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  1. Terry

    Have never used or even tasted artichokes until recently when I had a cup of artichoke soup at a restaurant. Loved it and decided to try making at home, this was the first recipe that popped up when I did a search, so off I went. Just finished cutting out the hearts, man-oh-man that was a LOT of work! Takes all the fun out of eating! Getting ready to cook now so still no idea how it will come out, but judging by most of the comments, I would say the odds of a successful outcome are poor. Plus, I can’t help but wonder at the wisdom/validity of the admonition “We do not recommend using frozen artichoke hearts for this soup, as frozen hearts are treated in an acidic solution, changing the flavor of the soup”. That acidic solution is citric acid, which (other than salt) is the only other ingredient in most frozen and canned artichoke hearts. The process for prepping fresh hearts includes using plenty of lemon juice to mitigate oxidation. Lemon juice is essentially citric acid. So … why is it OK to use lemon juice (citric acid) but not OK to use frozen/canned hearts with added citric acid?

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  2. Janey

    Wow – this was a lot of work, expensive and not that great! I ended up with a flavorful soup that is really watery. I think 12 cups of stock is way too much – maybe 8? Not quite sure what to do — simmer it down? add a thickener? give up?

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  3. Danielle

    I am allergic to Onions, Garlic, Leeks and Potatoes. Any suggestions for altering the recipes above? I usually am pretty creative but these ingredients seem to dominate here.

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  4. John

    I made this soup for guests the other night and
    it really was not that good. Even tho I used
    more artichokes; fresh, not canned or frozen;
    and less potatoes than called for in the recipe
    the universal comment was it tasted like potato
    soup. I used non salted butter and low sodium
    chicken stock, so it definitely needed salt to
    boost the flavor. We ended up adding salt, lots
    of pepper, and lemon juice to mask the overwhelming potato flavor. I probably won’t try this recipe again.

  5. Tam

    It’s essential to use the artichoke water from steaming the artichokes before cutting up the hearts. Condense the artichoke broth to one cup by simmering. The soup should be a lovely pale green. Canned and frozen will not compare to fresh.

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