No ImageArugula Corn Salad with Bacon

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  1. Connie

    Great tip Victoria, thanks! I made this salad tonight and it turned out great. I am always looking for new salad recipes as I serve one with each meal and we have grown bored with the basic baby greens salad. Thank you for a unique side salad that my family enjoyed!

  2. Victoria

    To remove the corn kernels from the cob, place the cob in the hole of a bundt pan (if you have one) and knife them off. The kernels will drop into the pan, eliminating mess and stress.

  3. Rhonda

    I made this last night and we thought it was good, but not great. However, I was using baby arugula so didn’t think I needed to chop it (as is called for in the recipe). This was a mistake which probably led to us not being head over heals in love with the recipe. The arugula had a hard time mixing with everything.

    Overall, the flavors were good. Definitely remember to chop your arugula when you make this!

  4. Krystle

    This recipe hasn’t had a comment since 2008! Poor recipe – I was happy to give it some attention! I made this the other day and it tasted really good! It has a really intersting array of flavors, and the bacon was great with the corn! Thanks!


  5. Danabee

    Wonderful recipe, Elise, thank you. Keep ’em coming.
    Tonight I was late getting dinner together and no time to steam nor grill the corn. I drained the fat out of the pan after cooking the bacon then quick-sauteed the corn in the bacon fat that coated the pan. Voila! instant smoky flavored corn.
    P.S. If you stand your ears in a tall, narrow bowl while you cut the kernels off the ears you will minimize your “kernel flinging”. I found a good bowl at Target. Our border collie gets the dozen or so that hit the floor. It only seems fair.


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