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  1. Sarah puglisi

    My mother called these Riz biscuits and your recipe is perfect. She simply dipped them in melted butter then put in baking pan. She did not use baking powder and I reduced it by a third as I don’t like that flavor. Thank you for this.


  2. Nancy

    I love making things from scratch. I followed this recipe exactly. WOW!!! Amazing Angel biscuits. This one is a keeper. Love the yeasty goodness, the tenderness and taste.
    I had to substitute for the buttermilk. Made my own with a little vinegar. The yeast paste was unusual. But I let it soak in the buttermilk while mixing the butter and shortening into the dry ingredients. A brisk stir and it was fine. I highly recommend taking the time to make these Angel Biscuits. Don’t be in a hurry. They are worth the time put into them.


  3. KATHY

    My son and I have been cooking for neighbors during this isolation. I made a batch a few days ago using a country singer’s post. Today I made these. They are far better. My son said these are the best he’s ever tasted.


  4. CHarlotte

    DO I let them rise any before putting in fridge to cook tomorrow

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  5. Lizette Muñoz

    thank you for sharing a fantastic recipe Ive made it, and its wonderful


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