. mary williams

    Have made this many times now but what are we doing wrong? The center is never mounded like the photo it’s flat or slightly concave. When it cools for a few minutes the center falls. We have followed the recipe to the letter and it has only come out once without falling. It was flat not mounded but not sunken in. Just made it again and it was slightly sunken in the center. Tested it and the center was wet. Afraid it will now fall in the center as it cools. We have a new oven and it browned a little too much on top (runs slightly hot) but still wet in the middle. Pan is correct, fresh eggs, new baking powder etc. 5 stars because it tastes amazing, best I’ve ever eaten. Everyone loves the flavor but embarrassing to take to parties when looks like an orange lake in the center. Sometimes I have thrown away the center, it never cooked but ends were perfect. I slice it first now to avoid that. Can someone help?


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  3. Ann

    Baking time is MUCH longer. I baked it for 50 minutes and it looked like it had risen and was done. I made the mistake of not testing center. A disappointment considering ingredients and effort….:(

  4. Korinne McDonald

    Hi Elise. I made this recipe exactly as directed, but the cake baked way over the top of the pan and spill everywhere. I want to make it again, as the batter was delicious, but can you tell me your thoughts on why I had so much more batter, in spite of using the same measurements?

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  5. Ann

    How will this freeze?

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