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  1. mel

    Have made this several times since I found this recipe.Like it even better than cobbler which I love.Thanks for the recipe


  2. Sherri

    Love this dessert! So simple and delicious. My husband just picked blackberries this morning. Looking forward to the slump tonight and leftovers for breakfast mañana. Thank you!


  3. Sam

    Has anybody tried this with self rising flour? Thinking about making this today!

  4. Ginger

    I went in search of a stovetop dessert due to my oven not working. Made this with apples and apple juice instead of water. My husband said it’s a keeper!

  5. William Goodwin

    well i followed everything exact, but double’d. Used Blue Bonnet butter specifically.
    Also compensated the berries with what was in my freezer and used 8 cups of fresh frozen cranberries, Instead of zing of the lemon i added pineapple juice as well as 1> 8 oz can of crushed pineapple. was absolutely amazing for cranberry enthusiasts.

    • William Goodwin

      also the pineapple juice i used was 1 cup, as i like having more sauce. and is great served specifically with Chapman’s Premium Black Cherry ice cream mmmmmm

  6. Lysa

    I need 8 dumplings for a dinner. Would you simply double the dumpling dough recipe? In separate batches?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Lysa, You could double the dumpling dough recipe, or you could double the whole recipe. Depends on the dumpling to berry sauce ratio you want. You can also scale it up by half.

  7. Traci Critser

    I am looking for this recipe for my sister-in-law. Her father used to make something like this when she was a little girl, almost 40 years ago. She remembers the blackberries being thickened. Does this just happen naturally with the pectin in the berries?

    • Elise Bauer

      Hi Traci, if you use wild blackberries, there are usually some underripe ones in the bunch and they have more pectin than super ripe berries. The pectin will help everything thicken.

  8. Janelle

    I was looking for a recipe to use my leftover rhubarb for and I stumbled on this. I wasn’t sure what to expect but this was way beyond any expectations I had, it was so easy and soooo tasty! I used four cups of rhubarb and strawberries, and 3/4 flour with 1/4 oats in the dough but other than that followed the recipe. Dumplings were perfect, which was shocking for how easy they were. Thank you for the recipe, I’ll be making it again for sure!

  9. Christine (Asheville, NC)

    My oven isn’t working so I went searching for a good stove-top dessert for friends who just adopted a baby. So glad I found this one! I used the “berries and cherries” frozen fruit from Trader Joe’s, coconut sugar, and gluten-free flour. Added butter to the berries, and vanilla. Thank you for this recipe — I will make it for years to come because it is so simple and delicious!

  10. Mark

    Great ease/satisfaction ratio–and no oven! Perfect.


  11. MaryP

    These were delicious and different. I grew up in New England, and had never heard of a culinary slump or a grunt. Since I am currently without an oven, these blackberry dumplings were just perfect and came out fine with ww flour. Thanks, Elise!

  12. Mike

    What if I don’t have lemon zest?

  13. Sudie

    My mom made this with GREEN concord grapes. It was delicious. Tasted sweet and tart like gooseberries. Wish I had some green grapes.

  14. erin

    This was so warm and delicious, and smelt amazing as it was cooking on the stove. I made it with frozen mixed berries (raspberries, blueberries, strawberries, blackberries). Thanks for the recipe — a real keeper!

  15. Margaret

    Love this recipe. Second time I made it I made it with peaches and added a dash of nutmeg to the fruit and vanilla butternut flavoring to the dumplings. Just vanilla would work too.

    So easy to make.

    Love the idea of peaches and nutmeg! ~Elise


  16. Alison

    I had heard of slumps because of the book “Rustic Fruit Desserts.” There are so many names for these types of foods!

  17. Macy

    I have everything for this, except whole milk. Can it be made with skim?

    Yes, but the dumplings benefit from the added fat of whole milk. So, if you use skim, I would add a little heavy whipping cream, or an additional Tbsp of butter. ~Elise

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