No ImageAncho Chile, Shrimp, and Pasta

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  1. Alastair

    First time with anchos. Excellent.


  2. Fran

    we love this receipt! congrats, you show it very easy to do!!!


  3. Marvin

    I’m eating this right now and it’s amazing. It’s super easy. I’ve never used dried ancho chiles before…. they’re good…. kinda taste like raisins…. delicious.

  4. julie

    I tried this tonight, including dried chipotle with the anchos, and enjoyed it, though I think I may have overcooked the chiles despite your warning. It’s a shame, because their texture with the shrimp & noodles is a perfect harmony.

  5. Monica

    WOW!! I just made this and it came out AMAZING!! Even my 5 year old was having at it and it was spicy (I didn’t devain it because my husband likes the heat, looks like our little boy is following in his daddy’s foot steps)! I will be making this again. I used Chile Pasilla-Ancho, is that the same thing as the Chile Ancho? I was confused about that, but either way it was delicious!
    Thanks for the great recipe :)

    Yes, the names can be confusing. It is an ancho chile (also known as chile ancho). In some parts of Mexico, this particular chile is called pasilla. Which can be confusing because in the rest of Mexico the pasilla chile is completely different. So if you see a package that says “pasilla ancho” it is the ancho chile. ~Elise


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