No ImageAsparagus with Lime and Mint

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  1. Tomoko

    Oh dear! These are delightful! LOVE!! I’ve been making asparagus with cream and mushrooms, with garlic, lemon, and parm, with mayonnaise, etc. This TOPS them all!!
    So simple!
    Thank you!!!


  2. Krystle

    I tried this the other night, and it wasn’t my favorite. I think that was my fault, though, and definitely not the fault of the recipe. I had tried the asparagus risotto a few nights earlier and was completely wowed by it. For this recipe, the limes I bought weren’t ripe, and they literally did not yield even a drop of juice, so I had to use lemon. Plus, I forgot to buy kosher salt, so I had to use table salt. The result was a little ho-hum. I think if I’d been able to follow the recipe exactly, though, it would have had more zing. In any case, it gave me more practice cooking, so thanks!

  3. Scotty

    Mmmm, I love thin stalks of asparagus and I love your recipe too. I must admit that I think butter adds a sublime dimension to this dish. I wish I could enjoy asparagus every month of the year but I always taste varying degrees of bitter flavors in frozen asparagus that I don’t taste in fresh.

  4. jrhather

    Or even better, toss them in a bit of Olive Oil salt & Pepper, quickly grill them over hot mesquite charcoal, and then squeeze on the citrus and toss with mint. The only challenge is keeping the pesky stalks perpendicular to the grates, so they don’t fall in the fire.

    Or you could just use some chicken wire… cut 2 sizable slabs of wire with pliers or what have you, offset them so that the lil hexagons don’t match up and wire them together. It’s a “grate” way of grilling without losing them precious veggies!

    To everyone noting to grill or BBQ them, this recipe would be fabulous for that. Still, I am a fan of the saute pan. Less mess, quicker, and personally I don’t have a BBQ. ~Garrett

  5. Kristin

    Turned out great. Thanks for the recipes!


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