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  1. Olga

    So many extra steps. Borscht is the soup of my childhood and is an easy meal to cook. This recipe just made it SO much more complicated than it is.

  2. Trish

    I make this all the time. Love it. The only thing I add is some smoked sausage ( the farmers sausage from Costco) I find it is best for this. Cut into small pieces and fry up with the beef after the beef has cooked for few minutes. Just adds a bit more flavour.


  3. Weiwen

    This may not be the healthiest stew I’ve ever made, but it was tasty, and it definitely had a lot of veg. I like how the beets flavor the whole dish. I used chuck roast because I couldn’t get my hands on shank, and it turned out fine. Chuck is fairly fatty. This turned out to be not too rich. I think it would be fine with a leaner cut if that’s your preference.


  4. JB

    Second try at borscht. This recipe was excellent. I will make it again. First time I was winging it and made the crazy decision to pressure can it. Was a soggy mess and tasted muddled like Campbell’s soup, worst of all the ruby red color disappeared! I’m guessing this is why you don’t see canned borscht on the shelves. Made as much as you really plan on having and store up to a week. Don’t waste time between cooking and storing to avoid contamination. Reheat well!


  5. David

    Love it. I make it for Russian and Ukrainian friends.


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