No ImageBaked Stuffed Artichokes

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  1. Joan Thomas

    Disappointing. Mine turned out dried up and tough. Stuffing was gooshy. Followed instructions and cooked a little over an hour.


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  2. SF

    You mention you make these for company but you can only fit two in the pot at a time. I need to make at least 6. How do you make enough?

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  3. Mamasan

    The breadcrumbs are better toasted.
    I use Progresso Italian mixed with Panko Italian for texture, add smashed garlic cloves, about 6,
    Toast, then add lemon and a bit of water until packable but not soaked.
    Staying the chokes first is not a huge step; I from the stemless chokes into my pasta cooker and steam for 1/2 hour.
    I have found them more tender, more moist, and easier to stuff if prevailed.
    And I prefer butter over olive oil, as that is how my mother flavored them, although I have a great olive oil from Morocco .

  4. Connie

    I have not yet baked, just started preparing it isn’t 6 cups of breadcrumbs way too much for 2 artichokes?

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  5. Linda Blade

    Awesome recipe. Made this recipe last week and it came out very good. Just to note, it’s important when cooking in the oven to seal it well so to create a steam bath, if not sealed, the steam will escape and the artichoke will not cook through.


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