No ImageBeef Noodle Casserole

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  1. Nadine McNeil

    ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS! (sorry for yelling LOLOL) I’ve made this a few times and it is our favourite casserole! I’m stoked that Fall is JUST around the corner! :) Thanks girl! You are amazing!


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  2. Steve Maskery

    Easy and very tasty. Excellent.


  3. Mary K.

    I really enjoyed reading all the comments in here about similar dishes made by relatives. Elise, you should publish them somewhere; they are such a great piece of Americana. My grandmother (second generation from Czechoslovakia; she and her family worked in and around the coal mines of Pennsylvania) used to make what she called “goulash”, which had meat, noodles and cheese, with maybe some cream of mushroom soup, and that was about it. I had forgotten about the goulash until reading this column! So I made this recipe and it turned out great. Mushrooms revolt me and red bell peppers don’t agree with me, so I substituted a zucchini and a poblano pepper, respectively. I used Kalamata pitted black olives as they’re more flavorful than regular canned black olives. I added some chili powder too. For those who found the dish came out too bland, I suggest salting the tomato sauce mixture as well as the ground beef. And then of course you can add chili powder or garlic powder or whatever, but I think the main issue is the recipe doesn’t call for enough salt. Also be sure to pour all the pan juices from browning the meat into the tomato sauce mixture before it all goes in the casserole dishes. Great winter meal, I’ll be making this often and thinking of my grandmother Margaret!


  4. jen

    My mom made something similar called ‘jackpot casserole”. It was a pretty basic recipe but as kids we loved it – beef, corn, noodles and cheese with a tomato soup based sauce.

  5. Kelly

    The first time I made this, it was too bland according to the recipe. So the next time, I added garlic powder and onion powder salt and pepper to the ground beef while cooking. I also used sharp cheddar cheese instead of mild and added some peas. Now we love it! And yes, you can use any noodle in this recipe.

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