No ImageBlackberry Shortcake

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  1. behan

    You are my go-to! Made the scratch biscuits on the strawberry shortcake yesterday, comparing here – noticed recipe is nearly identical, but has 1/3 less better (8 vs 12 Tbsp). thoughts on the differences?

  2. francis

    I use cold buttermilk instead of cream for my biscuits and melt the butter so that it can be poured into the milk while stirring . The effect is the same as going to all the trouble to cut the fat into the flour when the mix is added to the dry ingredients you still get the flakiness desired.

  3. Rachel

    Elise, any chance you can put grams on the recipes, you do have a French partner after all!

  4. Margaret McFarland

    Yes! Pacific NW is dripping with these berries. The locals dismiss them with “They’re an invasive species”. I moved here 3 years & am totally appreciative of them. It’s my mission to eat and share as many as possible. I will be making this soon, happy to have another great Elise offering.Thank You!

  5. Sandy S

    Here in the Pac. NW, we have an abundance of the big, easy to pick blackberries. They look so perfect, but don’t hold the flavor one wants for baking or jam. They are best to eat fresh while picking (If you are sure they have not been sprayed.) or with cereal. Some can be added to the smaller vine/ground berries as needed for volume, but it is the smaller type of blackberry that has the flavor for cooking. Some locals keep their source of these small berries as close to their vest as where they find their chanterelles, morels or favorite fishing hole! My favorite ways to perk-up blackberry flavor is to add cinnamon and/or plums or peaches. I love peach melba and think it might be swell with this short cake recipe! I also love Susan’s idea above of adding blueberries as well as Elise’s use of lemon! Knowing of ways to include the bigger black berries is a good thing!

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