No ImageBarbecued Chicken on the Grill

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  1. Alane

    My experience wasn’t so tasty. Chicken was dried out and burnt….


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  2. DJ

    Just amazingly wonderful. We brined the breasts as suggested. Altogether we grilled for an hour and all pieces, thighs, breasts and wings were delicious. It’s a bit of work with the grilling but so worth it!


  3. Judy

    Turned out perfectly. Crispy skin and juicy chicken what more could you ask for!


  4. Phil

    Hi, I have tried a good number of your recipes and most have been great. I look forward to the bbq chicken with the lemon cheese cake. I have a question. You started out by stating your first cook out and indicated San Jose. Your bio at the end states you live in Sacramento…

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  5. chris

    while this is less a recipe and more a method, it’s a tried and true one that will yield good results as long as you have the ability to control the heat on your grill, whether it’s gas or charcoal. if you know how to control the temperature and can keep it under 300 degrees consistently, and cook your chicken on indirect heat, the worst you can do is dry out your meat. this is why you need to check your grill every 15-20 minutes, turning your chicken every time.

    the only thing i would add is that, rather than simply seasoning the chicken with salt, i use various spice mixtures depending on the flavor i’m looking for. for example, yesterday i made jerk chicken using the same method. an extra layer of flavor under the sauce can be a good thing as long as you don’t over-salt. also, i usually use some soaked wood chips to add some smoke. hickory, apple, cherry, for example.


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