No ImageCheesy Apple and Sausage Pie

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  1. Peggy

    Hmm. This did not turn out the way I expected. I cooked the pie longer than the maximum 40 minutes. The cheese layer was never going to get firm. I weighed the cheese, so it should be the correct amount. I used all the cheeses mentioned. If the portion of each cheese matters, there should be ounces of each cheese to include. I ended up with a cheese level at was not firm and drooped over the sides of the rest of the ingredients, even though I let it rest for 10 minutes. In my opinion there was way too much cheese. The sausage and apples disappeared. I will not be making it again.


  2. Sherri Orsucci

    This was delicious. You really need to use tart apples. I didn’t quite understand removing the foil. Do you return the crust to the pie pan?


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  3. Mary

    My family of picky eaters loved this dish. Like a few other posters I eliminated the feta. The texture of the creamy baked ricotta over the rougher crumbled sausage mixed with soft apples was a good eating experience. The layers set really nicely and were easy to slice and serve. Next time I might try the recipe using Gimme Lean, the soy version of Jimmy Dean, so we can share the meal with vegetarian friends (who eat dairy.)


  4. Shirley

    I fixed this to use up some ricotta and feta cheese. It looked beautiful coming out of the oven and it was easy to prepare to put in the oven. We had it for dinner and it was good, however, I will not fix it again the way I did as we did not care for the ricotta-feta-fontina mixture. The mixture of cheeses did not work for us. But, I love the idea or a sausage pie :)

  5. Barbara

    The recipe calls for feta cheese and my husband and I both hate it. can I use another cheese?
    Thanks, Barbara

    You can skip the feta if you want. ~Elise

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