No ImageBlueberry Frozen Yogurt

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  1. Melissa West

    I used goat milk and only 1/3 cup sugar. It came out gourmet and my three year old said “this is the best ice cream ever.” Thanks!

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  2. Karen

    I made this the other day and it was delicious! I went to get my ice cream maker and much to my dismay I couldn’t find the freezer insert. So I shook it and put it in the freezer and took it out several times to shake and mix…The texture was probably not as it should be but who cares, it tastes divine. Thanks!

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  3. Sarah

    Some people mentioned wanting dairy free or sugar free options. My aunt recently went sugar free (she has a big sweet tooth that was wrecking her health), and she found this awesome little mixer online that makes a fruit sorbet. All you do is freeze some berries and bananas, add them to the little ice cream maker, and it creates a frozen berry soft serve. There are a couple different brands – I think my aunt got the Yonanas ice cream maker. She loves it, and if you are Paleo or lactose intolerant, it makes a great alternative.

    Though your recipe does sound delicious. :)

  4. Helen K

    Hi Elise! Can you please tell me what % of fat “full fat yogurt” is? I’ve looked on the web for guidelines, but it’s confusing. I usually buy 2.5 % MF yogurt. Is that full fat? The frozen berry yogurt looks super. Thanks! Helen K, Burlington, Ontario.

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  5. Leslie

    I made this yesterday. It was so easy and the flavor was wonderful. I would make it again, but I might strain it with a mouli grater because the blueberry skins were a little too chewy for my taste. My daughter and husband liked the chewy texture.

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