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  1. vaishali

    How many turnovers would this recipe make?

    With the directions given, 4 or 6, depending on how big you cut the squares. That said, you could easily cut the squares smaller and make more (cooking time would be a little less). ~Elise

  2. MaryM

    At home, my grandma makes something similar which has a wounderful flaky, even puffy pastry.
    1/2 pound flour
    1/2 pound curd
    1/2 pound butter
    knead it together and put the dough in the fridge for a few hours. Cut up the apples and braise them (you can add raisins or chopped nuts if you like, we like it plain). Roll the dough out thinly. Cut the dough into squares. Drain the braised apples. Add about a spoon in the middle of the doughsquares, fold over and press the corners together. Bake until golden brown. Glaze with icing. They are best eaten warm

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  3. Michelle K

    Hi! How many turnovers does this recipe make? Thank you!!!!

    I don’t recall offhand, but looking at the recipe, it seems to indicate that you make six turnover dough squares, so six turnovers would be my guess. ~Elise

  4. Kate

    I put some butter in the egg mixture and also drizzled caramel sauce on top when they were done. Absolutely delicious!!

  5. Anthony

    I am hitting it big with this website lately. I have been called the best pastry chef at the office just from recipes like this one. These turnovers make you a champ, trust me!


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