No ImageBanana Nut Muffins

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  1. Becky

    I can’t count the number of times I have made this recipe! I have used chopped walnuts, mini chocolate chips and plain banana. Everyone loves them! I am making a double batch right now!


  2. Sarah

    Truthfully, I used this recipe for inspiration vs. following it to a “T.” Only had a cup of flour so I made up the difference with rolled oats. Also, used 1/2 cup of pecans and chopped up half of a dark chocolate bar that was languishing in the pantry. Cut the sugar slightly to 1/2 cup of brown sugar. Regardless…I can tell you that the muffins are delish as I just polished one off. Thanks!


  3. Mays Misyef

    Amazing. I am only 11 years old and i made them by myself . very easy and very delicious .and I added raisins instead of the nuts


  4. LaTrice

    Banana Nut Muffins are my absolute favorite to eat because it’s so freaking good!! I added chocolate chips and pecans to the batter, which turned out amazing. I’m going to make this recipe again later. :-)


  5. Alex

    These are the best and the easiest banana muffins! After the first time I tried them, they were such a hit that now I make them at least twice a month and for almost every school event. I’ve been replacing the bananas with apples and pumpkin puree as well and they still turn out so moist and flavorful. I have two kids that love to help in the kitchen so these being so easy to make is definitely a plus. I’ve shared these recipes with so many friends and everybody calls back to thank me.


  6. Liz S

    This is my favorite muffin recipe! I have also had good luck with various substitutions based on what I have on hand and/or trying to gently cut down my overall sugar intake ;)
    • sub vegetable oil for butter
    • use 1/2 c sugar 1/4 c maple syrup
    • or just reduce sugar by 1/4 c if the bananas are super ripe
    • I always have to sub in gluten-free baking mixes (and xantham gum if not included in the mix) — this recipe works great with Bob’s Red Mill all purpose GF flour
    • sub 1/2 c almond flour, then 1c regular flour or GF mix – adds moisture as well as a bit more nutty flavor


  7. Jenni Sinatra

    These muffins are great! Big hit the first time I made them! I use chocolate chips instead of nuts. They become more like a dessert.

  8. Carol R.

    I made these muffins this morning and the were so moist. My husband is not a fan of banana bread, but he sure ate these muffins! I added a little cinnamon in mine. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

  9. Liz

    I used coffee liquor in place of coffee.

  10. Carol Wilhelm

    Want to know, if I don’t want to add the coffee, can you just add plain water in place of it. Why coffee?

  11. Andrea

    This is such a great recipe. The muffins turn out a perfect, light, moist texture. They are not too sweet, perfect for a quick breakfast. I do, however, add 1/2 a tsp of cinnamon because I’m a bit addicted to that spice.

  12. Stephanie

    Used only 1/4 c sugar, no egg, and about 8 oz applesauce. Turned out perfect!

  13. Beck

    Followed directions.. epic fail for me.

  14. Kyle Babcock

    I work in an assisted living facility, i made these for my residents for their breakfast and they absolutely loved them!

  15. Amanda Zellmer

    We loved the recipe! Instead of flour, we used oats and it tasted SO good.The oats didn’t change the recipe that much. It would probably taste the same any way.

  16. ella

    1/3 cup butter only?

  17. Maria

    Can I make this into a loaf and just cook for a longer time? If so how long?

  18. Hanna

    These were a hit at work and I’ll definitely be making them again. I used a Starbucks Via packet and brown sugar.

  19. Alicia

    Made these this morning. They were georgeous! Thanks for the quick and easy recipe! Next time I will not drink all my coffee before I make them I bet it makes them taste even better.

  20. Ella Cross

    Great recipe I used brown sugar instead of white . They turned out wonderful.

  21. Cheyenne

    I’m not sure why my muffins came out really tough…
    They are too hard any suggestions on how to fix this?
    Ps. My Bananas were not super ripe…

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Cheyenne, perhaps you over-beat the batter? The batter should be only mixed enough so that it just comes together, no more.

  22. Linda F.

    I love this recipe! I am totally not a baker at all, but make these about once a month when bananas start to go ripe. The recipe is simple and easy and sooo delicious!
    My only issue is that my muffins never come out that gorgeous rich brown color as yours and I would really love to learn how to get them that color!
    Thanks for the amazing recipe :)

  23. Avery Rockthunder

    What I have no vanilla extract? Will it make a difference?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Avery, yes it will make a difference if you leave it out, but the muffins will still be good.

  24. Nichole

    Can i add more sugar without ruining the texture? Not sweet enough for me. I just made a double batch.

  25. Agnes

    I was making these muffins today – didn’t have enough white flour so I used what I had and made up the rest with whole wheat. Then I got distracted and after I had popped them into the oven that I had forgotten to put in the egg. They smelled delicious, rose beautifully- how would they taste??? Couldn’t wait to try them!!! Well, the texture was light and fluffy, they tasted great-so what IS the purpose for the egg???????

  26. Harriette Seiler

    I have made these 3 or 4 times. Love them but I suggest the 3-4 bananas be converted to a cup measure. Don’t undercook. They’ll be golden brown but perhaps not done. Test with toothpick

  27. Michelle (What's Cooking with Kids)

    Your banana bread is our Go-To recipe…My only challenge these days is that we are using all of our older (or frozen) bananas for smoothies, so I can’t find some when I want to bake this! xo M.

  28. Ellen

    Hi! I made these muffins following your ingredients exactly about 30 times. I also made these by adding half a shredded zucchini and replaced a bit of the flour with wheat germ and still excellent (trying to make these healthier for my kids). You have the best banana nut muffin recipe I have ever tried, and believe me I have tried many! Thank you! Also, I just noticed you changed the directions a bit. You used to have it by adding the baking soda, salt and then the flour directly into the banana mixture. Is there a reason why you changed it?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Ellen, I’m so glad you like the recipe! You can go either way on when to add the baking soda. It’s more standard to mix it in with the dry ingredients in baking recipes, which is why I changed it (conformist, I know!). The great thing about the recipe is that you can really just dump everything together and it will work.

  29. Cheryl A.

    I’m definitely trying these. Your banana bread recipe is a staple in our house because we always have bananas hanging around. Thanks for sharing… Hope all is well!! Cheryl

  30. katheryne

    I actually use your banana nut bread recipe and turn it into muffins. Yum! I have replaced the nut with chocolate chips, also yum and I have replaced them with dried cranberries again yum. Thank u for this recipe. I also use 1/2 lite brown sugar patted down and 1/2 regular sugar came out perfect.

  31. Sylvia

    I made this recipe into MUFFINS, for my husband and kids tonight, and they are light and fluffy like clouds! Super Yummy!! ;)

  32. ritika

    wowwww…….niceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. soooooooooooooooosooooooooo yummyyyyyy

  33. S

    I tried this recipe, but the muffins turned out very dry. I am disappointed. Shall try another recipe next time.

  34. tammy

    Great recipe but have couple questions. How do I sub butter for dairy free sub like coconut oil. Also need to add Flax meal and brewers yeast. Daughter breastfeeding dairy allergic grandson. Thank you

  35. Chris

    Does anyone know the calories or nutrional content?

  36. Tiffany @ No Ordinary Homestead

    Made these today, once with walnuts, once with chocolate chips. So delicious! Also made them without either and your chocolate version too. It was banana bread mania! Love every variation! Thanks for sharing!!

  37. Elaine Gilmore

    I want to make these in mini-muffin tins; how long should I bake them?

  38. Ariana Grande

    These were delicious! Instead of the nuts and coffee we used chocolate chips- a great combination. I recommend it to anyone who doesn’t like the taste of coffee.

  39. Kim

    Walnuts and I don’t get along :( But I reeeeeally want to make these. Any recommendations for alternative nuts to use ?

  40. Jen

    Ever since I vacationed in St. Lucia and tried a drink called a “dirty banana,” I love the flavor of coffee and banana together. I’ll be baking these tomorrow! Great way to spend a snow day! Cheers! ~ J

  41. Poppy

    What is your suggested measure measurement for the batter for each muffin? I tried 2 Tbsl of batter for each but did not rise enough to fill the muffin cup/paper. Love this recipe!

    • Elise

      Hi Poppy, I usually fill muffin cups to the top because I love the way muffins puff up and over the paper.

  42. Leah

    I have been making these muffins weekly since October. I am sure to use 4 bananas, brown sugar, use 1 T ground coffee instead of prepared and also add 1 t cinnamon and 1/3 cup veg oil for moisture. These adjustments make the muffins rich. They have been my one consistent ‘pregnancy comfort food craving’, yum! Thanks for a great go-to banana muffin recipe!

  43. ss

    These are tender and full of banana flavor but they don’t rise much so make sure u fill your.muffin cups to the top!

  44. Esther

    would it be okay if I cooked it without any vanilla?

    • Elise

      Wouldn’t taste as good, but you can leave it out if you want.

  45. Paula Coxwell

    I am a 1st time commenter 11/2014. I make this flavor muffins about once a year. I found this recipe and now I am making them for the second time in less than two months. This is a perfect recipe in taste, texture, and simplicity. I used raw walnuts the first time and will toast them this time. Thank you for my new perfect recipe.

  46. Johanne

    Its my go to recipe for Banana Muffins. I double the recipe to make 12 cafe style muffins. My hubby loves them a lot. He always asks for his banana chocolate muffins. Thanks for the great recipe!

  47. Sab

    Instead of butter I substituted coconut oil… Delicious! Thank you for the great recipes!

  48. Suki

    I love baking! One thing I just can’t bake though is anything with bananas in it. Now I can finally say I have made a successful batch of banana muffins! They are so delicious! Thanks for the recipe!

  49. Jackie Jones

    My family loves bananas, but there always seems to be a few left to go “bad”. We all love muffins, and I was excited to come across your site with this recipe. This is one time “bad” is so “good”. These muffins come out perfect every time. I use some coffee left over from the morning brew. My daughter makes it strong, so it is perfect for this recipe. My grandson, who is 19 loves them in the morning before work, and also to take for lunch. I could eat the whole batch. I ran out of muffin liners one time so I baked the batter in a pan as a whole cake. It turned out wonderfully. Thank you for all of your delicious and easy recipes.

  50. Ania

    Used your banana bread recipe to make muffins for ages and only now noticed this subpage :) I use half a cup sugar and replace butter with yogurt – greek or plain, whatever i have at home – and they come out good too. Also use same base recipe but make them high protein by replacing bananas with farmers cheese (can use low fat mascarpone) and divide the mixture into three batches, then add blueberries, cocoa and coconut flakes, cherries, etc. to make a few different flavours out of one batch. They always come out delicious – my husband and co-workers love you – well me :) Thank you!

  51. Karen

    I love your site and I love banana bread. I cannot believe I just found these muffins. I just made these exactly as written and they were fabulous. Very moist and the perfect consistency! Now my go-to recipe!

  52. Lynn

    Why does your recipe for Banana Nut Muffins call for 1 teaspoon of expressor or strong coffee when you Banana Nut Bread doesn’t? Wouldn’t the extra ingredient be beneficial for both recipes?

    • Elise

      Hi Lynn,
      Sure you could add espresso or strong coffee to either one.

  53. Carmen

    I used your recipe and it work good… I tried again and did some changes I love cinnamon and also raisins, so I add them with the walnuts I also use brown sugar and whole wheat flour, Thanks a lot

  54. Helen kelley

    These are the best tasting muffins ive ever slipped into my mouth–my dad a very picky person raves about them –granddaughter never eat any muffin made from fruit cant get enough of these muffins -also so moist even left out on counter for 2 days still remained moist and soft to eat . they didnt get hard or stale–after many years of making many many bannana muffin .and loaf bread recipies — they are all being scraped .the only one i will ever use or pass on to future genarations is this Bannana Muffin recipie–

  55. Naz

    Hello, I am dying to try this recipe but confused if we should use salted or unsalted butter…thanks!

    Unsalted. If you use salted butter, omit the pinch of salt. ~Elise

  56. Esther

    Hi, I’m currently on a mission to find good muffin recipe. I’ve tried several recipes, flavors were good. But I do face a problem, that is the muffin tops do tend to get sticky after a few hours. Does this muffin top stay okay?

    I’m guessing that that may happen in a humid environment, in which case there is nothing much you can do. ~Elise

  57. Ella

    What kind of flour? All purpose or self rising?

    All recipes on this site calling for flour are all-purpose, unless otherwise noted. ~Elise

  58. Ana

    your recipe was excelent i made this and came out great. thanks for the recipe.

  59. Kate

    This has been my go to banana nut muffin recipe for a year now… I never use the coffee in the recipe, and these are always super moist and delicious… I buy bananas every week and if some are going south, they get made into these muffins…
    and I was also wondering if anyone knew the nutritional information on these? I’ve been watching my caloric intake and just want to make sure :D

  60. Debbie

    Best banana muffin recipe I have come across in my 25 years of baking. I used pecans (not a fan of walnuts) and left out the coffee (I’m a tea drinker). I must add that I am not a fan of nuts in cakes or muffins but these muffins were amazing.

  61. Jennifer L

    Elise, you are my go-to source for recipes.

    I really love this one! I made it today to use up some overripe bananas and it was a huge hit!

    I do all my baking by hand, except when I’m making flakey crust or pastries and this turned out perfectly like that. I did omit the coffee in it and we didn’t have walnuts on hand for some reason, so i ended up using pecans, but it still turned out beautifully.

    I think muffins like this taste much better with the chunks of banana that result from hand mashing and the unevenly chopped nuts, but that’s just me!

  62. LB

    Due to the season, I really wanted to make something with pumpkin, but I also had an overripe banana that needed to get used, so I threw the banana in with a cup of pumpkin and used that instead of all banana- kept the rest of the recipe the same, except for using instant coffee grounds instead of espresso. Flavor was awesome, but there was definitely too much moisture. I think if I had added a 1/2 cup of oats or something, or maybe less pumpkin it would have been perfect.

  63. Elyse Reed

    What type of flour should be used? And my name is Elyse too!

    Unless otherwise specified, you can assume a recipe on this site that calls for flour means all-purpose flour. ~Elise

  64. Thomas

    Mmmmmm I made these yesterday and they were absolutely fabulous. I started making muffins based on this recipe.

  65. meg

    i have no idea why but my muffins were a disaster, i make great treats all the time but fr some reason some thing went wrng good someone tell me what i did wrong? they feel in an looked so gross they were all flat and gooie andcompletly ruined. i thought i followed the recipe exactly??

  66. Cindy

    I hardly ever comment on websites, but I had to leave a comment for this recipe–it’s fantastic! I only used 1/2c sugar after reading the comments, and subbed 3/4 of the white flour with 1/2c whole wheat flour + 1/4c ground flax seed. My very picky toddler gobbled them up and my husband declared them the “best muffins ever” before I even told him about my healthy modifications. Thanks for the recipe!

  67. Jesica

    I made these as the recipe states except I omitted the espresso. Everyone who had one told me they were the best banana nut muffins they have ever had, and I agree! They were not dense or dry like some can get, they were surprisingly light. My search for a banana bread recipe is finally over!

  68. Myrna

    I just made this recipe…and it is delicious!!!! I didn’t make muffins, I made it whole as a cake…THANK YOU FOR THIS FABULOUS RECIPE!!

  69. Anonymous

    I made this recipe with the following differences:

    3 bananas
    only 1/2c sugar
    1/2 Whole Wheat/1/2 All Purpose Flour
    Subbed 1/3c applesauce for butter
    Left out coffee
    1/4t salt
    Added 1t cinnamon
    Only used 1/2-3/4c chopped pecans

    Baked 25 minutes

    The results were phenomenal! :) They did stick to the muffin papers, so I would suggest not using them.

  70. Luba

    I am eating one of the these muffins right now! Very tasty! I used a 1/2tsp of espresso powder to sub for the liquid espresso. I think next time I will also reduce the quantity of sugar because together with the sweetness of the bananas the 3/4c is a lot. Thanks for a great recipe, Elise!

  71. Casey

    I made these with my 3 year old son today. We did mini muffins, and it made 32 of them. I left out the espresso (the kids don’t need any more energy). Such a simple recipe and so easy for kids to help out with! These are some of the best banana nut muffins I’ve made (and I’ve made a lot of them!!).

  72. Sandy Meier

    I made these without the coffee, and used pecans instead of walnuts. They were sooooo good. I used very ripe bananas and the muffins were moist and very flavorful!

  73. Sierra

    These were good! I used a gluten free flour mix (1 cup brown rice flour and 1/2 cup white rice flour) and added a few dark chocolate chips to half the batter which made it really good. I also used agave instead of sugar and earth balance butter spread for butter. Since I didn’t have vanilla I used some cinnamon which worked really well. Thank you for this recipe!

  74. kel

    Do I have to use a wooden spoon is ok to use plastic or metal…?

    The reason it is recommended you use a wooden spoon is that wood is very strong and will not bend when mixing a thick batter. A plastic spoon or metal spoon might bend and break. ~Elise

  75. Jessica

    This is a GREAT recipe! I subbed a little over a 1/3 c. homemade applesauce for 1 of the bananas – I only had 2 very ripe ones to use. I also baked it in a mini-muffin pan, for about 18 min. They came perfect – very moist! The batter yielded 28 mini muffins for me.

  76. Karolina

    Thank you so much for this recipe. I just tried it, made them in time before the family woke up for breakfast. I used half a cup of walnuts and half a cut of chocolate chips and I couldn’t be happier with the results. They are perfect sweetness and moistness. Easy to make as I have a bad habit of using too many bananas and over mixing my batter and having my muffins not bake or rise properly. I followed the recipe to the letter and they came out perfect! I wish you could try one, I’m so proud. Thank you again!

  77. Dani

    Second time I’m making these this week. It’s a great recipe, my friends love them.

    I only had two bananas last time so I substituted roughly 1/3c of peanut butter. I was out of coffee as well so a shot of Kahlua somehow found its way into the batter. They were so tasty I decided to keep the changes :)

    Thanks, Elise! I love how your recipes are always perfectly proportioned, very easily adaptable.

  78. Nora Hogan

    Elise, I have tried many of your recipes (including the 22lb turkey for my 1st hosted Thanksgiving!) and they are always a hit! I do have a question though… the banana bread recipe comments suggested using yogurt to replace the butter to reduce the fat & boost moisture. How much yogurt would you recommend? And is the yogurt completely replacing the butter, or just reducing the amount?

    Hi Nora, I haven’t made these muffins with any substitutes so wouldn’t know how to advise you. ~Elise

  79. Jarina Gem Tee

    is the coffee…powder or already brewed?

    Already brewed. Liquid. But you could also use a pinch of powder. ~Elise

  80. kathleen horton

    These muffins were perfect. Mine took a little longer to bake to a nice browning. Wrapped them up and froze them for later enjoyment
    and they are really delicious.

  81. TC R

    Happy to find a banana nut muffin recipe that doesn’t call for cinnamon (hubby can’t have it), but how would I adjust the cook time for those giant muffin tins?

    No idea, I haven’t used those pans. But if you do try it, please let us know what timing works for you. ~Elise

    • Athena

      Hi TC R, did you ever make these muffins in the giant muffin tins? I get most requests for the big muffins, but I wasn’t sure if this recipe would do well in them. Some recipes fall rather than ‘muffin top’ in them. Thanks.

  82. Kimi

    I decided to try this recipe and I loved it! I ended up being able to make 20 muffins in batches of six so the I made the recipe without the coffee and my first tin was classic banana nut muffins. The second tin I added chocolate chips to and for the leftover batch I added a pinch of coffee grounds and topped them with a strussel mixed with walnuts and while all three were great the last tin was my favorite!!! Thanks!
    To make strussel mix 3 tbsp brown sugar 3tbsp white sugar 2 tsp flour and 2 tbsp of cold butter until they turn to tiny crumbs then mix in 1tbsp of walnuts-soooo gooooood!!!!

  83. Hettie

    I made these muffins this morning for halloween, and substituted flour with 1/2 cup whole wheat, and eliminated the sugar completely, and they are still rock’n muffins. Smear on some pumpkin or apple butter and the perfect fall breakfast.

  84. SChristian

    I am a fan of banana walnut muffins. I’m not an expert at baking so was searching for an easy recipe and i came accross this one. I baked these last weekend and they were a huge hit. I’m going to be making these very often. Thanks for a great recipe!!

  85. Christina

    This is my favorite basic muffin recipe that I come back to time and time again! Whenever my bananas are becoming overripe, I make these muffins. I have made them with different variations–blueberries, chocolate chips, almonds–they are all delicious!

  86. Marilyn

    Just made these. Love the recipe! I sprinkled a mixture of ground walnuts and sugar over the top. Also, I chose the strong coffee option instead of espresso and used brown sugar instead of regular sugar. Moist, banana-y, wonderful…

  87. ad

    These were amazing! Just awesome! I have tried about 30 recipes from your blog and they all are so very nice! Thank you!

  88. carrie

    These are the best muffins and easy too! I googled banana muffins (to sell at our yard sale) and happened upon this fabulous blog. The muffins were a hit at the yard sale! I’ve made them twice without the nuts and the espresso ~ so moist and flavorful. Looking forward to trying more of your yummy recipes. Keep up the good work!

  89. kimberly

    Great recipe – thanks! Nice and moist and banana-y. I used 4 medium-large bananas and about 1/4 cup extra flour.

  90. gabbe

    Just made these delicious muffins with my 5yr old daughter- they are a huge hit! we added a few choco chips to the tops of half the pan before baking. They turned out so so good! Thanks so much for sharing such wonderful recipes!

  91. Michelle

    First batch is baking… Never thought to make them with a teaspoon of coffee before. I used a teaspoon of Don Santos Coffee Liqueur instead…and extra walnuts. The batter is delish!

    I smell sweet warm bananas and nuts with just a hint of cafe….8 mins to go. Used the Party Fabulous StayBrite baking cups so they’ll be fancy and fabulous looking…come on wheres that timer? Finally!

    First batch cooling… Hope they’re tastey…and I don’t eat to many before bed.

    I’m happy… They look and taste wonderful! Sweet. Going to use less sugar next time. I’ll treat the team at work tomorrow.

    Thank you for the great recipe!

    Good Night

  92. Jah

    I had 2 very ripe bananas so I used this recipe !! I used 2 bananas and they still taste delicious! I don’t have walnuts on hand so I used almonds instead… and they were awesome.. the house is smelling LOVELY right now.. and my hubby, a picky eater, said “they’re good!”

  93. kadeshia

    I used this recipe for my muffin practical at school, it was easy and done in a short time. Result was good.

  94. Wimmenz

    Half way through the recipe I realized I didn’t have enough or any of some ingredients. I had only a third of the flour so I filled the void with dry multigrain cereal and dry corn muffin mix. I used honey instead of sugar and butter substitute. I brewed decaf espresso and doubled the required amount. The results were delicious, light, fluffy muffins baked to perfection. . . and somewhat healthy too.

  95. wallace

    Nice recipe. My granny even liked it. I would suggest adding almond nuts. It goes well with the muffin!

  96. Judit

    What I love most about this recipe (other than the great flavor), is that it DOES make 12 muffins.
    Recipes that make 8, 10, 11 or whatever number of muffins drive me nuts. There are 12 holes in my muffin tin, and this fills them perfectly!
    Thanks, Elise.

  97. Santosh

    I made these today, they came out really wonderfully….
    Thanks for sharing your recipe….

  98. Jacqui

    These are the best muffins I have ever made! I’ve been making them almost every weekend. But, I really like breads. Can I put this recipe into a bread pan? Thanks

    Hi Jacqui, I suggest adding nuts to the banana bread recipe. ~Elise

  99. Laura

    Thanks for this great and easy recipe! Just made it this morning with some overripe bananas that needed to be used. My roommates loved them, we’ll be making them again soon! We always turn to your website for recipes!

  100. Lark

    I’ve been making these muffins for about 2 years now and they’re my favorite. Since I love them so much, I will give you my secret: toss your overripe bananas in the freezer, peel and all. When ready to make muffins defrost them in the peel (I use about 3-4), cut off the stem end and squeeze the banana and liquid (like a tube of toothpaste) out into a bowl. This looks really, really nasty, but it makes for great banana muffins and bread. Do not toss the liquid! I usually cut them up in the bowl with kitchen shears. Instead of nuts I use blueberries and they are the most fabulous blueberry banana muffins ever! I sprinkle turbinado/raw sugar on the tops. I also use decaf regular coffee instead of espresso, but when I’m feeling decadent (like today) I use Kahlua. ;) Off to make the muffins for my Valentine.

  101. Nancy

    Just made these last night and I subbed Applesauce for the butter, left everything else the same, and they still came wonderful. I saw a few Weight Watcher comments and with this change the points are now only 3 versus 5.5.

  102. Jenna

    Made these yesterday without the coffee and they are amazing! So easy to make, and clean up one bowl, one pan, no mixer, perfect.

  103. mekaka

    Elise I tried yor recipe and it was delicious I only made a couple substitutions I added 1 cup of brown sugar and didn’t use the espresso…not much of a coffee drinker but it was so delicious and moist my 9 month old grandson gobbled up the one I shared with him…when he goes to bed I’ll have one all to myself…:)thanks so much.

  104. Ann

    Baked these this morning, I substituted soy margarine for butter, followed the recipe otherwise. I used 1 Tbsp of brewed coffee (not grounds or powder). Sprinkled a small amount honey roasted wheat germ on top before baking and it provided a nice crunch. Turned out very good, this one’s a keeper.

  105. lillie

    I just made these and they were heavenly. I gave my sister 6 muffins so I wouldn’t be tempted to eat them all and she called me and said she finished them in the car before she even made it home! The only changes was I used a tablespoon of espresso powder(accident, but it tasted really good) and I toasted my nuts.

  106. Bree

    These muffins were amazing!
    I added chocolate chips (because I just don’t think of any muffins as “healthy” anyway).
    For the coffee, I used one of those new Starbucks instant pouches, the extra bold italian roast. It’s subtle, but I do think it qualifies as a secret ingredient.
    Finally, I used toasted pecans instead of walnuts, just what I had on hand.
    I don’t think the subs/adds were too big of a change, the recipe is great! Thanks!

  107. Steve

    I did 1/2 cup walnuts, and 1/2 cup Chocolate chips.. YUMMY !! thanks for the (very easy) recipe!

  108. fcs class

    We made these in FCS (family and consumer science) class.
    They were fabbbuuu.[;

  109. Susan

    I had ripe bananas and didn’t want to waste them so I asked my husband to search for a recipe on line. I am so happy he found these on your site. They are just outstanding muffins. Moist and wonderful. I will try more of your recipes after this success. Thank you very much!

  110. Celestia

    This is my go to recipe for banana nut muffins! Never fails to make amazing muffins. I add chopped walnuts and raisins and skip the coffee and they are delicious! Thanks Simply Recipes :)

  111. Stevie

    So, during an impromptu late-night baking moment, I misinterpreted this recipe, thinking the coffee meant coffee GROUNDS, which, by the way, are edible, and when my batter seemed a bit dry, I added enough milk to moisten. Now they are baking, and we shall see how they turn out, though I do wish I’d used brewed coffee (from my french-press, no less, which can give a nice dense liquid). Anyway, thanks for the recipe – the first listed as results to my google-search for banana nut muffins.

  112. Brenda

    I have loved your Banana Nut Bread Recipe for awhile now so the muffins were not disappointing. I did 3/4 cup sugar. I am sure one can do less. I also didn’t have the coffee on hand and added golden & thompson raisins for my three year old. Just loved these! These are everyday breakfast items for sure! Thanks!!

  113. Patricia

    Another great recipe from this site. I first tried your Pot Roast and finally had one as good as my late mom used to make. These muffins are outstanding. Much better than another well known cook’s recipe that calls for way too much butter. Thanks for sharing.

  114. Robin

    Absolutely fabulous! I’ve been searching for a simple, tasty muffin recipe, and here it is. I followed the recipe precisely and was thrilled with the results. Thank you!

  115. Eden

    These were delicious!! So easy to make and my family gobbled them up. I didn’t have espresso so I used regular Folger’s coffee grounds (fresh from the canister). I of course had to sample the batter – YUM. The coffee is a delicious secret addition! Thanks for the recipe!! :)

  116. Kim

    I love this recipe! Adding 1 cup of fresh blueberries or raisins make it extra delicious.

    Thanks Elise!

  117. Clara

    Made these tonight-DELICIOUS!!! I added chocolate chips and they were even better. Thank you for the recipe Elise.

  118. HoneyBee

    Wow! Such a simple recipe, and so yummy & moist!! This is the first recipe that I’ve tried on your site, and I’m definitely coming back for more. Very surprised that so little liquids can create such a moist muffin.

    Made minor modifications – instead of coffee and nuts, I added cinnamon and choc chips instead. YUMS!

  119. Tiffany

    The recipe was good, but I added a small banana strawberry yogurt to it, to make it more moist. And it was excellent! My friends said it’s the best muffin they’ve had.

  120. Kelly

    My husband and I love this recipe and make it regularly (my husband prefers it without nuts).

    A note of caution to anyone making it: I made it in my mixer one time (a Kitchenaid) and it ended up overbeaten and super dense. I recommend following Elise’s instructions with the wooden spoon, OR mixing all ingredients with a mixer EXCEPT the flour which should be beaten in by hand. Delicious!

  121. dishesdone

    These are fantastic! I don’t do so well with muffins, so I made it in a loaf pan and your recipe is incredible! Thanks!

  122. Purvis

    I used leftover baby bananas in these, and I think that made them a bit dry. But I like the fact that they are not overly-sweet. I would like to try these again with regular bananas, and also add some spices–maybe allspice. I also like the idea someone brought up of adding molasses! One of the best chocolate chip cookie recipes I’ve ever tried (for instance) uses molasses; it’s like this magical ingredient. Anyway, I didn’t have a lot of nuts on hand, so I sprinkled them on top instead of mixing them in. It gave them a nice toasted flavor.

  123. Louisa

    I am not usually mad on banana bread or muffins as I find them too sickly sweet, but had a surplus of bananas from an organic bag we get once a week. I made your recipe, substituted Bambu (a really good organic chicory coffee-substitute) for the espresso and also cut the sugar drasticly – by less than a third (I used 25 grams, roughly .13 of a cup), as I just don’t need the sugar. I also cut the baking soda to 1/2 teaspoon, due to the salt content – then added just a pinch of natural baking powder. They turned out to be so lovely and perfect – just the right amount of natural sweetness from the bananas. My boyfriend says they are one of the best things I’ve ever made – and considering how much I bake, that says a lot. Good recipe, thank you!

  124. Denise T.

    Oh So Good! The perfect after school snack (right out of the oven) on a cold winter afternoon. I saved some strong coffee from this morning for that little extra flavor.

    Your food blog is my favorite for recipes!! I discovered it a couple of months ago and just love referring to it often!

  125. liz

    The banana bread recipe that this was adapted from was the first recipe I tried from your site. It turned out so deliciously good and exactly like your description: simple but perfect.

    I’ve made it more times since then and I have tinkered with the recipe with a dash of almond extract, mixed in some chocolate chips and walnuts, added a half tablespoon of very strong instant coffee, and I have also used vegetable oil instead of butter. It always turns out great because the base recipe is already great.

    There are hundreds of cooking blogs out there on the web that I wouldn’t know which to turn to when looking for a good recipe but Simply Recipes has been my haven since I stumbled upon it. Now I know where to run to when I’m looking for a certain recipe, or whenever I get the whim to whip up something new: simply because I know I can trust you.

    The other recipes that I have followed from here are Suzanne’s brownies and chocolate cake, Garrett’s red velvet cupcakes, your grandma’s oatmeal cookies and the apple coffee cake. , These are always -ALWAYS!- crowd pleasers every time I make and serve them that everyone is in awe that I could bake such goods. I’m basking in my new found kitchen limelight and it’s all thanks to you and your willingness to share all these recipes.

    I’m looking forward to trying out more recipes from your bakery section. Next on my list is the carrot cake. I’m already drooling just thinking about it. :D

    Keep up the wonderful work and may the heavens bless you with more recipes to share.

  126. Linda

    I’ve never made muffins with coffee before and I usually don’t like nuts but have to say that I do think the coffee added flavor AND this is the first time I’ve toasted walnuts before using them in a recipe and it took the bitter taste out of the nuts and made them a great addition. THANK YOU for a recipe that I’ll use again in the future. I also calculated the WW points (with walnuts)–5.5 per muffin. An “expensive” use of my points, BUT, I would say very worth it. In the future I’ll bake using a mini size muffin pan and it’ll reduce the points per muffin.

  127. Sharokin

    I love them! This was the first time I baked at my new house in Savannah, GA. I was too lazy to brew coffee so used two teaspoons coffee grind. Also had no vanilla and used cinnamon and nutmeg. They taste yummy. Thank you!

  128. Uschie

    I add chopped chocolate to this recipe. Absolutely OUTSTANDING!!

  129. Faith

    I’m a novice baker but your simple recipe inspired me to use my very ripe bananas since I rather not waste them. I also threw in a ripe persimmon. I didn’t have coffee on hand so left that out without any problems. Yum! These are so easy to make and so delicious, I think I’ll never buy another banana muffin again. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

  130. Belinda

    I just took these out of the oven, and wanted to report. They’re an unqualified success, even “healthed up.”

    I used a mini muffin pan, so I’d have small muffins to pack in my daughter’s bento box.

    Instead of 1.5 cups white flour, I used 1/2 cup white flour, 7/8 cup whole wheat flour, 4 tsp. vital wheat gluten, and 1/4 cup flaxseed meal.

    I just had one hot out of the oven, and it was great. Can’t wait to see how they taste cooled! Plus that gives me an excuse to eat another one later. ;-)

  131. France

    I made these banana muffins and they were fabulous!!!
    Best banana muffins recipe, I surely will make these again. Thanks.

  132. nikki

    By far the best banana muffins I have ever baked- awesome recipe!

  133. Amanda

    I use your blog constantly to feed my husband with a hollow leg. I love much fun your recipes are! Anyway– I made these and the banana bread, but since I’m not such a fan of the texture of nuts, I put them in the food processor for a minute and then added them. It gives the flavor of the nuts but leaves the smooth texture of the muffin. This recipe is fabulous!

    Great idea, thanks Amanda! ~Elise

  134. Sharon

    These are delicious. I subbed half the all purpose flour for whole wheat pastry flour. It worked out well. This is a fast and easy recipe that got all smiles from my family.

    I always have black bananas so this recipe will get lots of use.

    Thank you.

  135. Diana

    I only recently started living on my own, and this was my first time baking something. I decided to try out this recipe because I had a bunch of overripe bananas that I didn’t want to go to waste. The muffins turned out fabulously!!! I am so impressed with this recipe and with myself! ;) They are moist and full of flavor. I will definitely be making these again! Thanks!!!

  136. dahlia

    The espresso is such a wonderful touch to this recipe! I love bananas but have always found banana bread/muffins to be a little bland and not much helped by the usual bakery spices. Not anymore. :)

    However, am I just weird or is the quantity of sugar excessive? The first batch I made with 3/4 cup was cloying — and I’m someone who can’t drink tea or coffee without sugar, so it’s not that I don’t like sweets. 1/8-1/4 cup (depending on how ripe the bananas are) seems to be a nice amount.

  137. Kay

    Absolutely delicious muffins! I will make these again and again. My 9 yr old loves them…even with the bit of coffee.

  138. Adrianne

    Wonderful breakfast! I love the flavor of the muffins, you can taste the bananas. There isn’t a bunch of sugar to where all you taste is sweet. After dieting for weeks this is a wonderful welcome treat! My oldest daughter loves these muffins without the coffee and nuts. My youngest daughter is begging for a chocolate muffin recipe. Have one?

  139. Cindy

    I just made these banana muffins and they are scrumptious and delectably moist. This recipe is a keeper! Thank you so much for sharing.

  140. Emer

    Hi Elise,

    I made these muffins (minus the nuts) twice already and looking forward to bake them again! Everybody loved them and keep asking for more. Thanks so much!

  141. mgotham

    These muffins are fantastic. Easy to make, they come out perfect every time. (I’ve made them 4 times so far.) Perfect flavor and so simple. Thanks !

  142. [email protected]

    I was wondering whether the expresso’s in liquid form or coffee granules? If the former, how much water must I add to coffee granules to make up the coffee mixture? Also, 1 1/2 cups self-raising flour would work for this recipe?

    The espresso is in liquid form but you could use instant coffee granules if you want. Use half a teaspoon, or more or less to taste.

    Regarding self rising flour, I only use all purpose flour which is not self rising. Baking soda is a leavener, so if I were to use a flour that already had leavener in it, I would leave out the baking soda. ~Elise

  143. Lynette

    What type of flour should be used? All-purpose? Thanks in advance.

    All purpose. ~Elise

  144. Lauren

    I was wondering… what are the actual measurements that we should use for this recipe? I mean, does 1 cup equal 250ml and so on? I’m Australian, I’ve no idea about imperial, metric and whatnot!

    Confused… ((@[email protected]))

    Note from Elise: Hi Lauren, you might try using the measurement converter that is in the left sidebar of the page. We don’t use metric here in America, so if you need metric measurements like ml or grams, you’ll need to convert the measurements given.

  145. Winnie

    Today I tried your banana nut muffin recipe with one minor change, I used 1 tablespoon of molasses in place of the coffee. I must tell you I love these muffins, they are so moist and filled with so much flavor. It is a recipe that I will use again and again.

  146. Heather

    I’ve made these muffins a few times – always with great results (yum!). Recently I experimented a little with the flour, butter and sugar amounts to lessen my muffin-eating guilt (haha, who am I kidding?). They were still great with whole-wheat pastry flour, half the butter, and 1/4 cup of raw sugar (I just like the flavor of the raw sugar). Also, I baked the bananas for about 15-20 minutes in their peels before mashing them at the suggestion of another recipe. The banana flavor was supposed to be concentrated that way, but I didn’t notice a significant difference.

  147. Dee

    AWESOME..thanks so much….yum

  148. Amber

    These are awesome! I always add cinnamon to my banana nut muffins, regardless of recipe, and this was no exception. Added a lovely flavor on top of the coffee and bananas. We put apple cider jelly on top, fresh out of the oven – gorgeous!

  149. Erica

    I just made these. Delicious! thanks so much.

  150. Janet

    Made these last week and making more tonight. I had cranberries leftover from Christmas and added them too. Gave a nice tart flavour.

  151. shannon

    Just made the muffins and the banana bread – our house smells wonderful and they tasted just as good! Thank you :)

  152. Mary

    I followed this recipe to the letter, deciding to toast the walnuts. After a quick twenty minutes of baking time, I was rewarded with a delicious muffin. I rate this recipe four stars and highly recommend it for both taste and simplicity.

  153. Donna

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh those muffins are to die for. Thank you , thank you , thank you.

  154. Vicki

    Hi Elise –
    I made these yesterday minus the coffee, and subbed pecans for the walnuts – they were great! My husband said “Make these every day”, my 11-year-old said “I love you”, and my 16-year-old said “Wow”.
    Thanks for making my family happy!

  155. Ande Allen

    Hi Elise,
    First time commenter long time lurker :-D I’m looking forward to trying these. Do you have an idea of how long to bake these for muffin top pans? Thank you, Ande

  156. Ellie

    Liz- I made them without coffee- no other changes and they were great!

  157. Anonymous

    I was wondering, since I can’t eat walnuts, what other nut would go good with this muffin?

    Pecans would taste great. ~Elise

  158. Linda

    Hi Elise,

    I can smell the aroma muffins now. Great recipe. I am wondering if the batter would keep in the fridge for a day or two.
    Then one could have freshly baked muffins every day? Bake in batches of 4 to 6 muffins.
    I have also top muffins with a crunchy topping but it adds more calories!


  159. Liz

    Neither my husband nor I drink coffee so we don’t tend to keep in in the house – is this recipe okay without the coffee? How would hot chocolate work instead? We both love that and I think bananas & chocolate is a great combo.

    Hi Liz, the recipe is fine without the coffee. If you like chocolate, you could add some of that, either cocoa powder, or even some chocolate chips. ~Elise

  160. Ellie

    I made these yesterday, and they were fabulous!

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