No ImageMini Apple Turnovers with Walnuts and Gorgonzola

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  1. Connie

    I love so many of your recipes! This again sounds so delicious. I would like to give it a try, but am struggeling with the measurements as I am from Germany. Is there any chance to get it posted in gramme?

  2. Jaya Ray

    Delicious recipe. Tested it on a party last weekend. Everybody loved it.


  3. Ashley

    These are wonderful! I added 1/8 C. of chopped dried cherries and 1/8 C. of chopped Vidalia onion and then sprinkled sugar on top. Very delicious!!!


  4. Jacky Hackett

    I recently made these for a party, a great fall appetizer. They froze very well too which is a big help for advance prep.


  5. Jillian

    Oh and I did not have puff pastry but used pate brisee in place of it. They were still quite flaky and absolutely delicious!

  6. Jillian

    I made these this morning. These are fabulous!


  7. Kellib

    Made these as an appetizer for Dad’s day – the general opinion was that they needed a bit more cheese (we’ve been known to throw Gorgonzola on a cracker, pair it with an apple and call it lunch.) My 15 year old son couldn’t stop eating them!

  8. boston working mom

    My family loved this recipe. thanks for sharing


  9. Jer

    What would be the best to substitute for the Gorgonzola? My husband is highly allergic to Penicillin and other type of food molds, so this one would be out of the question for him.

    Try it with just a standard sharp cheddar, or maybe a Gruyere. Most cheeses pair well with apples. ~Elise

  10. Ben

    I tried it and it is lovely. The combination of the ingredients gives it a very rich taste!


  11. nia

    These look really good! Question: I don’t do nuts, but I like the idea of apples and cheese, could I sub grapes for the nuts or maybe use a little walnut oil mixed the honey instead?

    You might want to sub raisins instead of grapes, and walnut oil would work well. ~Elise

  12. Annie

    Unfortunately my husband is allergic to walnuts. Yup, sucks to be him. Do you think there are any alternatives? Or I can simply omit them?

    I would just leave them out. ~Elise

  13. Paul

    I make “Bishops Hats” which are similar (sans noix) and served with Vidalia onion marmalade. Could be a match! I was also thinking that if a dash of cinnamon could be substituted for the thyme, you’d have a great dessert pastry.

  14. Lydia (The Perfect Pantry)

    To gild the lily, you could use this topping on scallion pancakes (I always keep some in my freezer) like a mini-pizza, or in discos for a dessert empanada, too.

  15. Trish in MO

    Oh my hubby adores gorgonzola…this is a must try!!

    By the way, what is that mat you have, that looks like a size-guide or something? (in the picture under step 2)


    That mat is an old Tupperware pastry sheet. You can still find them on eBay. ~Elise

  16. Monique

    So you use prepared pastry sheets (phyllo) and roll one box’s worth to 9 X 12″, or is there another type of pastry sheets? No oil or butter between the sheets–just roll them?

    Do not use phyllo. That will not roll out. Use puff pastry, preferably a brand using all butter. Just roll them out. Helps to sprinkle a little flour on your rolling surface and on top of the dough. ~Elise

  17. HJ

    This recipe has everything that I love and will definitely try it today! But one question:

    I don’t believe in owning a microwave, I just don’t like the idea of my food being nuked. I know I’m missing out on a lot of its uses but what can I do with the apples (step 1) to get rid of the moisture since I don’t have a microwave?

    This is my first comment and just want to take the opportunity to thank you for this great site and AMAZING recipes!

    Hi HJ, you are very welcome. Regarding the apples, you can steam the peeled apple slices on the stovetop instead of cooking them in the microwave. ~Elise