No ImageBeef Kebabs

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  1. Emmmmm

    This is a very very good recipe. Just smelling the marinade you could already tell. We made about 60
    Of these and they were gone! It was everyone’s favorite.


  2. Penny

    Great recipe!

  3. Ava

    This was amazing!!! Thanks!


  4. Sarah

    Have made these so many times. And had so many people ask for the recipe. It is my go to recipe for entertaining. Thank you for such a reliable and terrific tasting meal.
    If you’re making them for a party, consider looking each element separately on the grill, and passing two skewers instead of one. It’s much easier for the grill person to cook things evenly. You can also display the food on a flat tray in colorful rows. It makes things simpler for us. (I usually serve it with an arugula salad, rice for the kids and cole slaw and other veg salads for the grown ups. )


  5. Kris

    I made these tonight on the grill and it was very good. The marinade smelled so good just threading the kabobs on the skewers. I marinaded the beef for probably 36 hours and used top sirloin steak and it’s the most tender beef kabobs I’ve ever made. Maybe not melt in your mouth tender, but quite tender for beef. My husband said he didn’t need any sauce because the marinade is so tasty. I think I will do what others have suggested and use this marinade on some cheaper cuts of meat and poultry. No leftovers tonight and there’s only the two of us. Thanks so much!

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