No ImageBarbecued Pork Shoulder on a Gas Grill

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  1. L

    How do I reheat my ribs without drying them out??

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  2. Dana Morse

    Tried for the first time last week. Came out really good had to finish in the oven,trying again this weekend. I think I’ve got the bugs worked out looking forward to perfection this time. Great for first timer like me. Thanks

  3. Ted Balstein

    Delicious recipe! Had a six pounder and it only took 5.5 hours to smoke to perfection. No oven time, kept the heat at 230*.

  4. cody hobbs

    so ive followed the steps as said. my problem was with a 4lb shoulder @250 for 6hrs on the grill and only opening every hr to check the smoke/bowl of water the middle was not cooking at all. transfered to the oven @300 for roughly an hour and a half and still the center wasnt cooking… i dunno what yall have done differently but this hasnt worked out in my favor! started at noon and still cooking!

  5. Mary Una

    Man oh man I be telling you, this is a great method! To think my husband wanted to ditch the BBQ we got with the house. He’s liking it now!

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