Baked Apples

"Rome Beauty" is the variety of apple that is best suited to baking, and is worth seeking out if you are making baked apples!

  • Prep time: 15 minutes
  • Cook time: 35 minutes
  • Yield: Makes 4 servings


  • 4 large good baking apples, such as Rome Beauty, Golden Delicious, or Jonagold
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 1/4 cup chopped pecans (optional)
  • 1/4 cup currants or chopped raisins
  • 1 Tbsp butter
  • 3/4 cup boiling water


1  Preheat your oven to 375°F (190°C).

2 Cut out holes in apples for stuffing:  Rinse and dry the apples. Using a sharp paring knife or an apple corer, cut out the cores, leaving the bottom 1/2 inch of the apples intact.

baked-apples-method-1 baked-apples-method-2

If using a paring knife, first cut out the stem area and then use a small metal spoon to scoop out the seeds. Cut the holes so that they are an inch or so wide.

3 Stuff with brown sugar, cinnamon, and extras, dot with butter: Place the brown sugar, cinnamon, currants or chopped raisins, and chopped pecans (if using) in a small bowl and stir to combine.

Put the apples in a baking dish and stuff each apple with the sugar stuffing mixture. Place a dot of butter (a quarter of the tablespoon called for in the ingredient list) on top of the sugar.

baked-apples-method-3 baked-apples-method-4

4 Bake: Pour the boiling water into the bottom of the baking dish. Bake at 375°F (190°C) for 30 to 45 minutes, until the apples are cooked through and tender, but not overcooked and mushy.

When done, remove the apples from the oven and baste them with the juices from the pan.

Terrific with a side of vanilla ice cream.

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  • Lika

    It was sooo tasty!!!


  • Yelena

    Came out great! BUT fresh and juicy apples should be used. I repeated with some apples that were laying in a fridge for some time – at it was not like with fresh ones


  • Michelle

    Delish! Minus nuts and raisins though. Also added a bit of ground cloves. Great touch with the ice cream. Kids loved it!


  • Cindy

    Kitchen smelled amazing

  • Debbie vandersluys

    Can red delicious apples be used?


    The recipe is really tasty and put apple and blackcurrant juice drink no added sugar instead of water to be different.


  • Autumn Hicks

    Tried this with Honeycrisps and used light brown sugar, cinnamon, and some ground cloves. DELICIOUS but needed about 45 minutes in the oven to be tender? Might just be an issue on my end though. Definitely trying this again!


  • Maureta Bohon

    When I was in Warsaw, Poland a couple of years ago the Specjaty Regionalne served a baked apple that was filled with pecans and cranberry jam, etc. It was also surrounded by a swirl of melted chocolate. It was delicious and I’ve been looking for a recipe for it ever since.

  • tina kiser

    Can you use granny smith apples?

  • Austin J. Blair

    Please explain the purpose of the water.

    • Elise Bauer

      To help keep the apples from getting too dried out on the outside in the dry heat of the oven.

      • Lance

        Does it also help in making the syrup as the sugar melts and combines with it? Wasn’t sure but it seems to me a possible result. Tasty recipe you have. Thanks!

        • Lance

          Hi, again. I use apple cider instead of the water and I prefer its taste.

          • Sandra

            Always swap apple cider for water too! Adds such a great added dimension to the finished dish! This is a wonderful recipe! My husband insists on raisins and nuts…in just about everything! :D

        • Elise Bauer

          Hi Lance, perhaps! I love the apple cider idea too. It would enhance the apple flavor.

  • Rick Cullen

    Good recipe—especially with pecans! We too remove the whole core, and go a tad spicier with a bit of clove (whole or ground) & cardamom too. Then bake in a covered casserole dish for 35 min at 350ºF but check them when a strong apple-spicy scent beckons. Each cooked apple goes into a bowl atop a mixture of vanilla extract, plain yogurt, and a swirl of maple syrup. Yum.

  • Rosemary

    I only baked 45min @350 and the skins ruptured. I used both Rome and Golden Del. Any recommendations for future.

    • Dee Dee

      The recipe calls for baking 35 minutes only. 45 minutes is a step too far.

    • Lynn

      Score around the middle of apples with a sharp knife before baking

  • Kathy

    Thank you for the recipe. We love baked apples … only small change. Rather than trying to dig out the core, I just remove it completely and place each cored Apple on half a slice of bread before filling and omit the water. Pour cream or milk into the apple to serve.

  • sue

    This is best go to recipe for baked apples, have made them several times now and tweak. I usually drop the sugar, go heavy on walnuts and raisins, top with cinnamon and bit of butter. When done… drizzle with half and half. SO GOOD. Thank Gd for apples! (and thank you for your instructions…) Seriously, fruit, what could be better?


  • Rod

    Hi Elise.
    Should the casserole dish be covered during the baking process?

  • J S Stone

    My friend River has a major sweet tooth and really wants to bake these! Elise, do you think they could be adapted into a Spooky & Festive Fall form for an upcoming Camping trip / party? If so, what would you suggest? Thanks so much!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi JS, not sure what you mean by that.

      • Lena

        Put cloves stuck in for eyes and make mouths of candied orange peel held on with a bit of tooth pick.

  • Eman

    Just put your Apples in the microwave.
    Heat and Enjoy.

  • Keziah

    I made these with walnuts and craisins as that was what was in my pantry, no butter because i cvan’t have dairy and they were still so delicious, fantastic with coconut milk custard.

  • Graciela

    im making the apples right now and they look and smell so so good

  • Natasha of

    So simple, but absolutely scrumptious. Another winner! Thanks Elise! :) P.S. I missed Blogher14 this year and I just listened to your speech that was posted on Blogher’s youtube channel. You’re just an amazing lady. See you at Blogher Pro!

  • Sandy S

    So easy and so good! Also easily forgotten for whatever reason and such a treat when remembered. Will definitely be trying this recipe with the pecans and currants/chopped raisins! Funny about ‘chopped’ raisins, this simple act can make such a difference in how the flavors meld together. I discovered this with an oatmeal cookie recipe that called for chopped raisins and have been making them that way every since! I am rather fond of golden raisins and may use them.
    Hope to find some Rome Beauties. They are so pretty! Some of my favorite baking apples are Gravenstein, Braeburn and Wolf River. Back in the day, I would pass a little sweetened cream for people to add to their dish. The idea of vanilla ice cream sounds very good! May try some vanilla coconut creamer. Yikes! This could be breakfast!

  • Jody

    Yum! What about a little dribble of brandy in those apples? Love the photos of the cute kids! (even the old kid!)

    • HAlex

      That sounds delicious! Would definitely try adding brandy in the future! Just made these tonight and loved they way they came out.. Brandy would be a big bit with the adults. Also, I added dried cranberries and Thompson raisins mixture to give an extra layer of flavor. Maybe cook th cranberries in a brandy reduction.. oh, the possibilities.

  • Med

    This was great!!! Thank you! I didn’t have brown sugar or raisins so I made it without and it was still amazing!

  • gordie

    This was so good thankyou. It really sparked my imagination and I made about 5 diffrent batches some with crab apple jam instead of sugar and rasin and oats. So good we ate it with carmel and walnut frozen yogurt. Healthy and oh so good :)

  • Chris Shepherd

    Just cooked these for my wife and myself today. Wonderful! Reminds me of when Mom used to bake these up when I was 50+ years younger. She is gone now but the apples bring back great memories and make new ones with the grandkids. Thanks!

  • Patricia C Vener

    Day after Rosh Ha Shana and I have apples a plenty. I bought ginger-somethings and honeycrisps while my sister brought over some macs. We used the macs first for the honey-and-apples which means I have a bunch of the others left over. Found this by doing a search for baked apples recipes and had to laugh when I read that you had adapted a recipe from Joy of Cooking. That book is somewhere in my mom’s collection of cookbooks and I recall we used it a lot when I was little.

    I am planning on making these tonight and am going to make my own adaptations – molasses, cinnamon candies, and sliced almonds – I don’t have pecans or brown sugar on hand. I want to try caramel another time too, when I have ingredients to at least simulate caramel.


  • Amanda

    Great recipe! I made this today and it was fantastic, just like an apple pie. I mentioned it here:

  • Markus

    I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but i defenetly will. It’s quite funny how I found this recipe. I bougth baked appel yougurt and loved it and though why not learn to make baked appels.

  • Emily

    i made these apples with my dad and they tasted great:) thanks for the recepe

  • Bakingnotwriting

    Hi Elise!

    A friend just told me about your blog. I have recently started writing a blog about my own family recipes ( and your parents’ feud about hash brown making reminded me SO much of my family!

    I wanted to have a place to record the recipes that people have been asking me for, but it turned into a fun place for discussions too. Most of our recipes are comfort food also.

    Anyway, I recently posted my recipe for baked apples and we always use orange juice or old wine from the fridge instead of water for our baking liquid. The other must when we are baking apples is a squirt of fresh lemon juice to cut the sweetness but that’s probably because we have a Meyer lemon tree that is always bearing!

    Your version is undoubtedly healthier though and New England apples are so delicious they require no help — the same can’t be said for the bland apples we get out here on the West Coast, sadly!

  • Alicia

    Mmmmmm I’m making these as we speak. I’m a huge fan of baked apples and haven’t made them in a very long time. I’m intolerant to the chemicals in the skin of the red apples, sometimes the gold delicious, so I’m using the granny smiths. They’re great because they have a good texture and hold up great when baking.

    Also, I added some nutmeg and it made the base taste amazing. A tip to all those that haven’t cored before, try going from the bottom of the apple. You have a wider base in which to stab and core and it’s the sweeter area of the apple.

  • Rachel

    Wow! These were so delicious. I added a few raspberries to the middle of the apples and a few drops of vanilla extract in the boiling water at the bottom of the pan just as an experiment and they were really good. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe. Just what we need on this icy/snowy evening :)

  • Doc Mac

    Thanks for the wonderful recipe. As kids growing up in Nebraska, caramel apple wasn’t just a Halloween treat – eat dunked apples all year long. Mom would always spiced things up with a dash of cinnamon and some ginger. Thanks again…

  • Linda

    I grew up in Germany and baked apples was one of the special treats my Grandma would make for us. She would top it with crumps (made out of flour, sugar and butter), bake it and serve it with hot vanilla sauce.
    I love the recipe and make it once it gets cold, takes me back to when I was little and my family loves it. Thanks so much.

  • punifa

    I made these for my little sister and I and they were amazing! I only used a teaspoon of sugar because I was using jonagolds which are pretty sweet already, and I substituted a caramel cube for the butter on top. I can’t wait to try these with a fuji :D

  • Bergy

    This is the way I have been baking apples for years – I like to leave them slightly underdone and I love the raisins. I didn’t have any pecans so omitted them. This recipe will be used over & over again Thanks

  • Claire

    Amazing Recipe! My sister says its the best thing I have ever made, and I cook often. Thanks for the idea!

    ps. I used almonds, instead of pecans :]

  • Cindy

    I have fond memories of baked apples filled with brown sugar and cinnamon from childhood, but the pecans make this extraordinary! I’m definitely taking this version home to my family for Christmas.

  • Bob R.

    Why all the sugar and butter? Simply apples, cinnamon, and a touch of nutmeg. Delicious! Low fat.

  • Zooey

    Hi! I’m only 14, and was looking for an easy recipe to brush up on how to make these baked apples; my dad showed me when I was 9 and I loved them, but never wrote the recipe down. I was so ecstatic when I found this one! They turned out delicious (as expected) and just like how they did when I first made them. So thanks so much for being generous enough to share this wonderful, simple and somehow charming recipe.

  • Salvador Flores

    Hi Elise (sorry for my bad English), I am Salvador from Mexico City… I have been looking for special pottery to cook apples, but haven’t found the right one, I hope you can help me to find it.

    This kind of pottery is to cook apples what cover the entire apple so it can be baked but somehow “sealed” inside this pottery, I’ve saw this pottery once in Europe and I will love to have it here at home in Mexico, do you know how to name it or where to look for it?.

    Thanks in advance.


    Hello Salvador, I’m afraid I’ve not come across such pottery. But perhaps if another reader has, they can mention it in the comments. ~Elise

    • JD

      Salvador, something like this ?
      Römertopf Clay Apple Baker Terra Cotta Baked Apples or Pears West Germany
      (Elise, if you have a way to reach him by email, can you pls forward? thanks !)
      PS GREAT recipe ! will make 2 dozen for a luncheon today :-)

  • Hanna

    Thanks for the recipe! It’s amazing and my family loves em!

  • RoseAnne

    Recipe was amazing, especially because of how simple it was! Made the house smell great and also gave me something easy to do, cuz I was extremely bored=)Thanks…oh..and I love this website, lots of great recipes!

  • Shawn

    Wonderful recipe. Had some green apples that were starting to look a bit too ripe to eat. Getting that weird waxy texture on the outside and some bruising. I followed the recipe, and they turned out delicious. Thanks!

  • Carol

    Thanks for a great recipe, I made them today. Big hit here at my house. Perfect on a snowy day in New York! My house smells great:)

  • Lyn

    Spent a chilly night in last night, decided to give these a try. Ended up making a lot more than one batch! Yummy! Yummy! Yummy! Taking it home from college for family thanksgiving in Tennessee! Thanks from Arkansas!

  • Julie


    I just made these apples. The flavor of the apples was good. However, the apples were overcooked on the top and undercooked on the bottom! Has any one else had this problem? I may try to cover them with foil the next time.

    Any suggestions?

    Thank you! I love your blog- great design and photography (in addition to the recipes)!

  • Alya

    Thank you for this recipe- delish (not as pretty :) ). Great website! Thanks again, Alya

  • WhatACard

    Thanks for the recipe. It’s the beginning of apple season here in New England again, and I got a peck of Macs. Even though they’re not great cooking apples, I gave this a go and it turned out super!

    I omitted the pecans due to a nut allergy in the house, and it turned out fine. I overcooked them (oops!) and my three-year-old twins loved that they were applesauce-y.

  • Ginny Grimes

    Hello I have never sent a email to some one I don’t know also just learning to get round the computer I am 55 years old I am disabled my husband bless him thought this is something I would enjoy. Well Elise, not so sure but found your recipe and had ago,loved it so much we had it 14 times as to date. We shop at Sanisburys in Peterborough England. Even some of the till girls have your recipe.well keep up the good work Ginny

  • teresa

    I just bought individual baked apple crocks in the mountains of NC. I’ve always loved baked apples and these crocks were supposed to make it easy to bake just a couple of apples at a time. They are round and deep enough for a single apple and have a little post in the middle. How do I bake my apples in these?

    Not having used these, I wouldn’t know. I think you’ll just have to experiment. ~Elise

  • Jessyca

    wow this was a great recipie, I left mine a little underdone cause I like a slight crunch (its a texture thing) but I love it! first time making this or trying it and it wont be my last!!
    I think I’ll use a touch less cinnimon next time it’s a little bitter but it’s amazing!!!!

  • Dave

    Thanks for your recipe. My mom used to make these for us years ago. Living in central Washington, where apples are everywhere and we can usually get them free, baked apples as a tasty low-cal and healthy dessert are a natural.

    Isn’t the internet wonderful? I just typed in “recipes, baked apples,” and there you were.

    I just popped a batch into the oven. We can hardly wait to get at them.

    Thanks again………Dave

  • Alice

    I love your recipes!! I chanced upon this baked apple recipe and just happened to have some apples sitting there just waiting to be baked. They turned out great! I can’t wait to make them again! Thanks for sharing the recipes :)

  • Angie

    One of the other commenters left a note about how she makes a caramel sauce for the apples. I do the same, but in a “cheating” way. I put water with cornstarch & vanilla extract in the bottom of the pan and then I core the apples all the way through so the brown sugar and butter and leak through to the water while it’s cooking. I occasionally baste the apples through the cooking with the sauce and at the end you have a fabulous caramel sauce that is quickly brought together with a whisk.

  • Jenni

    I’ve almost eighteen and have been very interested in cooking lately. I usually just make meals with chicken and avoid desert, but I tried this recipie and wow. It was delicious! Instead of using water I used Apple Sauce, it gave it an even stronger flavor. Just baking it reminded me of my Grandmother, it was very relaxing.

  • Sally Parrott Ashbrook

    Made these tonight. Quite yummy–thanks.

  • rochelle

    We live in Cumbria, England. Whenever I get homesick for Thanksiving, we think of this time
    of year when we lived in California and all the
    wonderful smells drift back. I’ve been on a binge of making baked apples, with cinnamon and
    raisins and dried fruit stuffed in the apples.
    Told my daughter who lives in Surrey what we are
    having and she said, ‘James hates baked apples’!
    (husband) I thought it very hurtful and unnecessary to say that. Meanwhile WE are enjoying them. My daughter couldn’t believe my husband, prefers them to raw apples!!! Thank you.

  • Amanda

    I made these today using Golden Delicious but I didn’t like them as much as I would have if I used Granny Smith or Red Delicious. However they were still very tasty, and I made some caramelized pecans to go on top of the vanilla ice cream I served with it.

    I overcooked them, but I prefer them mushy. The skin pulled away from the fruit though and didn’t look as nice as yours.

    I plan on trying your shortrib recipe next. I’ve never had to do a two day process to make them fall apart tender, I just boil them in beef stock over medium heat for three or four hours. However I think the wine will make an excellent addition and I will try the two day process.

  • Liz

    I tend to cheat by just slicing some apples, topping them with little pats of butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg (no nuts because husband doesn’t like) and baking for ~ 20 minutes. I think it might be the “lazy version” of what you have done here – I’ll have to try your version when we have company… When still warm from the oven and topped with home-made vanilla ice cream I’m sure the company will swoon… :)

  • Peggy

    I made these this weekend and they were a huge hit. I really enjoy reading your blog.

  • Ryan

    I love baked apples. I often make them in the microwave for a quick snack with brown sugar, cinnamon, nutmeg and butter. I will be sure to try this recipe as well.

  • vanessa

    Elise- thanks for posting this! My grandma would make these when she came to visit – it’s so much fun to eat a dessert that’s hot and in its very own natural package!

  • Nitallica

    Oh thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for posting this!

    This is the way my mother used to make them, and I’ve been looking for this recipe so I can make ’em for my little one! :)

  • Leslie

    Wow! that was an amazing recipe, I loved it! Instead of raisins though, we used dried cranberries (craisins!) in the spirit of Canadian Thanksgiving.
    And a hello to the girls! You look like you’re much better helpers than me! I bet you didn’t eat all the pecans before they had to go in the apples!

  • Annemiek

    Hi Elise,

    Apples out of the oven are delicious. My mum made some of them last week! Really fantastic! If you take a sharp knife and you make a cut all around the top (sorry, I’m not English but Dutch so it is kind of hard to explain). About 2 or 2 1/2 CENTIMETERS under the top you make a cut all around the apple. Actually, you make two cuts so that you end up having cut about 0.3 millimeters out of the apple for about 0.3 centimeters deep. This prevents your apples from bursting. Might look nicer (doesn’t matter for the tast!).

  • Sudesna

    Hi Elise,
    I am a big fan of your blog and have been trying some of the easy recipes.This recipe sounds so good and I think I’ll make it. But how do you serve it? Do you serve it as a whole or cut into slices? Is it good with all kinds of apples- I have some Mcintosh and Cortland (apple picking at Shelburne Farms, MA!!).Thanks.

  • Jonathan

    Looks great, Elise. The family went apple picking this weekend, and I’ve got close to 30 pounds of Jonagolds, and nothing to do with them (can you say applesauce? groan…). I’ve also tried a Baked Apple recipe that’s quite good. You make a caramel sauce, core/peel the apples, and bake tightly covered in a roasting pan with the sauce poured over. Reduce the caramel sauce after baking, and serve with ice cream and the caramel sauce. The caramel sauce gets infused with the apple juices. Delicioso.

  • Lydia

    When I was growing up, my mom was always on Weight Watchers, and one of my favorite WW recipes was baked apples. She cored the apples and peeled the top third of the skin, sprinkled with cinnamon, and filled the core to overflowing with diet black cherry soda! Sounds weird, I know, but it was actually quite delicious. And with no sugar!

  • Adam Hertz

    Hi Elise, thanks for the apple recipe. Joan and I have SO MANY lovely ones left over from Rosh Hashanah, and we need something do do with them.

    Glad you’re enjoying the New England fall. I’m from Boston, as you may know, and we used to pick apples in Bolton and Harvard. Where’d you get ’em?

    Again, thanks!


    • Laura

      New England in the fall is the best. I have never heard of Rome Beauty apples before and now have to google it. This year I picked Jonagold and I’m thrilled you included them on the list of apples to use. I love the sour-ness of the apple, even just for eating plain.