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  1. Erika

    I just baked these! They are amazing! I had read in one of the top comments how someone made these and the batter was too runny. So I was expecting that, but for me it turned out perfect consistency! Also, you said to mix the bananas and the baking soda together then allow them to sit for about two minutes, I left mine to mingle for about 15-20 mins before adding it to the butter mixture and the result was fantastic! My cookies are super fluffy and they rose high. My whole family loved them! Definitely will try this again very soon! Thank you!


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  2. Janice



  3. Melissa

    They turned out perfectly!!! I love them and so do the kids. Added chocolate chips mmm mmm mmm will definitely make these again!!


  4. Annamarie

    Cookies nice and moist but, I think it needed more sugar. Unless my bananas were way too ripe.


  5. John

    I was disappointed, in spite of your warning about being soft and cake-like. These are not cookies, they are more like individual servings of sweet banana cake. Excellent flavor, but much too soft to be called a cookie, IMO.
    Because of an allergy issue, I used chocolate chips instead of nuts. But I don’t think that’s the cause of the texture issue.
    Still tasty, though.


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