No ImageBaked Stuffed Clams

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  1. Dave van der Brug

    boil and bake makes the meat tough and tasteless, if possible chuck claims and leave some of the bellies in, as they offer a lot of flavor. Smashing one site does work if you don’t have the tools or fear cutting yourself. You could also put them in the freezer for say an hour and the clams will give up easier. Saltine crackers make good bread crumbs try no salt type if you are heart healthy. Best grinder is those hand held old cast iron ones from the 1940’s for the grind is just right.

  2. [email protected]

    I also add diced pimentos

  3. M. McTigue

    Beth—you are sooo correct –Ritz crackers are not at all what they used to be. Less ingredients—same price or higher.

  4. Gef Flimlin

    You can freeze the clams for about 5 hours then run under tepid water. The shells will gape and you can put a regular butter knife in there to twist the shells apart. Put the frozen clam on a cutting board and cut it into about 4 to 6 pieces depending the size of the clam. Put them all in a stainless bowl and let them defrost. Add them into the recipe later and pull them out with a slotted spoon. You can add more liqueur later if you don’t think it’s clammy enough. The clams will be much more tender than being cooked twice!!!

  5. Donna C

    Can I make these ahead and freeze them? If so do I freeze them baked and just reheat them or do I freeze them raw and bake them when I’m ready to serve them?

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