No ImageApricot Chicken

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  1. Caitlin

    Can you cook in the slow cooker?

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  2. Nick

    This was really, really good, and very easy to make. Only substitution was sambal olek for Tabasco. Thanks Elise.


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  3. Sasha

    This dish was delicious! I expected it to really sweet, but the addition of the onions, cinnamon, rosemary, and tabasco convert the super sweet apricot flavor into a rich savory dish. I used the dried apricots + a low sugar jam which I’m glad is an option. I would be soooo sad if I could only make this dish during apricot season.


  4. Farida

    When do I add the Tabasco and rosemary to chicken stock or after the apricot puree is added….

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  5. Dr. M Ahsan

    Yummy food.

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