No ImageAward-Winning Pecan-Crusted Nashville Hot Chicken

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  1. Rob

    I’ve never had Nashville Hot Chicken before, so can’t compare recipes, but thought this was delicious. I made a half-recipe with chicken thighs (pounded thinner), skipped the pesto and grits (allergy), and used regular vegetable oil. A quick dip in the hot oil did not make it greasy, although that was also half the amount. I preferred it without the honey mixture. I would certainly make it again.


  2. Ryan

    Looks great, however, this recipe has about 400 ingredients. I could fly to Nashville and eat this for what it would cost me to get all this stuff at Whole Foods.

  3. Focus

    No skin. No frying. No respect.

    Nashville Hot Chicken will never be intended for ‘sensitive’ types. Trying to make it so is like trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.

    On the other hand, the honey/pecan twist is actually quite interesting. And some of the most forward thinking chefs today are incorporating honey/oil concoctions in their cooking.

    I note with interest that lard has more oleic acid (good for you) than butter and contains no trans fats. Grass-fed lard is also high in vitamin D. It’s grain-based oils that are linked to inflammation.

  4. CMT

    I think this looks amazing in total. It is on my to do list for next weekend

  5. Shirley

    Just too much oil. Also, don’t want to kill my taste buds. The chicken sounds great. I would even like the pesto. I wouldn’t even mind a bit of the honey/pecan oil drizzled over the finished chicken, but NEVER would I soak the chicken in the oil and serve it soaked with the oil. I have 2 questions??? Why buy raw pecans and toast them yourself? Where are the grits?

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