No ImageBanana Bread

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  1. B. Mahmood

    What an easy recipe. My 9 year old son helped me make it. You can mix everything in one bowl. The bread came out great, and the taste was excellent.


  2. Robert H.

    This recipe is great. I usually double it so I get two loaves. What’s even better, when you double it, it makes a great banana cake.


  3. Anna

    I’ve been making this recipe since 2009 to share with coworkers, at family events, and many friends… all have told me it is the best banana bread they’ve ever had! The recipe I have been using called out for 3 to 4 bananas though; I use 4 as I feel it gives more flavor. Thanks for sharing this recipe so long ago and helping me to bring joy to many in my life!
    I’ve used this recipe in mini loaf pans and in mason jars for gifts!!


  4. Jenilee

    KIDS loved this and so easy to make!


  5. Amber

    Love this recipe… by far best I have come across!! Wondering how I can make it into mini loaves? Also how many would one batch make?


    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Amber! Emma here, managing editor. You can definitely make it in mini loaf pans; just decrease the baking time. I recommend checking the loaves after about 1/2 hour; they’re done when a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. My best estimate is that this would make 6 to 8 mini loaves.

  6. Riya

    I am 13 and I made this for my Mother. I didn’t have a loaf pan so I used a rectangular cake tin, but the results were amazing!! The Bread came out to be moist and super-delicious. Me and My family loved it. Thanks a lot for the recipe!!


  7. CLK

    We had a few of my neighbors kids over and I had 3 medium very ripe bananas. We mixed it all up and scooped into mini muffin pans!!
    Made about 3 doz!!
    They were delicious!! Only 4 left:))


  8. Jade Langford

    Was my first time making banana bread and it came out perfect! 10/10 would recommend. ✨✨✨


  9. Kyomi

    This is absolutely great banana bread ! My son loves it and requests it for family night at school. I’ve made it more than 10 times already. Easy and tasty!! Thanks !


  10. Winnie

    O melhor bolo de banana que eu ja fiz. Super facil e sempre da certo Gosto de colocar chocolate chips ou canela em po.


  11. Marc

    Made this a few times. My favorite recipe. You can substitute 1/2 cup applesauce for the eggs, and add 1/2 cup chopped dates to make it healthier / vegan.


  12. Carol

    Love this recipe! I often add chocolate chips or mini chocolate chips and chopped pecans. Always moist and delicious. This is my “go to” banana bread recipe. Thanks for sharing this.


  13. Aparna

    Made banana bread with this recipe so many times…. honestly I lost track of number but this is the best recipe by far. Thank you for sharing this great recipe bakes soft, moist and delicious bread . Love it


  14. Yvette Dixon

    Very moist n tasty…Followed recipe to a T. Family loved it! Next time will add walnuts.


  15. Brenda

    This has been my go to recipe for over a year now!! Great recipe, They only changes I make to it is the suga, half a cup is more than enough. When Im in pinch and out of butter I substituted 1/4 cul walnut oil or pumpkin seed oil, and in the winter months I add sprinkle of cinnamon.


  16. Julean

    Excellent moist banana bread! I added 1/3 cup semisweet chocolate chips! Yummy!!!


  17. Jan

    Best banana bread I have ever made. Thanks for sharing, so yummy!

  18. Courtney

    I followed this recipe verbatim! The results were the best banana bread. Thank you, delicious!


  19. VonSue

    I am making it right now n I tasted the batter n added brown sugar to the top.

  20. Sarah

    I used very over ripe bananas and it was really great. Also I used 3 and they were large. Mine was perfect. Do try it again, it’s worth it.

  21. Sarah

    Best banana bread I’ve ever had!! Very moist and flavorful. I will always use this recipe from now on! This is such a simple recipe, but so delicious! Thank You so much for sharing it.


  22. Erin Bell

    So good! I only did a 1/2 cup of sugar and threw a cup of semi sweet chocolate chips in.


  23. Jane

    Delicious! I substitute brown sugar for the granulated and before putting it in the oven I put a layer of brown sugar on the top. It does not last long at all!


  24. Elizabeth

    I have 4 loaves and yet to taste it. The Family loves it. The recipe is great. It is a fast go to for church pot lucks.


  25. Joyce

    My husband and I love this recipe, simple to make and delicious to eat. Thank you for sharing.

  26. K C

    I tried making banana bread for the first time last week. This recipe is the bomb. Making another one tonight.

  27. Mary Beth

    This has been my go-to recipe for years! My daughter loves it and would rave about it to her grammar and. High school classmates so often that I’d have to make two. Now that she is in college, it’s her ONE Request to either have it made when she gets home or to send her a loaf. It fills my heart with joy just to be able to make this for her and her friends.


  28. Meghan

    Sorry…. is the butter 1/3 cup and then melted or 1/3 cup of already melted butter?

  29. Caitlin

    I make banana bread ALL the time and this is my go-to recipe. I already have it memorized! I have made this with super super ripe bananas (they were mushy and brown) and making banana bread with them is such a great use. The top of the bread turns out to be a beautiful golden brown. I do it for 50 minutes and it’s perfect!

    The possibilities for combinations are endless! I have done:
    strawberry banana, chocolate chip and peanut butter, blueberry banana, banana and poppy-seeds, banana and nuts, banana and maraschino cherries…


  30. Gina

    Simply perfect! Easy and delicious.

  31. Jackie

    I’ve made this recipe times because it is so delicious and easy to make. I reduced the sugar to half a cup and found it plenty sweet. It tastes best when prepared a day in advance.


  32. Michele

    Super easy and yummy

  33. Adrianne

    My Grandmother made the best banana bread and I have never been able to duplicate it-until now! The butter in the baking dish, gives the delicious , crusty edges a
    perfect saltiness. I added a bit of cinnamon and a few walnuts. My husband loved it. The one I made yesterday is gone, making a double batch this evening. One for mom for mother’s day and one for us! Thank you!


  34. Generic Baker

    Really easy to make, delicious recipe! My loaf turned out dense, moist and perfect. Added chocolate chips and walnut pieces and reduced the sugar as per my personal preferences. Can’t wait to make it again.


  35. Charlie

    It’s in the oven- I’ll let you know never having made any bread or cake in my life. Just saw 3 dodgy bananas that were about to go in the bin…..

  36. Jan

    Never again will I need to throw away a ripe banana. Easy and fantastic!


  37. Morgan

    Could I add chopped strawberries to this recipe?

  38. Kathryn

    1/3 cup melted butter seems like a lot. I made this and butter was bubbling up everywhere.

  39. Sherrie

    This is my go-to recipe for banana bread. It comes together so easily and turns out moist every time. I added some chocolate chips this time


  40. Shelly

    This recipe was awesome! I followed the recipe exactly but I threw in a cup of white chocolate chips only because I had them.
    My dad loves banana bread and he said this was the best one I ever made.
    Super moist.


  41. Alyssa

    Does this recipe call for white or brown sugar?

  42. Rebecca

    Anyone know the calorie content by any chance? ♥️ this recipe

  43. Marisa

    Just made this in a springform pan, cooked in half the time and it was AMAZING>


  44. Marie

    This banana bread was amazing! It was the first time I ever made banana bread before and it was simple but delicious. I doubled the recipe to make two loafs. When I checked them after an hour they were both completely wet inside but after another 30 minutes they came out PERFECT.


  45. Ambika

    Hai, I made this cake today, it came out really well. I added 3/4 almond flour and 3/4 all purpose flour, instead of using fully all purpose flour. I baked it for 60 min at 350 F. My hubby loved it a lot and gonna make it again. Thank u for the the awesome recipe.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Ambika, it sounds fabulous! Thanks for sharing your substitution. Good to know it can work with half almond flour.

  46. Gail

    I made this recipe last night. I only had one banana, tho. Did everything else per recipe – oh and I added 3/4 cup chopped pecans.
    The BEST banana bread I have ever made – more like banana cake. But – it only took 35 mins. to bake at 350 in my oven. So watch it and take it out before it overcooks.


  47. Ray

    I am a 74 y.o. retired CEO. A golfing buddy the other day mentioned his wife had made banana nut bread. Sounded intriguing so I looked it up, found this recipe and having never attempting to bake anything before, it came out absolutely PERFECT!!!! If I could do that, no problem for the rest of you.


  48. Gaëlle

    I’d never had banana bread before. Tried it as I had so many over ripe bananas that I didn’t want to waste so I thought let me do something with them. Stumbled upon this recipe and I LOOOOVE IT ! So simple yet sooo delicious ! It’s moist, quick and easy ! I’m doing one again tomorrow! Thank youuuu


  49. April

    This recipe turned out great! I think putting the baking soda and salt in the bananas instead of the flour might have made a difference. I usually add all the dry ingredients together like flour baking soda and salt but this recipe says to add the baking soda and salt to the bananas and butter first.


  50. Jolene

    I’ve never liked Banana bread until tonight! I made this recipe and oh my gosh I will certainly be making it again. I also did the 1/2 cup of sugar instead of the 3/4 cup and it came out wonderful!!!


  51. Lori

    This is the best banana bread recipe! My kids ask me to make this all the time. The recipe is super easy and the bread is so pillowy. And I have a use for my browning bananas. Thank you!

  52. Anne lewis

    I just made this bread and i have none left over omg it is so moist and tasty#simplerecipethank you


  53. Sharon

    It was very easy it came out so good I used 1/2 cup sugar and it was sweet enough thanks very much.


  54. Koko

    I normally don’t leave reviews but I have to say this is the simplest yet best banana bread ever! Completely stress free! Im not much of a sweettooth so I used 1/2 cup of sugar it was still sweet. I will never go back to mixing sugar and butter again.


  55. Ivan

    Everybody’s favourite! So easy and quick to make, and always tastes great!


  56. Kaye

    Used a whole cup of sugar and baked in a bundt pan for 45 mins! Best banana bread recipe I’ve ever used!


  57. Burcin

    Great results, thank you so much; I used brown sugar, molasses and added almonds, hazelnuts and walnuts as well as some chocolate chips, worked very well.

  58. Melanie

    My mom always made banana bread and after she passed I couldn’t find her recipe. This tastes just like it!! love it!! So good.


  59. SHAY

    Fantastic with maple syrup and chocolate chips added

  60. Bethany

    Any nutrition facts available for this recipe?

  61. Reen

    Best ever! Added pecans and it came out perfectly. Thanks!


  62. Tammy

    I’ve been making this recipe for about 6 months now. I had been looking for a recipe for banana nut bread that would do just as well with substituting a Stevia baking blend for the sugar. ( I am a bariatric patient ) I tried about 5 different recipes but this one is the best. My whole family loves it and I did not tell them about the substitution until after they tried it! I add cinnamon and chopped pecans. (Baking blend I use is Truvia). Thanks so much! It is delicious every time!


  63. Kathy

    My all time favorite banana bread recipe! A big hit at my house.


  64. Chloe

    Great and simple recipe!

    I like to substitute half of the butter with coconut oil, add 3/4 tsp. cinnamon, and use a combo of whole wheat and white flour. Depending on the size of your bananas, I find that the mix can be a little dry, and I will sometimes add in a splash of applesauce to moisten it if need be.
    Thanks for sharing!


  65. Teonia

    It was my 1st time baking & This recipe was very simple & easy from start to finish & the family loveeddd it !!!


  66. Lori Ann

    This was so moist and delicious . Very good recipe!!!!!!


  67. Joelle

    I used this recipe before followed it step by step and it was a big hit! I was lucky to have gotten at least a slice before it disappeared by the time I finished my slice. So today I’m going to make it again but I wanted to know if I can substitute butter with margarine in case I run out of butter? Also how much brown sugar would I use instead of white sugar?


    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Joelle! Emma here, managing editor. Sure, I think you could substitute margarine if needed, though the flavor might be impacted a little. I believe that you can substitute brown sugar 1-for-1 — some other commenters have done this and reported success (take a scroll through the list of comments here and see what they have to say!). Brown sugar will make your cake a little more moist and give it a deeper flavor (molasses-like), but it should be tasty. Enjoy!

  68. Deb

    I followed the recipe exactly except for adding some nuts. I baked in muffin tins for 25 minutes. They were moist and delicious. Thank you for my new recipe


  69. Phyllis

    Followed the recipe but added some nuts and substituted coconut sugar (1/2 cup) for the refined sugar in the recipe. Came out excellent.


  70. Michael

    Did you use vanilla bean in the bread, what are the black specks within?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Michael! Emma here, managing editor. The black specks are caused by a reaction between the banana fibers and the baking soda used in the recipe. It’s a normal part of making banana bread! Enjoy!

  71. Alice

    Dry as a desert! I followed the recipe exactly and used the lower end of the cooking time. The loaf came out dry as the sahara. I feel so disappointed I wasted my preparation and cleaning time, and money for the ingredients.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Alice, many things can influence the outcome of any baking recipe, including this one. The recipe calls for 2 to 3 bananas. If you used 2 bananas and your bananas are on the small side, or not ripe enough, that would result in less moisture in the bread. If you used the lower end of the amount of sugar, that would result in less moisture in the bread. If you used a dark baking pan, or if your oven runs hot, that would result in the banana bread cooking faster and your needing to take it out of the oven earlier. This is one of the most popular recipes on this website with hundreds of positive reviews. So if your loaf was dry on your first attempt at this recipe, I urge you to try again, adjusting for some of the things I’ve mentioned. Good luck!

      • Melanie

        Agree!! I use 3 large bananas, and almost a cup of sugar- super moist!!

    • Inna

      Same, here. Both texture and taste were off. My daughter took a bite and said “too much flour”.

  72. Sara

    I used gluten free flour and 3/4 c brown sugar also done perfect at 45 minutes. Delicious! moist and gone


  73. Jen

    It was. so great. My kids love it- I substituted whole wheat flour and brown sugar.


  74. Kerri

    I added cinnamon and nutmeg to the recipe, and 1/2 cup unsweetened applesauce because it seemed too dry when i followed the recipe….

  75. Thom

    Very simple, very good! One hour 5 mins. takes care of those overly ripened bananas. Big hit with everyone!

  76. Ken

    Fantastic!!!! Easy to make. 10 stars.


  77. Grace

    i used 1/2 cup sugar and added chopped candied ginger or fresh cranberries in the batter then baked 45 mins


  78. Alexander

    I added chocolate chips, strawberries, and walnuts with a dash of cinnamon and topped with oats. It was of course delicious!

  79. Joey

    Tastes fantastic. Disappeared as soon as it left the oven. Recommend using 1 or 2 more bananas for a richer flavor


  80. Elisabeth

    It was amazing. I added Reeses peanut butter chips.


  81. Amanda

    Has anyone subed the flour for almond flour? If so, did you use a different amount? Did it impact the taste or texture? Did you need to add anything else to it like a binder? TIA!

  82. Judy

    It turned out GREAT!! I make mini loaves and take them to work on the weekend everyone loves them


  83. Love2bake

    So easy, turned out perfect. Used dark brown sugar, instead of ‘normal’ sugar.


  84. chrystal

    It was good and very moist. I will defintly make it again.


  85. Tony Scott

    Perfect!! I modify this to replicate my grandmothers recipe. I add about 1/4 cup brown sugar extra with the 1/2 cup of sugar. I also add a drop or two of almond extract for nutty flavor – careful that stuff is potent. I know it sounds terrible – but I also use 1 good tablespoon of used coffee gounds – an old trick my grandma taught me. Makes it a bit on the darker – don’t worry you wont ever notice the grounds. I also add about a teaspoon maybe of cinnamon powder. I use 1/3 the amount of butter and the rest shortening. For me – it takes closer to an hour to bake at 350 maybe because of the shortening added.


  86. Maria Urrestarazu

    Can you replace the baking soda for baking powder?

  87. m bradie

    easy & worked out beautifully


  88. Brigid


  89. Stuart

    Use brown coconut sugar. Low glycemic.

  90. Karen

    I love this recipe!!!! I would love to know how to make this into muffins, any ideas?


  91. Shanon

    Added chocolate chips and it was delicious!


  92. Mary

    Super easy recipe. Never fails. Very moist.


  93. [email protected]

    Best banana bread recipe. No fail ever time!

  94. Deeba

    super easy n delicious recipe.

  95. R. Chamberlin

    First time I have ever baked anything in my life.
    I am a 63 year old widower.
    I followed the recipe as written because I have zero experience.
    Wow… I love it.
    I did cut back on the sugar a bit to 1/2 cup (just because I don’t like real sweet foods).
    It worked out great and was surprisingly easy to do.
    I might venture into more complicated baking now but I think this will be my go to recipe.
    Thank you


  96. Maria A Morais

    I baked it and it’s delicious! I also needed to use my ripe bananas. I’m saving the recipe. Thank you!


  97. Jo

    Happy to be the 1,077th person to approve this recipe. It’s extra easy to make and adapt. I added an extra banana I had on hand and compensated with an extra egg. I added pecans and cinnamon. It’s a One bowl wonder!


  98. LisaB

    I just made this as I had some bananas which were way past their best. I added some dark chocolate chips and some dried cranberries and it is super yummy. I turned the oven down to 160C for the last 15 mins as it was looking quite well done on the top


  99. Lynsay

    I’ve tried all the old church cook book recipes. Never found one I fell in love with.

    Tried this recipe & it’s now my ‘go-to’ and has found a home written on an index card, nestled in my recipe box.

    So easy, comes out perfect everytime!


  100. Clemence

    Quick and easy to make ! Can’t wait to try adding pecans and cinnamon


  101. Elizabeth

    I add a cup of roughly chopped cranberries or whole blueberries. Delicious!

  102. C

    I just made this the other day because I had some rip bananas on hand. I can’t believe how easy and simple the recipe was. The banana bread was super moist. Will be keeping this receipt on hand.


  103. Fran Livingston

    Recipe is great.I used only the half cup suger and added white chocolate chips and made a simple butter cream frosting for the muffins. Home and work family loved them made about 8 dozen. All together…..thank you for the recipe.


  104. Sarah Beth

    Delicious, quick, and easy. As a single young professional this budget friendly recipe is a great way to contribute to group meals and events, and it makes a great grab and go snack throughout the week. #win-win


  105. Brightcookie

    I’ve tried many, many recipes, but this is the tastiest and easiest by far. The first time, I followed it exactly, and it was perfect. Second time, I added chunks of chocolate and sprinkled a generous amount of crystallized sugar on top. Also delicious. My picky children love this banana bread!


  106. Alice

    Just a hint: if you have overripe bananas and no time to make banana bread, simply toss them into the freezer with the skins still on. Running them under hot water until they are partially thawed, they are easy to peel and will complete thawing in a few minutes. Enjoy!

  107. Elizabeth

    Fifty Minutes = Burnt Bread. I should have read the comments first. Will try again for 40 minutes next time.


  108. Cassie

    Our favorite recipe! My husband asks for it all the time!


  109. Regina

    I’ve saved this recipe on my bookmark and have been using this recipe for more than 5 years now. This is so simple and easy to follow and my banana bread always comes out yummy!!


  110. Mara

    Great recipe! Wonderful as it is. However if you wanna go crazy try to add walnuts’ dates and turmeric and rum flavour instead of vanilla :)


  111. Chloe

    Great recipe! I always quadruple banana bread recipes because 3 is never enough, ha ha!
    I like that it is inexpensive to make, too.

    I like to mix cinnamon and sugar and use it to dust the loaf pans, if there is some leftover I sprinkle it on top.


  112. Neha

    This is an amazing banana bread recipe. I tried it few times. I also add some chocolate chips that makes it extra delicious.We are just two at home and we usually finish this in a day.


  113. Rbarh

    Fantastic recipe. I always double it as one loaf of banana bread is never enough. Lol. Lately have been making banana cake out of the doubled recipe. Just use one cup of melted butter or margarine and cook 45-55 minutes.


  114. Mami Wata

    Tried this recipe this morning. First of all my house smells delicious. I’m not ashamed to say I opened my back door to make my neighbors jealous.

    I followed the recipe but added chocolate chips. It turned out great. No need for chocolate, the recipe is delicious on its own. (Can’t believe I just said that)

    Whenever I have ripe bananas I look up a recipe for banana bread. Not any more! This is my recipe from this moment forward. Thank you Elise!


  115. Casey Stone

    My batters consistency was thinner than in the video? I’m praying it comes out alright.

  116. Kong

    May I know the cup size?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Kong! Emma here, managing editor. I’m not quite sure what you’re asking here? If you’re wondering the cup size of the loaf pan, an 8×4-inch loaf pan holds about 6 cups. If you’re asking the volume of a cup measurement, it’s equal to 8 fluid ounces or 237 milliliters. Weight measurements will vary depending on the ingredient, and I suggest using this conversion chart from King Arthur Flour as a guide. Hope that helps! Let us know if you meant something different!

  117. Kristy

    Is adding pecans and chocolate chips to this recipe too much??

  118. Jacquie

    Super easy! Nice and moist; I also added chopped walnuts. Made with the cake mode in my pressure cooker, which is 40 mins, turned out perfect.


  119. Cyndi

    Such a simple and easy recipe to make. I had some overripe bananas on the counter and baked this in the morning right before going to the office!

    I will agree that it takes no more than 40 minutes to bake, that seems to be the sweet spot on baking time.

    Next chance, I’ll add some chocolate chips or chopped walnuts.


  120. Veronica

    I made two. One with just bananas and the other I added chocolate chips. My husband loved the chocolate chip banana bread! Great recipe!!

  121. Jennifer

    Great and very easy recipe that my family loves. I find that baking for 50 min is too long – its usually done at 40 min.


  122. Steve

    I did it! I made my first batch, or should I say 4 batches! I helped with a veteran supported produce stand this weekend and ended up with a case of bananas so I made 2 double batches, 7 loaves all totaled. I was very pleased that my wife actually gave me a “yum” response!


  123. Erica

    I love this recipe! It is my go to when I want I bake and tastes good with gluten free flour too. I strongly recommend you try it!!!


  124. Phyllis Sanchez

    I made this for the first time today. I left the sugar out for health reasons but it was absolutely delish!!! It was simple and easy and I loved that it was much better than the box!


  125. Janie

    I’ve made this so many times and it’s always delish!! I just put some in the oven! It’s such a simple, easy recipe! Love it!


  126. Sam

    what sugar do I use??

  127. Linda Sue

    Fabulous !!! So easy to make and so delicious. I highly recommend making this


  128. Erica

    Best banana bread ever!!!!! So much better than a box!! Def make this!


  129. Lisa

    I’ve used this recipe for almost 8 years and just love it.
    I use a mixer. To avoid dryness add milk but I unpeel my bananas and freeze in advance and mash in large ziplock plastic bags after it has defrosted on the counter as I get everything ready. Sometimes I have to heat in microwave if it’s too cold otherwise the melted butter will get cold again.
    I use 3/4 cup of sugar but I may try 1/2 instead next time.
    Also, I double my the recipe and use a 9×13 pan like a cake & bake extra 10 minutes when adding nuts.
    I cut them in 2 inch strips & slice them in little bite size pieces. Everyone loves them since it’s smaller then the larger 4×8 loaf pan.


    • Freya

      How much milk do you add? I’ve used recipes that called for sour cream and fear a dry bread.

      • Lisa

        A little splash at a time but I haven’t had to in a long time since the defrosted bananas develop lots of liquid. I always use more bananas. I make sure I put in about 6-8 in each gallon size zip lock bag depending on the size. My friend ran out of milk once and she used apple sauce. Very moist! But I rarely put milk since I get a lot of liquid from the defrosted bananas.

  130. Sophia

    Best banana bread recipe out there. However, I use less flour then what is called for and I add chocolate chips.

  131. Mattie Christensen

    It was delicious!!!!! It was moist and soft! The next time I make it I will add a little milk because the batter was a little dry.


  132. Jaci

    A delicious recipe that I will use as my go to banana bread recipe now. I tweaked it a little. I only had self raising flour so I used this in place of all purpose flour and baking powder. It was perfect. It came out looking just the photo. It raised beautifully. I also added honey and cinnamon which gave it a slightly darker colour, which I like. It was easy to make, moist and tasty. I used a small handful of sugar, probably about 1/4 of a cup as I don’t like overly sweet banana bread and with the honey, it didn’t need it. I also had to add a splash of milk as I found the mixture a little on the dry side. Just enough to moisten it. I will continue using this as my base recipe and add my extras. Thanks.

  133. Balvinder

    Super easy and yummy !!!thank u


  134. Evelyn

    Mine came out like raw dough. I have to try again. Reading other comments I see butter not margerine. I didn’t have baking soda so I used baking powder.

  135. Nicole H

    Love this! Easy and tastes amazing, I add lemon zest and mini chocolate chips.


  136. Heather Muldoon

    Easy recipe came out really well!
    One point I only had to cook for 35 minutes. If I’d have left for the duration of recipe time it would have been burnt.


  137. Gilda j

    Finaly a good recipe this bread was so easy to make.
    Made this bread at my dads house, had to use margarine, and old vanilla.
    Still yummy.


  138. Kaitlin Harbin

    Made this recipe today! I am new to baking and this turned out so well! After getting out most of the ingredients I realized I didn’t have any eggs. With a quick substitution of 1/3 cup of vegetable oil I was good to go! Still so delicious with great texture.
    Thank you!!


  139. Emme Dawdon

    Couldn’t decide between this recipe and a few others but I chose this one and I’m so glad I did! Was really impressed with how easy it was to follow and was thrilled with a delish and extremely moreish banana bread. :)))

    I cooked for about 50 minutes at 175 degrees celsius, but it started to turn very dark at the top whilst still being gooey on the inside so I cooked at around 120 for another 20 minutes and it was perfect! That might just be my dodgy oven though..


  140. Shawnee

    Delicious, I added chocolate chips and cooked 45 min at 350f then 230 for 20 mins and the bread turned out great!!


  141. Amanda

    Best banana bread recipe ever! I make these at least once month. I also like to make muffins with this recipe. (it yields 12 muffins). I add chocolate chips to half the batch and they are so yummy!


  142. Abigail

    Made it and it was great. But how much (maybe in grams) do you class a a cup? Always unsure on that one! Thanks a lot, Abi

  143. Andrei

    This is Very good recipe. Can mix in poppy seeds or raisin, cinnamon or everything included Hennessey. After 50 min by 350 degrees, hold other 30 min with 280 degrees. For the test bread for ready or not you can use a match, just push in and turn, if match is clean, bread is ready.
    Never open oven door until 40-50 min when bread group.
    Good luck.

  144. Jackie

    This is the only banana bread recipe I will use. It is easy, turns out great every time, and has the classic banana bread flavor without being heavy or greasy. My recommendations are to make sure you use real butter, not margarine or oil. Chocolate chips are good in this but I only do that occasionally as I just love the pure banana bread flavor… and I’m a chocoholic! I do like to add a teaspoon of rum or rum extract and about 1/4 to 1/2 tsp almond extract to it……just takes it over the top for me!


  145. Roxy

    It’s in the oven now! I can’t wait to try it. The recipe was very simple!

  146. Deb from Illinois

    This is my go to recipe for banana bread. Thanks!


  147. Natalie

    This is by far the driest banana bread I have ever baked or eaten. I even used 1/2 cup of melted butter instead of 1/3. Perhaps it is because I only had 2 bananas, but still, I’ve made lots of similar recipes with 2 bananas and they turned out fine. 50 minutes was also far too long at 350F, the outside of my loaf is crispy, bordering on burnt. What a disappointment! Luckily my husband will eat just about anything, so we’ll just have to top it with butter or eat it with vanilla ice cream.


    • Elise Bauer

      I’m sorry the recipe didn’t work for you Natalie. Every oven runs a little bit differently, which is why I always test baking recipes like this 10 minutes before they are supposed to be done. Sounds to me like your oven may run a little hot. Either that or perhaps you cut back on the sugar? If you use two bananas instead of three, you’ll want to use the full amount of sugar. Sugar translates into moisture for baking recipes. Or maybe the bananas you used are just smaller than the ones that I usually use.

      • AnnMarie

        This has been my go to banana bread recipe for years. It’s simply the best tasting. Don’t give up I’d suggest try it again using more bananas and less baking time. It’s worth every bite.

  148. Oona

    Can oil be used instead of butter?

  149. Christina

    I made it with 4 banana’s instead and extra butter! YUM! It was perfect!


  150. Tamara j

    Omg.. I used this recipe and added some cinnamon n nutmeg and the smell just filled up my home. It’s not even fully cooled yet and its already half way done. I would recommend this recipe to any first timer like myself

  151. Tim

    I used this recipe to makemuffins with two bananas, and added walnuts. They turned out fantabulous.

    Today, I’m making a loaf using 3 bananas and almonds. Should be done 50 minutes from now.
    This is a good recipe.

  152. Jane

    Easy, delicious recipe. I bake it regularly for the children’s home cottage at which I volunteer. Sometimes I add raisins and walnuts, sometimes chopped fresh pears and walnuts. Occasionally toss in a bit of cinnamon or nutmet. BTW–if the batter seems a bit dry, I add a dash of milk or water to reach desired consistency. Think it has something to do with bananas not being mushy enough??


  153. Nancy

    Easy recipe but I think this one is to dry. I’ve made numerous different recipes and I wasn’t pleased with this one.


  154. Janice

    The loaf I made on the 23rd turned out fabulous. Making another one today, the family can’t get enough!!! 5 stars all the way.


  155. Daniel

    This is the best banana bread I have ever made. I have to make it often for my wife to take to work as all the people she works with request it.
    Thank you for keeping cooking fun!!!!


  156. Nat

    Since I was going to bake Banana bread with my 3 yo, I needed an easier recipe than my usual one. This was awesome! Easy for my little guy to do all the steps (with my supervision) and the bread turned out amazing!


  157. Jane

    I added 3.2 ounces of unsweetened applesauce and it was delicious!

  158. Lynn Earles

    Just moved and could not find my Favorite Banana Bread Recipe. I had some over ripe Banana’s and found this Recipe and It is as good as my favorite Recipe. I give it a five star. I added 1/2 cup of dried Cranberries. Very Good recipe! Thank You!


  159. Jen

    Made this as mini muffins with bananas I had in the freezer(thawed of course). Delicious!


  160. Michael pang

    Great recipe, thank you. I use only coconut sugar or jaggery (goor). Both unrefined sugars with all the mineral flavours, wonderful

  161. Janice

    My banana bread is in the oven as we chat. I just hope it turns out, my banana skins were almost black and the bananas smelled a little like banana liquor. I figured they would just add more flavour! lol

  162. Brenda

    Hi from Spain! I have never made Banana Bread but have eaten it made by American friends. My question: What are the little black specks in the bread?
    In the video and the photograph it looks as if it has seeds of some sort. Thanks.

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Brenda! Emma here, managing editor for Simply Recipes. The black specks are a natural part of banana bread! I believe it’s some sort of chemical reaction that happens in the oven, which darkens some of the banana fibers.

  163. Jenessa

    I’ve made this banana bread a couple of times and it’s incredible every time! I add a little more sugar to make it sweeter and it never lasts more than a day in my house. Awesome recipe!


  164. Anuja Sharma

    Awesome banana bread. I substituted 1/2 cup almond flour for regular flour and used 1/4 cup of brown sugar and 1/2 cup white sugar instead of the recipe suggestion. The sweetness and taste were awesome. Thanks for sharing.


  165. Sophia

    Best Banana bread recipe ever. It’s simple and easy to make.


  166. Amelia

    Can I use self raising flour to make a fluffier cake? And is it 1/3 cup butter to be melted or melt some butter and measure 1/3 cup?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Amelia, I haven’t tried using self rising flour, but if you do, you may want to reduce the amount of baking soda in the recipe. As for the butter, either way will work. I usually measure a 1/3 cup of butter from the stick (with the markings on the paper covering the stick of butter), put that in a small glass bowl or mug, and microwave it for several seconds to melt it.

    • Carol

      Once I used this recipe, I’ve never used another. I do add chopped walnuts, sometimes I add add cc.

  167. Jan LaForest

    I made this banana bread today and it was delicious. I substituted Brown Sugar Splenda for the white sugar, and added a half cup of chopped walnuts for crunch. Will make this again. Thanks for the recipe.


  168. steven

    I like this recipe, but can the bananas be even more ripe than shown in the video ?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Steven, yes! The banana skins can be completely dark brown without any yellow. Those are perfect for making banana bread. The riper the better!

  169. Dru

    This bread turned out so great! Have been looking for a good banana bread recipe and this is def going in my recipe book! So delicious!!


  170. Jes



  171. Jam

    I wish I could post pics in here.. I made this and take note, this is my first time making banana bread and it turns out delicious! I used 1/2cup sugar and the taste is just right… just wondering if I can make these sugar free?


    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Jam! Emma here, managing editor for Simply Recipes. I’m not sure this recipe would work (or taste quite as good) if you cut the sugar entirely, but you can certainly try reducing the amount. I’d try reducing it by 1/4 cup to start and see how you like that. You can also take a look through the comment thread here and see what other people have done; I know there has been a lot of discussion over the years about adjusting the sugar levels and substituting alternative kinds of sugar! Enjoy!

  172. ohp

    Hands down the best recipe for Banana Bread. Thank you for sharing it.


  173. Anna

    Can’t wait to try this!! Wondering if I could double the recipe and bake in a bundt pan?

  174. Marni Mills

    I realized as I was making it that this was actually my first attempt at making banana bread (by myself) and it came out PERFECT! Thank you so much for the wonderful (and incredibly easy!) recipe! = )


  175. Tori Land

    I have never made any kind of bread a day in my life but this banana bread turned out PERFECTLY! I will definitely be making this again!


  176. [email protected]

    Followed the recipe and 10 minutes into baking it, it was over flowing


  177. Lizzie

    I really enjoy this banana bread recipe and it is now my “go-to” recipe for Banana bread. It is very moist! My husband doesn’t like nuts, so I add mini chocolate chips and it’s fantastic. I have tried the normal size, but the bites of chocolate were too large in the bread. It gets devoured!


  178. andy

    Great recipe and so easy to make….. loved it. Didn’t last 10 minutes!


  179. Carrie

    We absolutely loved this recipe we made 2 loafs and finished them within 2 days we highly suggest this recipe.


  180. Patty

    This is the Very Best banana bread I’ve ever made!! I Used the recipe as written and it turned out Perfect. Thanks for sharing :)


  181. Lauren

    Made this bread many times, and it’s my favorite of all of the ones I’ve tried. This time I added diced walnuts on top and they made it taste so yummy!

  182. Bee

    Great recipe. This was my first time making bread myself and it turned out wonderfully. My 2 year old daughter even loved it and she hates everything.


  183. Samantha

    I’ve made this now numerous times and it never fails !!!!


  184. Ann

    My family loves this recipe and my kids beg me to make it! I always make muffins out of it just for the quick convenience for my kids and I usually have to double the recipe because they eat them so fast! The muffins usually only take 20 minutes in the oven.


  185. Jan B

    Easy recipe and delicious bread! I followed instructions as written and added chopped walnuts as a family preference. Thanks for sharing the recipe!


  186. Neliah

    Great recipe! I was looking for something to do with some very ripe bananas and this was perfect and easy, thank you very much. With a toaster oven, I found I needed a shorter baking time – about 45 minutes.


  187. Namrata

    Hi from Mauritius!

    I’ve tried the recipe and it was yumm. Everyone loved the cake.
    Is it possible to add bit of milk in the batter?



    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Namrata, I haven’t tried adding milk to the batter, but if you do, please let us know how it turns out for you!

  188. A. Crerar

    This is a great recipe. I printed it out and keep it in our binder. It is the only banana bread I make. I have been making it for several years now. I make it for home and for friends. I had someone asking for the recipe the other day. I like the flexibility that the recipe offers. I found that half a cup of sugar per loaf is fine. I also always go for the maximum number of bananas, so I use three per loaf. One thing I found a bit odd about the recipe was the order of mixing ingredients. I tried it the way it was given the first few times because I like to try out a recipe exactly. I wasn’t sure if everything got mixed properly, so after that I did the more traditional thing of mixing dry ingredients and mixing wet ingredients and then putting them together. I have made it plain and I have made it adding raisins and walnuts. Always delicious. For me and my oven it takes 42 minutes.

  189. Jen

    Truly the best!


  190. Angela

    This recipe is great! I am not much of a baker and I managed to shine as a good one. All my family enjoyed it and asked me to make it again.
    Thank you!

  191. Teresa

    Oh my, the best babana bread ever!! Thanks great recipe!!


  192. Donily Corr

    I made this the other morning. I made it as written using 3/4 cup sugar. I did not have any nuts. When I tried it warm, I thought maybe it could use some cinnamon or something. However, once it cooled, I thought it was perfect.


  193. Nancy Stewart

    I’m a mix ‘n’ go baker and this was so easy. It made one loaf and 3 extra muffins for TASTING! I just reset the timer when the muffins tested done; after about 20 minutes. Same oven!


  194. Mrs. Pfaffenrath

    I made this yummy recipe and my husband loves it so much. Sometimes I’m putting oats as well. But I don’t know what I’m doind wrong that my cooking time is always less than the one stated in the recipe but still turns out amazing everytime!


    • Caroline

      It depends on your oven & what size tin you use. I typically halve baking times given in recipes as my oven with a fan is very fierce! I just judge myself when things are done, and so far-so good. If I obeyed the recipe books then no one would eat the burned offerings I produced!

  195. M

    Has anyone tried this in instant pot? I want to divide the batter into two mini loave pans and bake one at a time in the instant pot. I am unsure as to how much time to use at high pressure. Any help is greatly appreciated!

  196. Annemarie Conrod

    I’ve made this Banana Bread use whole-wheat flour, 1/4cup of brown sugar and its moist and very tasty. Sometimes I add walnuts or Lilys sugar free chocolate chips or I add both and always delicious and easy! Thanks for sharing the receipe Annemarie Conrod.


  197. Ace

    Very easy recipe, and works with gluten-free flour as well (you might need to add some extra milk, though- gf batter is typically thicker than regular).


  198. Christina

    This is such a versatile recipe. I usually make it vegan when possible, but I’ve had it based on the original recipe as well and it always turns out great (original is a bit too sweet for me). If you’re looking to be a little healthier don’t hesitate to experiment as I’ve tried nearly everything and it always turns out great. Today I subbed unsweetened applesauce for the sugar (like a heaping 1/4 cup or so. I added a tablespoon of maple almond butter, vegan butter, 2 flax eggs, some coconut flour mixed in with regular, some cinnamon, and swirled in a bit (like a small spoon full) of Nutella for the kids.


  199. Malek

    It’s absolutely delicious!


  200. Marta Neely

    I loved it and am still loving it three days and 15 muffins later! I substituted organic coconut sugar, which is healthful and adds a bit of caramel flavor. Also, half organic spelt flour, half flax seed meal, instead of boring wheat!


  201. Diane

    I took this to a dinner we were going to as I was asked to bring a dessert. There wasn’t any to bring home!


  202. Valerie Pittman

    I loved it, but I had to sub oil for the butter and applesauce for the egg, I am lactose intolerant with an egg allergy. I tried it with just applesauce first and the butter, but that was a bad idea for my stomach it sure tasted awesome going down though:) my son who is 3 and I ate almost the whole loaf..

    • RDoc

      Hi Valerie, my grandson is severely lactose intolerant but we’ve found that using clarified butter eliminates the allergens and keeps the awesome taste. Clarified butter is simply the clear liquid at the top after the butter has melted and cooked just a second. The milky liquid at the bottom contains the allergens. Hope that helps.

  203. Jen

    Just made it worried I only used one egg. Two smaller bananas. It seemed doughy going in the oven. Let’s see.

  204. Kathy Stonestreet

    Love this! Make it nearly every week. Use 1/2 cup sugar only. I also replace the butter with heart healthy olive oil for my diet.


  205. Ali

    This needs spice. Cinnamon and cloves at the very least. Add some chocolate chips if you want to convince kids or co-workers to dive in ;)


  206. Glenda Ballard

    I have made this recipe for almost 30 years (yikes!). I loved it because I never had to “cream the butter and sugar.” One additional idea–I mix the sugar with the bananas before I add the butter (giving the melted butter time to cool!) and I can gauge how “syrupy” the mixture is and, therefore, manage the amount of sugar I add.


  207. Janice Ryall Price

    Since I found this recipe it’s all I use ! Add 1 c chopped pecans 3/4 c in batter 1/4 cup sprinkled on top , also add 1 tsp cinnamon and 1/4 tsp nutmeg . Everyone loves it . Have been asked many times for recipe.


  208. Jess

    I use this base recipe to make banana walnut bread EXCEPT I add an additional egg. But, no egg if I use 3 bananas If my bananas are really ripe, I skip the sugar, but only add 1/2 cup, if actually needed. Sometimes, like this morning, I add two handfuls of chocolate chips. Really good base recipe!


  209. Jennifer

    I’ve been making this banana bread for 5 years! Awesome recipe-the very best. I use a mini loaf pan, which perfects the cook. Love this and so does my family. Thank you for sharing!!!!

  210. Claire D

    Simply delicious and easy to make! I’ve just made this recipe using three bananas and 1 cup of sugar. I also added around 1 1/2 cups of very ripe blueberries and made it into 12 muffins. It has turned out AMAZING! However, next time I will use less sugar as my bananas were very ripe, and so when they were mashed they became very sweet! I also didn’t have any cupcake papers and would use that next time also. I give this a 10/10!


    • Catryna

      For 2 dollars each on the Wish app you can get a dozen silicone muffin cups, stable and freestanding, the muffin pops out really easy, very easy to wash, and they have cool shapes on the bottom, like roses, stars, and hearts.

  211. Brenda

    Wow love the ease of this recipe and it taste yummy. Thanks bunches


  212. Lucy

    Made this for the first time today, no need to search for any more banana bread recipes, for me this was easy, moist, tasty and perfect. Thank you for sharing


  213. Marcie

    I made this and it was fantastic! I changed it up a bit by replacing butter with coconut oil and regular sugar for brown sugar and only 1/2 cup of sugar but next time I could put less sugar. I used 3 bananas. I used 1 cup of whole wheat flour and 1/2 of oats. Definitely worth trying. Super easy too!


  214. Joni Lea

    I absolutely love this recipe and have never had it fail!! I have been making what my granddaughter used to call “Gamama Bread” for three years now and have to have it for her every time we get together!! The plan is to keep this as a family tradition for Paisley (my granddaughter) to pass on to her loved ones in the future! Thank you for a wonderful recipe and I am a forever fan on Simply Recipes!!!


  215. Leah

    I’ve been using this recipe for years now. It’s perfect and fail proof.


  216. Joe

    Was so easy,so quick and an amazing result… so moist and the smell brought everyone to the kitchen drooling.


  217. Kitty H.

    Perfect! I made this twice, first time with three bananas, and about a half-cup chocolate chips, midway through mixing everything I realized I no longer owned a bread pan so I made in in an 8×8 foil pan and baked it for the same time, and it came out sweet, super moist, perfectly done. I made another batch a few days later because the bananas had to go and only had two of them and it’s still good but nowhere near as moist or sweet and I’m making it the first way again every time.


  218. Susanne

    This was so easy to put together and so yummy when finished! I highly recommend it! I added chopped dates, crushed pecans and dry poppy seeds. Turns out perfect every time!


  219. Devon

    Love this recipe, but would like to try it with wheat flour. Does that change the bake time?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Devon! Emma here, managing editor for Simply Recipes. I believe the bake time would be about the same. You might take a glance through the comments thread for other people who’ve made this recipe with whole wheat flour and see what’s been successful for them. Enjoy!

  220. Alisa

    Let me start by saying I’ve never baked anything besides a simple chocolate chip cookie. This recipe was sooo easy to prep + make. Took mine about 55 minutes (maybe because I used pretty big bananas), but it was perfect and moist. Added chopped walnuts. Eating a slice the next day and it’s still amazing. Thank you! Will always use this recipe.


  221. Meg

    Quick & easy recipe and I appreciate you can make it all in one bowl! Mine cooked in about 45min. I must have a hot oven. Thx!


    • Isis

      i’ve made better but forgot my recipe because i have not made it in a while but this recipe is the 2 best recipe

  222. Reda

    Just made it, amazing! Best banana bread I’ve ever made. Only 1/2 cup sugar, added a handful of chocolate chips and pecans… will make this often! The family loved it!



    I made this recipe with minimal equipment and baked it in a counter top oven in two small square pyrexes. It came out great!


  224. Candace B.

    I love this simple recipe. I add fresh pineapple and coconut to make a bread like the Halekulani Hotel serves.
    Add about an 1/8c ea. It makes it a little moister as well.


  225. Ala

    This recipe holds a very special place in my heart, as it was a beginning of my relationship with “Simply Recipes”. I remember feeling very satisfied with the easiness of the recipe and with the great results I have got. I remember my husband being super impressed (you know how to make banana bread?).
    I am an immigrant from Europe, and have never heard of many classic American dishes: banana bread (and other “breads”), sweet potato dishes (there are no sweet potatoes in my country), butternut squash dishes (no butternut squash either). This site was a whole new world to me. It introduced me to numerous great foods that were fun to make. And banana bread was a foundation for this completely new chunk of my life. Thank you, Elise! You make my life better everyday.


  226. RAYMOND

    This recipe is FABULOUS!! I made it for my wife and kids. I love that the recipe is simple and easy to follow. Also, the many different ways you can add extras like choco chips, nutts, cinnamon, different oils and substitutions and the bread still comes out and tastes wonderful! I made two loaves and they taste AMAZING! I’ll use this recipe all the time. YUMMY!!


  227. Lisa

    This is the best banana bread I’ve found! So easy and it turns out great everytime! Also, I’m gluten free, substituting gluten flour for regular flour, it still turns out the same as regular flour. I’ve done it both ways! Thank you for sharing such an awesome recipe!


  228. Sheryl

    This is by far the best banana bread recipe I’ve tried. The results are everything you would hope for. No need for any other banana bread recipe – this one is it right here!


  229. Christine Diggins

    I love this!!!! I make it all the time. Family ask me to make it at holiday’s & I add chopped walnuts , brown sugar, & drizzle bourbon. It’s fantastic. I just made a version where I substituted the banana for a an orange & dried cranberry with a splash of orange juice. It was great!


  230. Ana

    Best banana bread recipe ever. Simple ingredients and quick. Baked perfectly in 50 minutes as indicated. Definitely a keeper.


  231. Antonette

    Just made it . It was great. Added a little nutmeg it is excellent


  232. Robin

    We love this recipe! I usually mash the bananas first and let them sit while I get the rest of the ingredients out….it helps bring out more banana flavor and let me use less sugar!


  233. Karen

    This recipe is crazy good. Followed it exactly along with the suggested 1 cup of chopped walnuts as an add-in. Was done to perfection in exactly 50 minutes. Everything a banana bread should be…moist, hearty, sweet and comforting. Got this one bookmarked.


  234. Fran

    I love this recipe. It’s moist and so perfect with the endless bananas in Belize. The kitchen in the condo was so sparsely stocked with supplies that this was my go-to dessert recipe. I made countless loaves and either sliced and put it on the freezer or brought it to work. I always add chocolate chips to cure the chocolate craving.

    This recipe is the best banana bread recipe I’ve found. Thank you!


  235. Lisa

    I have been making banana bread for years and always used a different recipe but this one is my new favorite! Super simple and moist. Thank you!


  236. Denee

    Making this right now! Excited to see how it turns out. :)

  237. Pauline

    I love this recipe! My kids always ask for this!
    I usually use only 1/2 cup of brown sugar and it’s still sweet enough.
    This recipe still work if I substitute the egg with chia seed, no one can tell the difference!

  238. Cynthia

    I substituted the sugar to coconut palm sugar and the butter to coconut organic virgin oil with the same measurement. ALSO ADDED PECANS AND DRIED CRANBERRIES. Very moist, not too sweet just right for me who does like to eat too sweet treats. Very healthy!

    • Tami

      I wanted to do the same but read that coconut oil is now said to be much worse for you than butter! I substituted avocado oil instead.

  239. Grace

    I have made this many times and we love it!!! One thing that I do differently is use 1/3 of a cup of honey instead of the sugar and it is just as Delicious!!!

  240. KD

    This is amazing! I made it gluten free with Bob’s Red Mill 1:1 flour. Turned out perfectly.


  241. Robyn

    Can whole wheat flour be substituted for AP flour?

    • rocky

      I’ve done that and it came out fine. I’ve also used half white flour and half whole wheat and I liked it better

  242. Deborah

    Turned out perfect. I added nuts and baked as muffins. Next time I’ll probably add some cinnamon. Very tasty recipe. Perfect texture. This recipe is a keeper.

  243. Alyssa V.

    This is a great no-frills banana bread recipe, perfect for when I don’t have the time/energy to pull out the mixer. I always use 3 large bananas and 3/4 cup brown sugar instead of granulated. My kids can eat almost a whole loaf in a day if I let them!

  244. Kelli

    I have used this recipe several times. I’ve added in chocolate chips on occassion. The recipe is quick, easy and tasty!!

  245. Kay

    SO easy and delicious! Have made several times now. We use the 1/2 cup of sugar and add a kid-sized (4 oz.) container of unsweetened applesauce. So good!

  246. Patricia Lieberman

    Just made this today with 2 medium sized bananas, added about a cup of golden raisins and some cinnamon. After it cooled, I slathered on top the remainder of a can of cream cheese frosting I had, just enough to add a little icing to top. Delish!

  247. Beth

    I have this recipe memorized! Change it up sometimes with chocolate chips added in or cinnamon. My daycare kids love it! Especially with powered sugar sifted on top!!


  248. Keisha

    How much batter does this recipe yield e.g a 2lb loaf

  249. Tosha

    This is a great recipe! It turned out really good and moist and not too sweet because I used the half cup of sugar.


  250. kathleen

    Simply DELISH, and who would have thought such simple instructions would make a bread as good as any fancy recipe:) I added a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a few walnuts, but I love the suggestion from another poster to sprinkle with Cinnamon Sugar–YUM!!

  251. Nancy

    Love this recipe. Delicious

  252. Paula

    Prefer to use oil, please advise amount. Thanks

    • Megan

      Paula — 1/4 cup oil is a good egg substitute.

    • Lorilee Bajema

      Paula, I assume you mean you prefer to use oil instead of melted butter? If so, it’s equal to the melted butter, ie 1/3 cup.

  253. Kenzi

    Love it I always add a little cocoa powder in the batter and cinnamon sugar to the top. Thanks.

  254. Jodi C

    So easy and yummy. I only thing extra I did was throw a splash of cream cheese extract in. Not even sure if it made a difference but it was yummy. I covered The top loosely with foil at about the 30 or 40 min mark and mine was done when timer went off at 45 minutes.

  255. Ai Ling

    May I ask for recipe in terms of grams or ml? I’m not sure of cup measurement. Thanks

  256. Bernice

    Can this be frozen?

    • Elise Bauer

      Sure! Let it cool all the way. Wrap it in plastic wrap, then wrap again in foil to freeze. You might want to slice the banana bread first to make it easier to defrost by the slice.

  257. Nereyda

    I absolutely LOVE this recipe! Super easy to follow and very delicious. I had to hide the remaining bread because my kiddos couldn’t stop eating!! I made 3 loaves back to back. I substituted the vanilla with almond milk because I didn’t have vanilla, still amazing. I really can’t get enough!


  258. tina campbell

    what is all purpose flour in australia

    • Jane L Carpenter

      All purpose flour is just regular flour with nothing added( like salt, baking powder or baking soda)Happy Baking! Great recipe

    • Jodie

      All purpose flour is plain flour; not self-raising flour.

  259. Sally Webber

    Love this easy recipe! No longer will I use my old one from Recipes for a Small Planet as it has many more ingredients plus means getting out the electric mixer.


  260. arnold

    Kids liked it and it was quick and easy


  261. Penny

    I have made this recipe numerous times and it doesn’t last long in my household. It is a easy recipe and tasty!


  262. Abinaya

    The recipe worked out well and the bread was tasty. Just added some broken cashews and it gave a great texture & flavour. Thanks!!

  263. Amy

    Love this recipe. This is always my go to recipe whenever I make banana bread. Love how easy and delicious it is. My kids love it! I’m going to make it today and throw some chocolate chips in.


  264. Christine Jacobson

    This is my second time trying this recipe. It’s the worst banana bread I’ve ever made. It doesn’t even taste like banana bread. And this is the first recipe I’ve used in my 68 years which uses butter instead of oil. I think that’s ONE mistake, at least. I will not be using this recipe again.

  265. Linda kenny

    I love this recipe the only 1 i use.I double the recipe and bake it in a tube pan .I add a can of crushed Pineapple it is so tasty.

  266. Beau Piercey

    The best way to reduce the goo is to use a smaller amount of the recipe in the pan you already use or split it into smaller loaves. You can also reduce the heat by 25° and add around 20 minutes of baking time to the original way you have been doing it.

  267. Teamaa

    can you describe ingredients in metric measurement?
    or please tell me 1 cup =? ml?
    thank you

  268. Whitney

    I love this recipe. I tweak it by adding some cinnamon and nutmeg to it. The only difference I do when making the banana bread I mix all of the wet ingredients (sugar included) together in one container and, in a separate one, I mix the baking soda and flour together. This way I can ensure the baking soda is evenly mixed in the flour before adding to the wet ingredients.

    • juli

      I did the same thing with the wet and dry ingredients
      . I also add cinnamon because I love cinnamon.

  269. Carlie

    I’ve made this recipe several times and it is so good! Once in a while the middle of my loaf is undercooked. This last time I even cooked it longer than an hour and it was still gooey in the middle. Any suggestions??

  270. Amy Ruderman

    I just made muffins out of this recipe and they were outstanding! Thank you for sharing!

  271. Marco

    Thank you for this superb banana bread recipe!

    I’ve tried many others, but they call for many more ingredients, are more complicated, and in the end they turned out no better than this one.

    I added pumpkin pie spice and chopped walnuts to mine and it was outstanding!

  272. Letty

    Thank you for sharing. LOVE this recipe! I altered it by using: 4oz of unsweetened apple sauce instead of eggs (since my son is allergic), 1 cup of whole wheat flour & 1/2 of cup of blended oatmeal. I added a cup of mini semisweet chocolate chips or dark chocolate chips. This is what I gave for Christmas to all my colleagues (out in mini bread pans)…they couldn’t get enough!

  273. Christina

    This is my new go-to recipe, and it comes out beautiful, moist and delicious! Even the toughest palettes to please love this banana bread. I reduce the sugar to 1/2 Cup and add cinnamon three ways, and I alternate between maple syrup and vanilla extract, depending on my mood. This is a great recipe that I love to make! I’m making a couple of loaves for a potluck dinner.
    Thank you for this golden find!


  274. Kerry

    I tried this today after losing my “old standby” recipe. I took the “add ins” to a new level as I was taking this to a holiday party. I added 1 T. lemon juice, choc chips, walnuts and yellow raisins to the batter. Then topped with a citrusy glaze (OJ, lemon juice and conf sugar) while still warm. Moist, tasty and a huge success!!

  275. JayP!

    THANK YOU for this AMAZING & extremely simple recipe! I did alter it slightly by using 2/3 cup of brown sugar and 1/4 white, half the vanilla and no salt. My very first attempt was on the weekend and it was PERFECT! So much so, that my roommates ALL went and bought overripe bananas and we are making THREE more tonight…keeping one original, adding chocolate to another and I’ll do the same as before. Hope it all goes well and I’ll let you know how they turn out…THANX again!


  276. Nurika

    I absolutely love how easy this recipe is! comes out perfect every time. Now I purposely leave a few bananas to get speckly so I can make this


  277. Janice

    I’ve made this three or four times now. Very good recipe. I’ve made with white sugar and another time with all brown, with walnuts inside and one time on top. All tasted great (gone in 24 hours). Wonderful recipe :)

  278. Shanshan

    Can someone tells me how to bake this bread without burning? I’m new to baking in a oven. After I heat the oven to 350 should I let it stay that way when I put in the mixture? Or should I bring is to about 150 after I place in the pan and mixture?

    • Lisa M Figueroa

      It’s 350 degrees Fahrenheit or 176 degrees Celsius. And yes, it stays in the same temperature until its done. Just make sure you start checking for doneness at 50 minutes by inserting a toothpick into the center. If it it comes out with batter, then it may need a few more minutes. Hope this helps! :)

  279. Samy

    Loved this recipe! I used 1/2 cup of sugar and added a handful of chocolate chips. It was great.


  280. Patricia Lazard

    I would like to add raisins and Chocolate chips
    Would that work? How many should i add?

  281. Arlene

    I love this recipe! I added cinnamon, and put cubes of cheesecake in the middle. My daughters NEVER eat banana bread but they sure love this one. It was sooo easy to make. Good for school snacks too! Thank you Elise! :)

  282. Kazimierz Paweł Szczepanek

    Changed by adding 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, 1/4 teaspoon nutmeg, 1/4 teaspoon ginger and used 1/2 cup brown sugar + 1/2 cup white sugar.
    Loved it!
    Thanks for the basic recipe!

  283. Stephanie

    I just made this. It is so good. It reminds me of a recipe I made when I was a teenager that I lost, so glad I found this recipe!

  284. Eunice

    Can I use either brown or granulated sugar for this recipe? Thanks! :)

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Eunice, some people substitute some or all of the white sugar with brown sugar. Brown sugar has molasses notes, so if you make the substitution, you’ll get a little flavor of molasses in the banana bread.

  285. Veronica

    I absolutely love this recipe and have used it for so many years! I am trying to bake a little healthier and thought about using coconut flour and Splenda for this recipe. Anyone have recommendations using these substitutes so it still comes out as amazing as usual?

  286. Karen

    Made this for the first time last night. Tastes amazing but the inside came out a much darker brown colour than yours in the video. Any idea as to why this happened?

  287. Eli Kopras

    I replaced the bananas with pawpaws. I resisted the urge to add spices, as I have never cooked pawpaw before. I also used brown sugar for half of the sugar, and whole wheat for half of the flour–because I didn’t have a stocked pantry. I also added a tablespoon of flax seed meal.

    It came out amazing.

  288. Liz

    This was the recipe I chose for my first foray into baking. I just happened to have two very ripe bananas to use and it came out great, the bread oddly enough smelled very much like spice cake to me and my dad but was excellent im going to try taking a couple slices and making French toast out of them in the morning ^^

  289. Mary

    This is the best recipe – add some pecans and chocolate chips to make it even more moist!
    I also make a lemon drizzle – just some squeezed fresh lemon mixed with icing sugar and drizzle it on when it’s still warm :)

  290. Lisa Ann Gove

    This is honestly the best banana bread recipe out there! I have tried countless banana bread recipes and was never satisfied. Tried this and omg!! It is to die for! Thank you so much for this recipe! I have only made it with chopped walnuts but it’s sooooo good!


  291. Amita

    Hi Elise! I am pretty new to baking and i tried a vegetarian version of your recipe by replacing one egg with flaxseed egg meal. The cake turned out well but one issue I faced was that my cake did not rise as much as I expected and what should i do if the top most layer of my cakes and cupcakes get extremely hard but bottom most part Isn’t cooked?!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Amita, the egg provides some of the leavening in this recipe, so I’m not surprised that it didn’t rise as well. Honestly I would look for a different recipe, one that is specifically vegetarian.

  292. Esther

    I’m not sure how many years this recipe has been up on this site. But I’ve been using it for 3 to 4 years. Everytime I make it, I get so many compliments on it. I have tried adding Reese’s peanut butter cups, pecans, walnuts, coconut, whatever. You can really go wrong. Thank you for having this recipe on your site. It’s simple and delicious. I have found no equivalent.


  293. Paul Belcaster

    This bread is amazing! I use 1/4 cup rice bran oil in lieu of butter and it makes the bread less dense.

  294. Dani

    I used whole wheat flour and added 2 spoons of honey before pouring the mix into the pan. Came out amazing! Even my roommate who’s a super picky eater loved it.

  295. Debbie

    Any changes needed to bake muffins instead of loaves? How long and what temperature?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Debbie! We haven’t tested this recipe as muffins yet, but generally speaking, keep the same temperature and start checking after about 30 minutes. Muffins are done when a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Enjoy!

    • Pam

      I’m curious have you tried the muffins? Was bake time different? I have made the bread I added half a cup of choc chips delicious!

      • Jaime V

        We make this recipe as muffins and mini muffins all the time and they come out delicious just like the loaf! We begin checking on the muffins when we start smelling them and insert a toothpick until it comes out clean :)

  296. Kristin

    I was always disappointed with previous banana bread recipes. I made this exactly as the recipe is listed and it was fabulous!!!! Very tasty, moist and oh so delicious. I’m throwing out all of my old banana bread recipes and keeping this one!


  297. Super Mom

    I made this the other night and it was delicious but I did add a teaspoon of cornstarch. Other recipes added that ingredient in so I decided to as well. It still came out good. But the only thing I wasn’t happy with was that it was not to tall. Any suggestions?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hello Super Mom, I’ve never added cornstarch to this banana bread, so I don’t know what to tell you about that. As for the banana bread being tall, that has to do with leavening. A fresh, room temperature egg will give you more height than a 2 week old cold egg. Baking soda that is still on the new side will work better than old baking soda. You can always test your baking soda’s leavening ability by putting a little in a dish and sprinkling it with vinegar. If it bubbles up vigorously, it’s still good.

      • Janet

        I’d add 1 tsp of baking powder. That does the trick for pancakes so would work here as well.

  298. Sonja

    Made this recipe for the family and it was very simple and smells fabulous. If it looks this great I’m guessing it is going to taste great as well.

  299. Kizzy DeWitte

    I made this tonight. I used Margarine instead of butter. It turned out delicious. I will definitely be making mini loaves of this to give away at Christmas.

  300. Alma Giacalone

    All I have is self-rising flour. Can I use it and omit the baking powder? Thanks.

  301. Connie

    I made this tonight and it’s soooo good. But do this need to be refrigerated?

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Connie! Emma, managing editor for Simply Recipes, here! No, this doesn’t need to be refrigerated. I usually keep banana bread in a plastic bag or in an airtight container on the counter.

  302. N

    Hi can someone provide the cup equivalent of three bananas? I live in Asia and they are tiny here :0)

  303. Kathryn

    Just found your recipe. It was very easy, and smells delicious. I doubled it, and the loaves are in the oven now. Hoping everything turns out well. I took a suggestion from the comments and added cinnamon, though I have some candied ginger I might stick in the next loaf.

  304. Kathy

    I have used this recipe for a couple of years now! Wud never use another one! I mix up my loaves every time adding blueberries, or cranberries plus walnuts! It’s a winner every time!


  305. Deborah Gray

    I love to add a teaspoon of cinnamon and chocolate chips. Making a loaf right now ❤️

  306. Dr Wombat

    Add a handful of walnuts – it’s twice as good.

  307. Jill

    We have used this recipe many times and it is easy and yummy each time! We use 1:1 gluten free flour blend and add 1/2 cup of chocolate chips. It works in a loaf pan or in our mini muffin tin. Great recipe!

  308. Rajul

    So glad, I could use my bananas that would have gone in the bin! Cheers to no wasting! I went and got loaf pan straightaway n baked this. Looks good, can tell even before tasting. Thanks Chef!!

  309. CoCo

    I saw the recipe this morning and made 2 batch of this easy to make Banana cake right away as i already have all the ingredients available in my kitchen. I knew from the beginning that it would turn out good as i have tried other versions of banana cakes before. Boy, was i right? It didn’t just turned out good but great! Everyone loved my banana cake! Thank you so so much for this recipe!

  310. Tam

    I made this today for my husband’s monthly DnD game. It was a big hit with the guys! I burned most of my walnuts trying to toast them, so I used the chocolate chip idea. It was delicious.

  311. Aimee

    I decided last minute on a school day to try this and realized I didn’t have an hour to wait for it to bake, so I made muffins instead. It made a dozen perfectly and cooked in 30 minutes!


  312. Brandi

    This is a great and easy recipe. I used self rising flour and coconut oil instead of butter and it turned out great. I will definitely make it again!

  313. Maryanne Low

    Can I use olive oil instead of butter for this recipe?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Maryanne, I have not made this recipe with the olive oil substitution so don’t know what to tell you. If you do try it with olive oil, please let us know how it turns out for you!

  314. Olma k

    Hope someone can help me. I made the bread last night and doubled the recipe my question is. That it came out very dense. Not sure what happened. Other than that it’s good. Thank you

  315. Mary Ann Legere

    Can you use an 8×8 pan and margarine instead of butter?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Mary, you can use an 8×8, though the cooking time will be less. How much less, I don’t know. You’ll have to experiment. As for margarine? I don’t cook with it so don’t know what to tell you. This recipe uses melted butter. Good luck!

    • Lisa

      I use margarine sometimes instead of butter!

  316. Amy Clay-Moore

    This was my first time making banana bread and it was so easy and so so good! I did 3 bananas, substituted ww flour, and did 1/2 c sugar. Still so delicious!


  317. Darlene Gordon

    I am from Trinidad . I tried your banana bread recipe and my whole family love it very much. Thank you very much for sharing your recipe so that others could have get it.


  318. Diane

    I made it with 2 bananas, 1/2 cup of sugar and whole wheat flour and it’s delicious. (and I’ll feel less guilty when I scarf down half of it for breakfast!)

  319. Tricia

    Best banana bread ever. The only thing i did differently was to add ground spices like clove, cinnamon,all spice and ginger. Also soaked the bananas in brandy and angostura bitters. Needless to say it tasted fantastic.


    • tayleesha

      Wow, Tricia! That sounds delicious.

    • Farah

      Sounds so good! Did you use clove, cinnamon and ginger powder?? And how much of each? I also made this bread but used 4 bananas, oil, and half a cup brown sugar. It wasn’t sweet enough for my kids and kind of dry. Also it was pale yellow in color. How can I make it more browny?

  320. Kimcita

    I have made this recipe dozens of times. It’s perfect every time and I like to add chocolate chips and/or peanut butter chips. It’s takes it to a new level! Thank you for posting, this recipe has been bookmarked on my phone for years!

  321. Michele

    For the butter, is it 1/3 cup of melted butter or is it a 1/3 cup butter, melted. Maybe that is obvious to most, but not to a newbie like me.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Michele, it actually doesn’t make a difference with this recipe. Either way to measure will work fine in this case. I usually measure out 1/3 cup of butter, then melt it.

  322. Paca

    Hands down – best Banana bread recipe. Ever! I’ve tried a bunch of them, with varying results. We raise ducks, so I used duck eggs, 1/2 cup of raw cane sugar, and Amish Hand Churned Butter. It was SO delicious!! My hubby snuck into the kitchen for another slice, lol. This will be my go-to recipe. Thank you for posting this!

  323. Julia

    I”m hoping to make this for the second time this weekend. My 16 month old son has loved it, and ate the whole loaf over two weeks…which leads me to my question! What is the best way to store the bread? I added a handful of shredded carrot and a small handful of raisins. I stored half the loaf in a ziplock in the fridge with a paper towel around it but it still seamed to get too moist. The other half I stored in the freezer, then in the fridge when I was ready to use it. But again seemed too moist.. .like close to going bad. Thank you! Love the recipe though!!

    • Emma Christensen

      Hi, Julia! I usually just store banana bread on the counter, loosely wrapped in a plastic bag. It stays moist and delicious for about a week! After that, it can start to go moldy. I’d recommend freezing what you don’t think you’ll eat within a week. Hope that helps!

  324. Stephanie Okojie

    Perfect banana bread every time!
    I always stir in walnuts or I’d love to try chocolate chips next time and maybe some cocoa powder. Yummy. I always double the recipe! Both loaves are gone in a day or 2 around my house, Easy!

  325. Shruti S

    Excellent recipe, just made it last night and turned out to be so so delicious. It’s so easy, made this in the exact time mentioned. Would have loved to share the pictures.

  326. Daren C Moore

    I absolutely love this recipe. I always add chopped walnuts. As far as the bananas the more ripe the better. I cut way back on the sugar. Perfect every time.

  327. Banana

    I made this over the weekend yummy put a handful of brown sugar in the recipe everyone enjoy it made about 4 loaves of bread.

  328. Loretta

    I’ve made this recipe about 10 times so far but I went to adding pecans and mint miniature chocolate chips and started using mini loaf pans very successful everyone seems to like it unfortunately I’m allergic to bananas so I can’t eat it so I depending on everyone else to be 100% honest. So far they seem to fight over the banana bread at work and I’ve given out to friends AND family.


  329. Kerry

    I just made this banana bread today, but swirled in Nutella (I had some, and the kids hadn’t eaten the whole jar yet so I figured, why not?) WOW! Next time I will need to make 2 loaves- one to eat and one to hide so I can actually have more than one piece!

  330. Cynthia Hoffman

    Would this recipe work with whole wheat pastry flour only?

  331. Suzan

    I love recipes like this because I can take a mushy banana and make a great loaf out of it that everyone loves. It is easy to make without a bunch of sour cream or other dairy items I can not have due to being lactose intolerant.

  332. Elya Foust

    For everyone having issues with getting ripe enough bananas, put the entire banana in the peel in your freezer for a day or two. They will be perfect. I’ve made this recipe more times than I can count, and countless others. Always using the bananas from the freezer. Let them thaw a bit and they will squeeze right out the end of the peel.

  333. Leslie

    First batch in the oven!! I was amused that prep time was 10 minutes! With a soon to be 12 yr old son and including a quick trip by son to grocery store for baking soda ( my kingdom for a teaspoon of soda!! I did appreciate the link to substituting powder for soda) it took us just over an hour! Also had to use muffin pan sonunvkear how long to cook !

  334. Pam

    This is one of the easiest recipes out there. The hardest part is getting the bananas ripe enough. I use less sugar – scant half cup – and super, super ripe bananas. Have made it a half dozen times already – I usually double the recipe – one isn’t enough. Have some in the oven right now and the small is mouthwatering. Thank you so much for a great, easy recipe.

    • Patti

      First time making this recipe, just took out of the oven ! Will comment on taste as soon as it cools down. Smells yummy

  335. Kayla

    This is by far the best banana bread recipe I’ve found. I have an older oven so it took about an hour and a half to bake up completely, but totally worth the extra time. I made 2 loaves and added chocolate chips to one. So good!

  336. Victor Ulto

    Make this banana bread all the time! Freezes well, and it’s great with chocolate chips.

  337. Jenniffer

    I was wondering if I could use almond flour instead of all-purpose flour?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Jennifer, I haven’t tried subbing the all purpose flour with almond flour, but if you do, please let us know how it turns out for you.

      • Jenniffet

        It turned out great with almond flour, very moist I could have cooked it just a little bit longer, then the 50 minutes. I also made one with regular flour, so I can compare the difference. The taste was very similar, the one made with almond flour was a tad bit sweeter, (I made both with half cup of sugar). Other then that I enjoyed this recipe. I will be making this recipe again both ways.

  338. Alicia

    Hi can you please weight in grams the banana after mashed? I couldn’t get the consistency as shown in the video. My batter is stiff after mixing in the flour.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Alicia, sounds to me like your bananas may not be ripe enough. They should be squishy ripe. Or your bananas may be smaller in size than what we used to make this recipe. You might try adding more banana.

  339. Megan

    This is seriously the most amazing banana bread I’ve ever had!!! I used 3 bananas and it was plenty sweet with the 3/4 cup of sugar. Super yummy with a spread of salted butter! Thank you so much, you made my day!

  340. Victor

    A follow up question, I’ve tried to experiment with adding blueberries and cherries to this recipe but the final product inevitably comes out way too crumbly for my liking. Technically that should not be happening but somehow the bread bakes differently. Your thoughts would be much appreciated.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Victor, I haven’t tried adding berries or cherries to the banana bread so don’t know what to tell you. Anyone else?

      • Lizzie

        Hi Victor, I just did that today. But I didn’t mix the blueberries, I put them on top. Garnishing the cake. However it turned a little sour. I would add more sugar. Good luck!

      • Cheryl Taylor

        Try adding 1/2 cup or so of applesauce to make up for the consistency of the berries. It should improve moistness.

    • Holly

      I wonder if the water content of the blueberries and cherries are effecting the batter?? Are you still baking it the same amount of time or longer with the fruits??

      • Victor

        Takes longer with the berries as they tend to release water. Maybe that’s why. I’ve tried both fresh and frozen and still the texture comes out very different compared to ‘no berries added’ version.

  341. Victor @

    I should have commented here a while ago but better late than never. I made this banana bread at least 4-5 times over the past year and every time it came out of the oven beautifully browned, richly tasting and very moist. I don’t believe a banana bread can get any better than this.

    • Annie Lev

      I baked two of these banana breads yesterday. OMG they were the very best I’ve ever baked! I have several banana bread recipes but none even came close to this!! I added chocolate chips to one, and added cinnamon, candied ginger bits, chocolate chips and plump raisins to the second one. Both delicious!! Thank you so much for this recipe I will use all the time!


  342. Rick Radesky

    I added less sugar and added Turkish honey with an almond nutmeg and cinnamon topping …. yum !!!

  343. Cordova Margaret

    This bread is amazing! Best recipe I have ever used!

  344. Rich

    Delicious banana bread recipe. Added 1/2 cup of semisweet chocolate chips and a sprinkle of cinnamon to batter.


  345. Lily Moodley

    Hi, this recipe was on point. The Banana Bread came out perfect. Thanks so much


  346. Frances

    Fantastic recipe, I added 3 teaspoons of apple sauce and a handful of craisins and it came out delicious. Thanks for sharing.

  347. Christi

    I’ve made this recipe twice now. The first loaf was so good, it barely survived one night before being devoured! I used 4 bananas, cinnamon, ginger, Craisins, raisins, and a cinnamon sugar sprinkle for the top. Substitute I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter and it still turns out amazing. It smells heavenly while baking and tastes even better!

  348. Sarah


    Did yours have a strong banana taste? I’m thinking of adding 4 bananas next time, some walnuts as a topping, and perhaps some brown sugar. Thoughts?? Good recipe!

  349. Haley

    I made this vegan by using apple sauce instead of egg and it comes out great! I’ve also been mixing it up (haha) by adding chocolate chips or cranberries and walnuts!

    • Kat

      How much sauce did you use? Don’t have eggs ran out and wouldn’t mind to substitute ! TIA

  350. Shawn

    Ugh this was horrible I should’ve made it the way mom told me but I was like I’m sure there’s plenty of recipes online. I went step by step and it turned out dry and it cooked way to soon 350?? It was done in 17 minutes not an hour like suggested. Thanks for making me waste a lot of food.

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Shawn, if your banana bread is “done” in 17 minutes, there is something seriously off with your oven.

    • Alyssa

      I definitely agree with Elise if it’s done that quickly then your oven is malfunctioning.

    • Alexis

      Second the two of them, I’ve made this countless times and it has never been overcooked. You should get your oven checked out.

    • sina

      agree…made it a thousand of times…i even sometimes think to leave it a minute longer than the hour…your oven doesn’t sound right at all…after 17 minutes i still have a puddle of dough…

    • Athena

      Are you sure you didn’t set it to 350℃ instead of 175℃? I’ve made this more than a dozen times in the last year and I always have to triple check the over because I’m use to using ℃ but I now live in the US. It sounds silly but sometimes I still set it to 175 thinking my oven reads ℃ instead!!

    • Shawn B.

      Shawn sounds like u may need bannanas riper. I just made it with blueberries and wal nuts this time. Use real butter. mine fills loaf pan it took over an hour ur bread should have that dark browned look mine was tan for quite a while.

  351. Vee Smith

    Can’t wait to try this recipe…and some of the tweaks! I love banana bread!

  352. Jim B.

    Fantastic the way it is… However… I used 1/2 cup white sugar and 1/2 cup brown sugar… Love this recipe… Unfortunately… So does my family! Lol

  353. Alicia

    I love this recipe I use it all the time! However I would love to use this recipe with my mini muffins pan. How long should I bake them for? What temperature? Your response will be greatly appreciated!

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Alicia, I haven’t made this recipe in mini muffin pans, so don’t know what to tell you. Probably not that long, maybe 10 minutes at 350°F? You may need to experiment.

    • Rick Adams

      I made a loaf and regular muffins at the same time. The regular muffins took about 25 minutes at 350. So maybe half that time.

  354. Sharon Hurrell

    I tried this with cinnamon & it was awesome….

  355. Sharon Hurrell

    I just put this in the oven and realized I forgot the vanilla . I did add some cinnamon & nutmeg .Let you know how it turns out.Thanks for the recipe .

  356. william E

    I used Almond extract it was better

  357. Denise

    just put this in the oven, a friend of mine who passed a way recently loved baking banana bread was one of his favorite’s! wish I had some walnuts would been good to add!!

  358. Rosalee

    Can this recipe be made in small loaf pans? Size 5 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ x2″? If so how much batter in each of 3 or 4 and the time and temp needed. I have shared this bread with a lot of my “little ole lady” friends and would like to gift them with their own personal loaves. Thank you so much!!!

    • Michelle Sanderson

      I filled 3 of the 4 small loaf pans in my Pampered Chef stoneware dish with this recipe and I bake it for 30 minutes and it was perfect! Each loaf was 3 x 5.5 inches.

  359. marieee_c

    If I don’t have any enough or any vanilla extract, can I substitute it for something else?

  360. Linda

    I used Splenda and sugar-free chocolate chips and it was delicious

  361. Pat

    Use a gluten free flour and this recipe is still perfect with just a half cup of sugar.

  362. shelby

    ….I was wondering, ( as there are SO many comments, and scrolling through all of them …well, you get the idea ! lol ) …if using bread flour is fine, (?) , as its what I usually use , even for cookies. ..using bread flour makes a HUGE difference in your cookies,!….( if you arent using a gluten free baking mix ). I use both Bread Flour and for certain recipes , I use GF baking flour mix. Thanks so much!

  363. Heather

    Another hint: if your bananas are getting very ripe, even almost black, they are perfect for banana bread. Peel and freeze them whole until ready to use. I get my neighbors to save them for me instead of tossing them.

  364. Gail Orr

    I made this replacing the butter with coconut oil and the flour with a gluten-free mixture. They turned out wonderful as cupcakes for a six-year-old on a and dairy free restricted diet.

  365. Susan K. Conboy

    I added 1/3 cup each chopped pecans and semi-sweet chocolate bits. Delicious! But I wish I’d read these comments before I put it in the oven – I would have added Michelle McDermott’s cinnamon-sugar topping! Also, note to Michal, this freezes VERY well, although I’ve never frozen it longer than a week or two before eating it!

  366. Michelle McDermott

    I added chopped walnuts and cinnamon to the recipe. I also sprinkled the top with a sugar& cinnamon mixture….YUMMMMM