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  1. Sam

    Worked like a charm!


  2. Kannika

    I tried the recipe. After baked, it was to fragile and fell apart. Is 1 egg correct?

  3. Libertee

    The taste is great but 25 to 30 minutes is way too long. They were crunchy like a cookie
    If I make them again I will try 15 minutes.


  4. Moriah

    I used white cake mix instead of flour. It was simply amazing. Definitely going to make it again.

  5. Jaiden


  6. Sue

    This was the worst blondie recipe I’ve ever tried. The mixture was weird and dry-ish and the finished product wasn’t even edible. Its so dry and not fudgy like a blondie.


  7. Ashley

    I havent made this, but someone mentioned this doesn’t take fudgy like a blondie. I have never heard of a blondie with fudge ….

  8. Elena

    The best recipe of blondie I ever tried. I put less butter and bake for 15-20 min and still comes out moist and soft.


  9. Faez

    Thank you very good


  10. Lola Alema’n


  11. Nilah

    This is a snack cake and definitely doesn’t have the texture of a blondie. As a cake it’s fine, but if you’re looking for the fudgy, chewy texture of a blondie then this isn’t it.

  12. Mk850

    I found the mixture tasted like it had too much sugar. I have a sweet tooth but it was way too sweet for me. I would recommend using less sugar than in recipe.


  13. Tammy Anderson

    OMG!! So good!! I substituted butterscotch chips for white chocolate chips, added toffee bits and walnuts. Sooo yummy!!!


  14. Daveo

    I’ve probably used this recipe for more than 10 years now. This recipe is flawless, super simple and always turns out perfect for me. Reading some of the other responses I think you need to check your pans or your ovens because they bake up perfectly.


  15. Sandi

    Just made this recipe, though doubled it, and it came out yummy! Easy to make, easy to read recipe and great taste. It was a bit soft in the middle but I think it’s supposed to, the toothpick came out clean when tested after 28 min. Look forward to trying again some time with brown butter and toasted walnuts, or maybe pecans.


  16. Jordyn Steele

    I make these things allllllll the time! I rather do without the butterscotch chips sometimes but they are absolutely amazing. I even make a caramel icing to go on top if I’m feeling sweet! There’s nothing you can do to mess this recipe up


  17. Melissa

    I tried this recipe just now. I followed it exactly to the recipe. Added the butterscotch chips.These have the consistency of a cake, not like blondies or blonde brownies at all. Blondies or blonde brownies are supposed to be dense and kind of gooey. Sorry, I won’t be using this recipe again.


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