No ImageBaked Beans in Tomato Sauce

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  1. cleo

    I’ve also used this recipe for a Vegetarian option, but I just used regular cooking oil and didn’t substitute anything for the meat, and it turned out really well. For me it’s become a go-to to make ahead whenever my boyfriend and I go camping for a few days and will want substantial food to eat that doesn’t need to be heated-up to eat.

  2. Tatiana

    Have you or anyone tried canning this recipe?

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  3. Peace Peace

    I would like to ask about using Balsamic Vinegar. Can I use the white vinegar instead of? Thank you so much.

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  4. natasaha

    this helped me out because all I had in the cupboard was a tin of cheap baked beans , some fresh sage reduced, some tomato sauce my friend gave me, chilly power , rosemary, and a jacket potato. I would not know these things would go well together. thanks, coz Im eating it now. nice.

  5. Mark

    Made a vegetarian version of this a couple of times. I used ghee (clarified butter) instead of the oil\fat from the bacon, which stops the beans from tasting ‘thin’ (there is a bit of a pun in there!) and added some intensity to substitute for the bacon flavour with a handful of sun dried tomatoes, sliced thinly.

    Very popular with everyone, I must say.

    Thank you!

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