No ImageAsparagus Soufflé

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  1. Bee

    Mmm I love everything about this dish!! Plus the asparagus are so good this time of year so I definitely need to make this!!


  2. Gaie

    I don’t eat cheese…will it work without… what do you recommend?

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  3. Ansh

    I had a bunch of asparagus that I had no idea how to use. This recipe rocked! Thank you for sharing.


  4. Andrea

    Hi Elise,

    let me just tell you that I recently got married, so started to cook a lot on my own (no mother or mother in law around). I cooked so many recipes from your website – you have to know that you are my right hand. (My husband’s favorites are the Creamy Asparagus Soup and Cream of Mushroom Soup.)

    I have tried this soufflé … absolutely delicious! I am still a very beginner in the kitchen, but this just turned out perfectly … beginners’ luck? :)

    Though, just a quick question: do you put anything on top of the soufflés before baking them? I have spread few bread crumbs, but they did not have this nice brown color that yours have ..

    Thank you so much again for all your postings.
    I visit your website every day.

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  5. Davida

    Made this tonight. I goofed so not perfect, but really really great.

    I always wondered about people who post questions to recipes (I mean, can’t you read the directions?), but now I have a question:

    What is the purpose of “Measure out 1 1/4 cup of purée” in step 3? Is that the portion that you use, or the portion that you don’t use? Do you mix it again later? It seems to me that you never refer to the separated puree again.

    I ended up mixing it back in and folding it in with the eggs. It was great and very asparagus-sy. Was this wrong? Is there something else to do?


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