No ImageSteamed Asparagus with Hollandaise Sauce

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  1. Jane

    It takes a few tried before you get it right.

  2. Mary

    Is there any way to make hollandaise sauce without lemon?

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  3. Ghosty

    I didn’t use a blender, but a hand mixer. it didn’t get light in color. after i added the butter it was watery, so i put it back in the saucepan over the heat and stirred until it was even and a bit thicker. i added another tbsp of lemon and a bit more cayyenne as well. not salt since i used salted butter, which is already very salty. still a bit egg tasting and a very bright yellow. i’ve never had proper hollandaise sauce so i’m really not sure what it’s supposed to taste like. hopefully my dad (who eats it more than i) will like it or at least tell me what it needs more or less of.

  4. joann

    I have made this recipe for years.. you do need blender.. not mixer.. and leave the top on. I add probably a little more lemon than this but I like it like that. GREAT recipe.

  5. Katherine

    If the taste is too buttery, are you forgetting to use enough lemon juice and cayenne?
    To keep from spattering when adding the butter, leave the cover on the blender and remove the center piece in the middle of the cover (if yours is removable- most are)then you can pour the butter through this opening and the cover will contain the contents as long as you have turned down the speed some, prior to adding the butter. Good luck I have been making my Hollandaise sauce by this method for 30 years and it couldn’t be easier.

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