No ImageAngel Hair Pasta with Garlic, Herbs, and Parmesan

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  1. Danisha

    Delicious! This recipe is a keeper. I read in a comment, someone used butter instead of olive oil. I used 1/2 the amount of suggested olive oil and added two tbsp of butter (do you think 2 tbsp of butter is a bit much?)


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  2. Rachel

    How would this do if made ahead and kept warm in a crockpot?

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  3. Virginia

    This looks perfect for an every day speed meal! Yummy. I’d add a fat chunk of butter to make it absolutely perfect. :))

  4. Ana

    Thanks! Very helpful and cannot wait to make it today


  5. Penny

    This wonderful recipe is easy to heat up in the oven after coming from the refrigerator. I just placed what I wanted to eat in a oven proof casserole dish, put a small amount of water to keep it moist. Covered it with foil and put the oven on 300 degrees until hot. The noodles were steamed in the small amount of water and revived beautifully. I added extra Parmesan after removing from oven. Oh, don’t forget to stir the pasta with the noodles prior to placing in oven.

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