No ImageBerry and Banana Terrine

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  1. Irene Marquez

    Wonderful results! Family loved it. I used apple juice, and it worked well. I also used slightly less sugar, and while it was great tasting, i will try to use less sugar next time. Thank you!


  2. Terri

    Hi. I grew up in the early 70’s and was always in my neighbors kitchen and she’d make one similar to this but with lime jello and frozen mixed vegetables and she served a tiny bit of mayo on the side. It was delicious and refreshing. I’m not good at modifying recipes so if you or anyone else knows her recipe I’d love to have it….thanks for your wonderful site, Elise, you’re my first choice for new recipes! Always!

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  3. Carolyn

    This is a really fun idea. Now I’m looking around in my pantry for my own ingredient combinations.

  4. Alida @My Little Italian Kitchen

    This is fresh and light! A great summer treat now that the fruit is abundant. I would even add a touch of alcohol like prosecco.

  5. Alisha

    Hello, I was just wondering if this needs to be served and eaten the same day it’s made or will it last a few days in the fridge? I’ve never made something like this and I don’t know how well homemade gelatin keeps.

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