No ImageBaked Chicken Parmesan

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  1. d4v1d

    As usual, not just terrific, but a doable recipe even for a busy dad – and I appreciated a whole new kind of dredge. The mustard adds both piquancy and saltiness, which brought smiles around the family table. (In my case, 450 wasn’t quite enough set the mustard and toast the panko, but I think that’s a property of my oven – but to all and sundry, the oven needs to be hot.)


  2. Baerbel

    The chicken turned out fantastic! :o

  3. nicole

    Another fantastic recipe! Thank you.

  4. Paige Flamm

    This looks so good! Such an easy and classic weeknight meal!

  5. Janet

    This is a great recipe and one of the best, easiest chicken parm recipe I’ve made. I love that it’s baked in the oven. The flavor was incredible! I used a combination of plain breadcrumbs and panko. I will absolutely be making this again. A big hit for the family – THANK YOU (and your Mom!)


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