No ImageBaked Stuffed Clams

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  1. elaine

    Excellent recipe, put a small piece of cheddar in the shells before stuffing and my husband said they were the best stuffed clams he’s ever eaten!

  2. joyce

    Made them with Linguica. I used my mothers grinder for clams and liguica together. They were DELICIOUS!! Next time I’ll try bacon. Great easy recipe.

  3. Donato

    Great recipe! It reminded me of one oh my favorite Italian restaurant in New York. Everyone loved them! They were a big hit! I used can chopped clams they were very tender Added a pinch of oregano to the stuffing.



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  4. Robyn myers

    yummy very tasty


  5. Dave van der Brug

    boil and bake makes the meat tough and tasteless, if possible chuck claims and leave some of the bellies in, as they offer a lot of flavor. Smashing one site does work if you don’t have the tools or fear cutting yourself. You could also put them in the freezer for say an hour and the clams will give up easier. Saltine crackers make good bread crumbs try no salt type if you are heart healthy. Best grinder is those hand held old cast iron ones from the 1940’s for the grind is just right.

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