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  1. Bri

    I made these last night and they are delicious. They are more of a muffin top cookie than a soft cookie. The spices are definitely overpowering but they work great with the banana flavor. If you’re looking for a more subtle flavor of spice I recommend cutting to measurements of the cinnamon, clove, and nutmeg in half. I used dark chocolate instead of the pecans but the cookie would definitely be good with both nuts and chocolate.


  2. ken ball

    these are great thank you for the recipe


  3. Vishaal

    What will be the shelf life of this cookie since fresh banana is used?

  4. Beaubear

    This is the best banana cookie recipe ever!! I just made the cookies and tasted them fresh out of the oven. Try it you will like this recipe.


  5. Rosamar

    These cookies are great for simple dessert or to take to a gathering. The flavors blend together and sing in your mouth. Everyone that eat one enjoyed and grabbed another. Easy and everyone loves them.


  6. Elena

    I don’t even like cookies. But this recipe is so good, U am more than happy to make a bunch whenever there are bananas need saving.


  7. E Hawkins

    I had never had or heard of banana cookies before but this recipe is delicious!! I used gf flour and added chocolate chips. Fluffy yumminess :)


  8. Mary B

    The flavor was good but the spices kinda overpowered the banana taste I was hoping to get. The spices seemed more suitable for a pumpkin pie or a spice cake, both of which I love but not what I was going for. I will definitely make this again but just keep the cinnamon. I will also try some of the suggestions for #1 not ending up with a few giant cookies and #2 getting it to come out more like a soft chewy cookie and less of a muffin top.


  9. Becca

    These are the best banana cookies! They taste like muffin tops to me, which is the BEST part of the muffin! Thanks for the great recipe!!! I kick up the spices a bit and sometimes sub the butter for coconut oil. They turn out great every time.


  10. Julie

    Absolutely delicious! Made these for my kids and grand kids and they loved them! Me, too. Since they were for the kids, I omitted the nuts, but milk chocolate chips were amazing! Perfect compliment to the spiced banana cookie dough. Thanks for a new favorite for bananas!


  11. Karen garske

    This was the most delicious banana cookie ever!!

  12. Grace

    One of my best recipe.

  13. Kyla

    Love this recipe! My daughter’s love these and request them weekly, easy recipe with ingredients in hand, A+++


  14. K Smith

    These are awesome! I did make a few adjustments for personal preference but it’s a great recipe that allows for that. So glad to have another way to use up overripe bananas besides bread! Than you!!


  15. Annie

    Just made these using the alterations posted by Leah and added dried cranberries! Mine baked for 15 mins on nonstick foil in a gas oven at 350 and came out golden and delicious!! So happy to have something new to do with overripe bananas :)


  16. Becky

    They’re ace! Does anybody know how many calories are in them?

  17. Robin

    I also substituted the nuts/ chocolate hips and used coconut flakes. Turned great, I had to bake about 5 minutes longer.


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