No ImageHomemade Almond Roca

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  1. Sue

    I make Almond Roca every year, I want to try yours this year. I do use a candy thermometer, this gives me the same consistency so I know when it’s done. I cook mine to 310 degrees, hope this helps.

  2. Jennifer perrino

    I made this for the first time and it’s not as difficult as I thought. I was a bit intimidated after reading all the comments. It did help though. One thing that I’m not sure of is my Rocha did not turn out as hard as I thought it would, like the almond Rocha I’m used to.
    Everyone told me it was delicious.


  3. Goldie

    I just want to thank you for posting this recipe. I make several batches of it for Christmas every year and give it away to our really good customers and friends. People rave about it and always ask for the recipe. Thanks also for the extra cooking tips – they were really helpful and took the scariness out of making candy.

  4. carolina p

    i make this for christmas every year along with cookies to give as gifts…this roca steals the show every time. don’t be intimidated by this recipe, candy-making requires familiarity but it is simple magic really!
    follow elise’s instructions – don’t do this on a humid day and don’t double quantities; but do use a heavy bottomed pot/pan, and do use a candy-thermometer.
    i use whole raw almonds with the skin, and i toast them a bit first in the oven, adding them in towards the end of the cooking time for the caramel. i use a chopped bar of bittersweet chocolate for the top…absolutely stellar!
    if it is a cold day – you can pop the pan outside to cool rapidly – i store mine in the fridge.
    happy new year elise and to all of you as well!

  5. Tasha

    Well, I have made 5 batches of Almond Roca over the past week, and only 1 has actually worked. The one that turned out was beautiful but as I think I know what went wrong with the other 4, I thought I would give everyone the benefit of knowing the mistakes before they are made…
    1. This one burnt as I had the element on too high. There was only a small burnt patch at the bottom on the pan once I rinsed it out but it was enough to ruin the flavour of the whole batch. I thought it smelled burnt but it was my very first batch so didn’t know what to expect. If it smells burnt, it is!
    2. Butter separation: this one happened midway through the cooking and nothing could bring it back together. After lots of reading on the Internet, I think I was over stirring as I was worried about it burning (first batch).
    3. Fudge consistency: well, I just didn’t cook this one enough. I had made one perfect batch without a candy thermometer so I thought I could do it by sight and smell alone…nope. The toffee never got that ‘snap’ and the texture was too grainy. Buy a candy thermometer! I have since bought one for $6 at the grocery store.
    4. Butter separation…again! This time I was busy unwrapping Hershey kisses as I ran out of the chocolate chips so I was not watching the butter melt. When I added the sugar, the butter was too hot and the shock immediately made it separate. I took it off the heat and whisked it back together (or so I thought?) and made the toffee with the added almonds. When I added it to the pan to cool, it separated again. I am not sure if the pan was perhaps too cold and the shock did it again but either way, the batch didn’t work out well.

    Good luck, when it works out, it is worth the work!

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