No ImageBaked Apples

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  1. Lewis

    Here is what I do.
    I use an apple corer to get a clean cylinder out of the apple. I then cut the core I removed 1/3 of the way up and reinsert it into the bottom of the apple. It will of course be a perfect fit.
    I then fill the apple with sugar and cinnamon

  2. Carolina

    When I was in high school, many moons ago, I learned to make baked apples. Then I put them out of my head as just another assignment. I’m now 64 and am faced with a bowl of apples on my dining room table. What to do…what to do. Hmmm, what was that apple dish I learned to make in high school? Hmmm…oh yeah! Baked apples! Hubby is all excited now! Google to the rescue for recipes. And I find this recipe. It’s easy, lots of pictures to remind me of how everything is supposed to look when done. I love it! Thank you!!!


  3. [email protected]

    I don’t like crunchy baked apples; so, I baked them for the 45 minutes. Perfect. I didn’t have the ingredients to stuff them with pecans and raisins; but, I will the next time I make them. I will also add some pineapple preserve. That will make them awesome!


  4. Chili

    I’m nowhere near a cook, but my apples turned out perfectly. What more can I say?


  5. Kara

    I want this every day! Best baked apple I’ve ever had! Substituted craisins for raisins, and it was off the charts!!!


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