No ImageChili Mac and Cheese

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  1. Kuster

    Not the most healthy recipe, but one of my family’s favourites! We make this a bit spicy with some chili flakes and jalapenos if we have those on hand. For the cheese mixture, again we just use whatever we’ve got in the fridge and it’s always turned out great!


  2. Kim Henderson

    Can I use Almond Milk instead of whole milk?

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  3. ip

    Was good but 1 tablespoon chili powder is madness. I did half and that was quite spicy. I’d like to think I have a medium tolerance of chilli.

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  4. Tomika

    Kid approved! Great dish for a chilly fall day.


  5. Jacqueline

    We quadrupled this and served it for our community lunch. It is really, really tasty just as is. It got rave reviews from the neighbors, and some folks asked for the recipe. When this happens I always refer them to Simply Recipes. The recipe was made in advance and refrigerated, so we cooked it a little longer than advised. This put it just at cusp of being dry, so someone making it might want to watch out for that. We used pepperjack and cheddar cheeses.


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