No ImageBlueberry Shortcake

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  1. Bruce Cragun

    I made this recipe for me, my wife, and my son and we all loved it. I had to use the store bought dessert cups and I put in too much lemon but it still tasted so very delicious. It must be because of the recipe, thanx Elise.


  2. Missy

    *PERFECT* recipe! I used the blueberry portion and put it over angel food cake! Thank you!!

  3. spicybrains

    I tried it earlier this summer, because my Brazilian husband had never eaten blueberries before (they’re hideously expensive in Brazil) and we both found it to be fabulous :D

  4. Allison

    Would it be wise to try an use blueberries in your strawberry shortcake sliders? I think it would be divine :)

    Sure, you could do the sliders with blueberries. Sounds great. ~Elise

  5. Mac

    My I made this for my wife the other night and it was fantastic. Made so much we have some again last night and passed some off to the landlady. Thanks a bunch!

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