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  1. JB

    Second try at borscht. This recipe was excellent. I will make it again. First time I was winging it and made the crazy decision to pressure can it. Was a soggy mess and tasted muddled like Campbell’s soup, worst of all the ruby red color disappeared! I’m guessing this is why you don’t see canned borscht on the shelves. Made as much as you really plan on having and store up to a week. Don’t waste time between cooking and storing to avoid contamination. Reheat well!


  2. David

    Love it. I make it for Russian and Ukrainian friends.


  3. Joe

    I just had to chime in now and say I have been making this recipe for a few years now with my fall garden harvest. For me this harkens colder temperatures much like pumpkin spice lattes and chili does for others . This recipe calls to my Pollock soul (and I appreciate it because I never had a Polish relative to teach me)!


  4. rlg

    I can’t STAND beets. They are in my top five worst foods ever. But my kid was begging for borscht and so I tried this recipe. First of all, you don’t taste the beets at all, but it has a pretty color. Second, the recipe is really good! The dill gives it a great flavor with the vegetable mixture. I’d definitely make this again.


  5. janet

    Great recipe! Very flavourful. I prefer my vegetables cut smaller so I cube the poatoes and onions into small pieces and grate the beets and carrots. Aunt B


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