No ImageAsian Tuna Salad

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  1. David

    One of my new favorites. I substituted canned wild Alaskan pink salmon for Tuna and extra virgin olive oil, for vegetable oil…added a little extra sesame oil and called it good. Fantastic flavor and a great one for the summer food rotation.


  2. Dennis

    This was a tasty, healthy, and quick recipe that turned out great !

  3. Stacey D

    I came here for your tuna patties recipe and saw this Asian Tuna Salad recipe and got crazy. So here comes Asian Tuna Patties. I switched out the white bread with panko bread crumbs and plain dry breadcrumbs (1/2 cup each) and added the finely chopped Asian veggies (total 1/2 cup) and garlic, ginger, green onion and cilantro. One extra egg. Hoisin sauce and sriracha instead of Dijon and Crystal. I used the sesame oil to fry the patties. Oh holy cow. It was just great. Thanks for the inspiration!!!

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  4. Vicky

    This recipe is soooo delicious! I added rice noodles, a splash of fish sauce, chili paste (sambal oelek) and spring mix to make a vermicelli bowl. Which I think it tastes as good as vietnamese takeout,
    without all the excess oil. Thank you!


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  5. Jenny

    Such surprising, fantastic flavors! Family has judged it the only way we should make tuna salad at home. We didn’t have it with soba noodles but with quinoa tabbouleh (over abundance of flat leaf parsley in our garden) and were pleasantly surprised how two flavor profiles (Asian and Mediterranean) went so well together. Thank you Elise for sharing this recipe!


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