No ImageBlueberry Shortcake

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  1. Missy

    *PERFECT* recipe! I used the blueberry portion and put it over angel food cake! Thank you!!

  2. spicybrains

    I tried it earlier this summer, because my Brazilian husband had never eaten blueberries before (they’re hideously expensive in Brazil) and we both found it to be fabulous :D

  3. Allison

    Would it be wise to try an use blueberries in your strawberry shortcake sliders? I think it would be divine :)

    Sure, you could do the sliders with blueberries. Sounds great. ~Elise

  4. Mac

    My I made this for my wife the other night and it was fantastic. Made so much we have some again last night and passed some off to the landlady. Thanks a bunch!

  5. Judy

    This makes an amazing, delicious blueberry shortcake. The hubby and I were mourning the end of the fresh strawberry season in central NY when you sent this. We are no longer missing out! Thank you. Since there are only two of us these days, the remainin blueberries will go on ice cream tomorrow. YUM.

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