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  1. Keith S

    I have been making beer can chickens for years and was looking for variations, this is a great recipe and thank you for sharing. I have previously marinated the chicken overnight in a freezer bag with a 40/60 mix of beer and buttermilk with my spices added to the marinade. Then I roasted it on the beer can WOW This was probably the best chicken I have had.


  2. Martin L

    Cans insides are lined with a bpa film, outsides are either labelled with plastic, shrink sleeved, or ink and varnish coating. Heated and eaten it must be a great way to foster cancer.

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  3. Debra

    Question about the (Weber charcoal) grill. Should the vents on top and bottom be open?
    All the way, half way?

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  4. Dale

    It’s my favorite way to cook a whole chicken! I have “BBQ” heat proof gloves that I use to slide the can out and then place the cooked chicken in a bowl so all the juices are captured. After it has cooled for a little while, I break it down or pull it like pork bbq. My wife and I claim the wings as our appetizer .. :D Also, tinker with different beer flavors, it really does make a little difference in the flavor…right now my favorite is Shotgun Betty but that’s just me.

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  5. Shari

    I brine the chicken with an apple cider recipe before grilling. More flavor and moist.


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