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  1. Kimberly

    I am just starting to make jams and jellies, and I LOVE Riesling wine. I am not however a fan of apricots…can I sub a different fruit? Figs, strawberries, blackberries???

    • Garrett McCord

      Hi Kimberly, so each type of fruit cooks up differently based on their own unique properties. You can certainly try a substitution, but not having made it myself I can’t really say. If you give it a go I do hope you’ll report back to us! :)

  2. Marilyn

    This is by far, the best Apricot Jam recipe on the planet!! However, doubling the recipe comes with additional time required for perfect gelling. I keep two pots going if I want to double and the results are far superior.


  3. Marlene

    I made this with brandy instead of the riesling and it is also very delicious. I just whipped up a small batch to have with toast and pancakes and it is super easy. A definite keeper!


  4. Jomama

    This is ah-mazing!! Such an easy recipe that everyone in the family loved (a rare thing!)….I will make Hemingway Jam every year! Thanks!

  5. Lauri H T

    Amazingly wonderful. I used Fetzer Vineyard’s Gewurztraminer. The apricots were a tad dry so next time I will add a little more wine =). My first time making jam. It won’t be the last. Love the site and have recommended it to friends.


  6. Robinson

    I’ve never been fan of Hemingway, but this jam looks lovely. I will definitely be trying it when apricots come into season.

    I just wanted to note, after reading through the comments, that the USDA has recommended against ‘open-kettle’ canning for some time.

    Robinson, I read that from the USDA, too. However, people have been canning tis way for a really long time. I think if you do it carefully and thoughtfully and toss batches that spoil then you should be fine. ~Garrett

  7. Kimberly Schena

    This is a great recipe! It is utterly delicious. I cooked it for 38 minutes to get a thicker consistency and added 1/4 tsp of almond extract. I love that you don’t have to peel the apricots.


  8. Stephanie Johnson

    I just bought my apricots! Just a couple questions: Can I use tupperware instead of jars and do the freezer method (sealing lid, sitting out for 24hrs, freezing)? Also, no pectin needed? Thank you so much!

    1.Sure, go rigt ahead, though if you apply the tops quickly you’ll get a vacuum seal and they should keep just fine (ideally, you can also do a waterbath). 2. No pectin needed. This gets cooked a lot longer than most jams so it gets quite thick on it’s own. ~Garrett

  9. Heidi

    Wait…I am making this again at the moment and you don’t have to peel the apricots?

    Apricot skins are super thin. No need to peel them at all for this jam. ~Garrett

  10. Martha

    I have an apricot tree and just didn’t know what to do with so many apricot. I ate three to five a day, gave them out to friends and family and I still had two bags full. I didn’t want them to go bad so my husband suggested apricot jam (duh, why didn’t I think of that). Anyhow, the only reason I chose yours was because it was the easiest one I found online. It turns out it’s also the yummiest. I love it! Thanks!

  11. Heidi

    This stuff is so good it makes me smile when I eat it. I changed nothing and used a Riesling from Buckingham Valley Vineyards in Pa.

    My boyfriend had sent me the recipe because it had Riesling in it and that is my favorite wine.
    Thank you for this!

  12. Alison

    This was really good; thanks for posting it!


  13. Amy Artisan

    In a word, wow! Since the golden plums were so sweet & plentiful at the farmer’s market I planned to make it with plums instead. Then, I discovered that I didn’t have any Riesling wine at home (that was a surprise) so I went with the Gewürztraminer I had on hand. I got about 5 1/2 cups of Golden Plum Gewürztraminer Jam from the batch. I canned 3 cups of it into 4 oz jars – went ahead with the hot water bath because they didn’t seem to seal. This was my first time canning & I’m so pleased with how it turned out!

  14. dccmom1

    Do you peel the apricots? I can’t wait to go back to the store so I can make this!

    No need to peel the apricots. ~Elise

  15. Katie

    This is the best apricot jam I’ve ever had! I was a bit dissapointed that I only got two jars, but the taste is amazing. Any other super easy jam recipes would be fantastic.


  16. Linds

    I used peaches and champagne instead of apricots and Riesling, and it was still delicious!

  17. Elise

    This was delicious. I made it this past Sunday. I will definitely make again. I can’t wait to give two of my jars to family. My only comment is I boiled it for under 25 minutes, and I only got three small jars worth. I think there were like 5 oz jars, not 8 oz. Did I boil it too long or too high? Also I did buy 4 pounds of apricots which was way too much for 5 cups. Maybe 2 1/2 pounds or 3 pounds would suffice? Sorry, I forgot to count the number of apricots. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!
    -Elise Lafosse

    Jam turns out different every time since the fruit each season and from tree to tree is different. Don’t worry too much. Sometimes it just happens. This recipe gave me only three jars once, and five another, yet I never change a thing except the fruit. ~Garrett

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