No ImageArtichoke and Shrimp Risotto

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  1. Lara

    Could you use frozen artichoke hearts here…assuming you aren’t concerned with adding the water from canned?

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  2. marzi

    Dear Elise! I have been your silent reader for a while. I love this recipe specially that I’m a rice lover. Is it fine to use water instead of white wine? if not can you suggest me another replacement for white wine?
    thanks for all the amazing work and delicious food you share with us

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  3. Christian

    Looks yummy. You might garnish the plates with a few of the outer leaves, not cooked tooo tender, for use as spoons or dippers.

  4. Sandy S

    This sounds so, so good, as I love both shrimp and artichokes! I am sure it’s just me, but I am rarely happy with frozen shrimp, because they often end up like little kitty chew toys and are about as tasty. I will wait until I can bring home some fresh shrimp and a bottle of wine and have a feast.

    My father, being from Baton Rouge, says his family used to make crayfish and okra served over flavored white rice. I mention this as it might provide some ideas for substitutions. (His mother could make hush puppies to die for! I mention this, just because!)

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  5. Michelle Howell

    Hello. I don’t eat seafood. Can this recipe be adjusted to use chicken?

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