No ImageApple-Cinnamon French Toast Muffins

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  1. Jessy

    This looks sooo good!!! I definitely need to make these for my university!! They must be such a great snack. Do you know how long they last? Like, if I make a batch like this, for how many days are they still good for?

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  2. Bill

    Wondering if I messed up. Is the center supposed to be mushy or did I not bake long enough?

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  3. cara

    I tried to make cinnamon and a peach version and not apple there. I guess that it would qualify as following the recipe . I guess nutmeg would be fine – what fruit to go with nutmeg?

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  4. Robin Hoode

    Has anybody actually followed the directions and made this recipe? If so, I’d appreciate learning what type of apples you used. Thank you.

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  5. Chris

    I’ve never used cinnamon for French Toast, always nutmeg because of the milk and eggs (think eggnog). I might split this recipe using cinnamon for one and nutmeg for the other. I have a feeling, nutmeg will not paid well with apples. Anybody tried nutmeg and apples?

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