No ImageBBQ Turkey with Mustard Sauce

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  1. joanna

    these were very good!! mine were done in about 45 minutes so I definitely recommend checking them after 30 minutes with a thermometer to make sure they are done or else you will end up with very dry meat. mine were a little burnt since i wasn’t expecting them to cook so fast.

  2. PS

    Elise, you wrote “If I were to make this without a grill, I would sear the turkey pieces on a hot cast iron pan on the stove top first to get good browning. Then I would arrange the pieces in a foil lined roasting pan and slow cook them in the oven at 200°F to 225°F for as long as it took.”

    After arranging the pieces in a foil lined pan, do you then cover the pan with foil or leave it uncovered? Won’t they dry out if left uncovered?

    I’m dying to try this recipe after reading so many great reviews. But, I’d like to do it right but I don’t have a grill so I’ll be using the cast iron sear and oven slow cook method.

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  3. Erika

    Could you do this in a smoker instead of a grill and with chicken thighs rather than turkey?

    I would say yes on both counts. ~Elise

  4. Heather

    Do you think this recipe/flavor combo could also be used in the slow cooker instead of the grill?

    Yes, and this idea is the basis of our slow-cooked turkey with mustard. ~Elise

  5. Shalome

    I have made this several times for small dinner parties and the response is always the same; LOVE! We’re a family that loves turkey and this is a superb recipe. My father despises mustard barbeque sauce but he devours this turkey like it’s his last meal.


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