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  1. Celeste



  2. Cynthia C.

    I made a cool chicken pasta salad using your basil vinaigrette and it was perfect for a hot July day. I cooked 3 garlic cloves in my pasta water and blended it in with the basil and other ingredients for added zip. The color contrast between the basil dressing, black olives, and cherry tomatoes was quite pretty! It’s a very attractive salad to present to family or friends at a picnic.

    Thanks so much for this fantastic recipe. I never tried basil vinaigrette before, and now I will make it a regular part of my salad rotations.

  3. Checka


    I just started using Purple Basil this summer. I was hoping for a really pretty color but it sort of turns dark green/black. I used it in homemade tomato sauce. Tastes amazing. The color might not be pretty but I’m sure the taste would be great.

  4. JHalfen

    Basil Vinegarette was the dressing of choice for the salad greens at Christmas Day dinner. It was in a word, “wonderful”. Had some left over and decided to drizzle a little over sliced tomatoes, added a little chopped fresh basil, salt/pepper and goat cheese. This too was “wonderful” and I’ve noted after the fact that another commenter has done this as well. Will be making this again and again. Thank you for the recipe and for perking up an otherwise “ordinary” green salad.


  5. Susan

    My basil plants are heroically withstanding the Texas heat and gave me plenty of gorgeous leaves for this recipe. Didn’t get to try it until last night … oh, my, is it tasty! What a lovely change from regular vinaigrettes ~ thank you!

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