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  1. Rosa Petrovich

    I have used an old Spanish version of the bouillabaisse for years. Elise’s recipe is so much easier and simpler to follow. The results were just as good, if not better than my old recipe. The only thing I changed was to put the vegetables through a blender before adding the fish. Also I only used three pounds of fish filets.


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  2. Cathy

    This was a fantastic and special dinner for Christmas eve. I think we’ve started a new tradition. The only change I made to the recipe was that I used the immersion blender to blend all of the veggies before adding in the fish to cook. I also used a Bouquet garni for the bay, thyme, and cloves. Thank you Elise! Another winner. Merry Christmas.


  3. Philip

    Elise, thanks for this fantastic recipe. I first tasted Bouillabaisse at Alfresco in St Ives, Cornwall, UK and I too wanted to reproduce a meal that had these sorts of tastes for my family when I got back to London. Your recipe is brilliant. I go down to the local fishmongers, select what fish is cheap, add some of my own if I’ve caught any and a few cheap shellfish. I almost always use fresh fish though. I’m not too worried about the quantities as it always works well and each time it’s taste is different and that’s great to get my guests talking. Many thanks for this. You may not be too happy about this but the wine I like to drink with it is a Torrontes wine from Chile as it goes with the strong taste of the tomato sauce well. But if there are any other wines that go with this recipe, I’d be really interested to know.

  4. mary taitt

    We love this–it’s a great favorite for company and special occasions.

  5. gypsyrose

    I made this last night for Christmas dinner for 12 and it was the most delicious thing ever! Everything I have made following your recipes have been truly fabulous. Thank you.

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